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Want to stay in the loop with our bi-monthly newsletter. The fish looks ugly, tastes worse, and produces what are the golden eggs of contemporary gastronomy. The sand castle cake in the first round was pound cake with a graham cracker "sand". The Sign of the Times inserts which were all die-cut autos, issued in Bronze, Silver, and Gold versions. Chopped normally obscures brand names, but the third basket featured Blue Moon wheat ale (a sponsor of the tournament). Dessert: rose bud tea, chocolate honeycomb candy, crème anglaise, Peter Endrigian and Sally Meehan, Actor/Maitre'd from New York, NY and Actor/Model from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Tayo Ola and Elena Ng, Food Blogger from New York, NY and Bodybuilder from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Miles McKirdy and Stephanie Rizzolo, Bartender from New York, NY and Dining Concierge from New Brunswick, NJ (eliminated after the dessert), Ian Phillips and Santana Benítez, Bartender from New York, NY and Non-Profit Volunteer from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: lobster, zucchini, cucumber pineapple cooler, sand castle cake, Dessert: fruit kabobs, iced tea, whipped topping, ice cream sandwiches, Dean Barker, Sous Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Allison Kave, Chef & Owner from Brooklyn, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Adrianna Montano, Sous Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Ken West, Executive Chef from North Caldwell, NJ (winner), Entrée: alligator, absinthe, oysters, delicata squash, John Beatty, Executive Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Mike Bianco, Chef de Cuisine from Dobbs Ferry, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Mitchell Faber, Caterer from San Francisco, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Erin Smith, Executive Chef from Houston, TX (winner), Entrée: mackerel, squid ink base, candied orange peel, graffiti eggplant, Dessert: fruit ring cereal, molasses, cherries, sesame candy, Lenny Messina, Chef de Cuisine from Great Neck, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Bruce Marais, Private Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Katherine Fuchs, Executive Chef & Restaurateur from Queens, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Mark Liberman, Executive Chef & Restaurateur from San Francisco, CA (winner), Appetizer: garlic fries, pea tendrils, shishito peppers, mission style burritos, Entrée: California common beer, Chinese okra, quince, quail, Dessert: Irish coffee, sourdough bread bowl, California pomegranates, chocolate bars, Mariko Wilkinson, Farm Chef from Marshall, CA (eliminated after the appetizer), Sean Thomas, Chef de Cuisine from San Francisco, CA (eliminated after the entrée), Emily Hansen, Private Chef from San Francisco, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Joe Sasto, Sous Chef from San Francisco, CA (winner). Chef Hatfield is an actual descendant of the Hatfield family of the famous Hatfield–McCoy feud.

The yak steaks in the first basket appeared to be top sirloin steaks. Each basket contained two chocolate ingredients. Okay, this is where it gets even more interesting. Chefs Joe and Stephen previously competed against one another in the Grill Masters 2017 finale, as did Chris and Adriana in Thanksgiving Champions. The apple teeth in the dessert round were made from apple slices, peanut butter, and marshmallows. Notes: In round 1, Chef Denzell cut himself, contaminating a basket ingredient in his dish but the flavors of his other ingredients carried him through the round. In Round 2, Chef Carter and Chef Zavala both forgot quail eggs in their dishes, but Chef Zavala moved on as the judges cited Chef Carter's repeating his mistake from Round 1, as the reason for his elimination. This episode featured Amanda Freitag as the Chopped judge to beat. The contestants had 30 minutes in the appetizer round. Quail's size makes it more difficult to cook than many other proteins — a good test for a chef's skill. Notes: This was the first Chopped Grill Masters tournament ever. Dessert: figs, rainbow carrots, macadamia nuts, Father Justin Matro, Benedictine Monk & Pastor from Crabtree, PA (eliminated after the appetizer), Sister Sara Marks, Franciscan Nun from Philadelphia, PA (eliminated after the entrée), Rabbi Hanoch Hecht, from Rhinebeck, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Pastor Areli Biggers, Family Life Pastor from Hopkington, MA (winner). Notes: The theme of this episode was tailgating and the baskets were replaced by coolers. Other hand-crafted cheeses from Switzerland, Oregon, France, and Italy complement these savories, making this gift any cheese lover’s dream.

Due to the small height of the contestants, Ted had to help them reach for something at various times. Notes: The mystery baskets were filled with ingredients suggested by fans via social media.

Guest judge Angie Mar was the winner of the second Chopped: Grill Masters tournament (Special 11 - "Grill Masters: Episode Five"). In this episode, all four contestants were pastry chefs who specialized in desserts and baking, and were required to bake something in every round. The toe jam jelly in round 3 was made of tangerine, orange, and elderberries. Entrée: Lamb ribs, red currants, hard-boiled quail eggs, Dessert: Confetti frosting, soft shell almonds, deep-fried champagne, rambutan, Ken Harvey, Executive Chef from Tucson, AZ (eliminated after the appetizer), Winnette McIntosh Ambrose, Pastry Chef and Owner from Washington, D.C (eliminated after the entrée), Lynnae Oxley-Loupe, Chef and Pitmaster from Portland, OR (eliminated after the dessert), Appetizer: (candy round) dark chocolate superworms, chocolate pudding mix, animal crackers, candy cane beets, Dessert: (ice cream round) white chocolate chunks, love potion cocktail, taleggio cheese, Spanish chorizo, Josip Franc, Executive Pastry Chef from Bernardsville, NJ (eliminated after the appetizer), Philippe Fallait, Chef and Owner from Astoria, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Marissa Delgado, Executive Pastry Chef from Phoenix, AZ (eliminated after the dessert), Melanie Moss, Pastry Chef and Owner from Brooklyn, NY (winner), Appetizer: wild salmon fillets, cottage cheese, zucchini noodles, vegan bacon, Entrée: pork chops, cauliflower rice, protein-packed snack box, lemon cayenne drink, Dessert: citrus salad, acai berry powder, 'dumbbell' cookies, rice cakes, Joshua Wiggins, Sous Chef from Red Bank, NJ (eliminated after the appetizer), Isaac Rios, Chef and Cafe Manager from Chandler, AZ (eliminated after the entrée), Mattia Meneghetti, Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Celeste Rogers, Chef and Instructor from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: mac & cheese mega burger, buffalo chicken soda, Brussels sprouts, everything bagel seasoning, Entrée: gravy mashed potato cake, tomahawk steak, red noodle beans, cold brew ice pops, Dessert: cookie bowl ice cream sundae, gummy worm, finger grapes, huitlacoche, C.J.


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