how to cut down a pine tree near a house
Step back from the tree until the top of the tree appears to be at the same height as the top of your stick. 8. Repeat for remaining steps.

Put the 2x4's with the pre-drilled holes, drill, drill bit, and driver bit into the tool bag. We are not talking about the trees that require a crane to lift the branches to keep them from falling on roofs, but ones your size are easily in the DIY realm.

We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests. 2. Just before this cut reaches your notch the tree should begin a slow and graceful fall, falling in the direction of the notch. Share it with us! Step back from the tree until the top of the tree appears to be at the same height as the top of your stick. 14. You might want to take a break, jiggle the guide rope, then go back at it. I also found out that the branches are pretty awkward and that running the saw with one hand is even more tiring. 16. Position one of the 2x4's at a good spot. . b) Cut down the main branches As for my tree, as it turns out the trunk is fairly straight and instead of cutting it down, I've decided to make it into a totem pole. Wedges will keep the saw from getting pinched in the cut if the tree … Knowing the height of your tree, measure from its base to the point where the top of the tree will land when the tree falls. (For me, no way), In my case, I could not simply cut the tree down in one fell swoop because it would crash into the neighbors' yards. 3. String the pulley rope (20 feet or so depending on the height of your tree) through the pulley while you are on the ground. 4.

Oak firewood is one of the best there is although I hate to see good wood burned for heat, that is an option. Please enable cookies on your web browser in order to continue.

So the chisel is a great time saver. 1 5-6 ft rope (to help hold ladder to tree) (optional) (I had a few fence panels that I had to think about, but nothing too terrible) This step is pretty obvious to most folks, but well, uh, it took me a few trips to streamline the process so here it is: Wash your blade with running water after every few cuts to keep the pine sap from sticking. Screwdriver drill bit (to secure screws to 2x4's) 12.

Glad you got down ok.

Use one arm to saw with the bow saw until it tires, then switch to the other arm. That will help keep the ladder from sliding a little. 1.

Since you are probably at the point where you will begin cutting, if you are using a saw with a cord, pound in a nail or two to help hold up extension cord.

4. (As usual, be sure to wear the tool belt with hammer and nails before ascending.) LOL j/k. We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press.

Got four responses in less than 5 minutes and got rid of the bulk thanks to the first person that responded to the offer. Nice article and you're brave for posting. On the other end I tied a good-sized carabiner so that I could attach and un-attach the tool bag easily. 11.

Find an appropriate place for the tool bag and pound another nail for a hook for the bag. That will help keep it from sliding a lot. Make a single straight cut on the opposite side of the tree, aimed just above the center of the notch. I managed to cut down a few other over-grown cottonwoods in the yard. Lower tools back to the ground if you are ready for a break. All Rights Reserved.

for people like this guy that are able to use their brains, it is totally do-able. Knock out the notch with a heavy hammer. a)  Removal by one person 8. Take your time estimating the height of the tree--you don't want the top of the tree crashing through your or your neighbor's house or garage. Or that's the theory. Keep children and animals clear of the area where you are felling the pine tree. Pulley (use to haul tool bag up into the tree) It finally dawned (duhed) on me to just put up a pulley and a rope to carry things up and down the tree. Pick a branch. Climb up to the area where you need to start the steps. Here are some of the things made from the left overs . 13. I have done it for people in exchange for the wood, firewood, with the agreement that they take care of all the mess and small branches. Take a shot of courage. You know how bad it would be if a tree you tried to removetook down power lines? 5. 10-20 4in nails (to secure 2x4's; to hold pulley; to use as a hook for tool bag and hook for electrical cord if your saw is corded) Oak trees have a much harder denser wood than something like a poplar so it can be more difficult to cut through the wood. Another possibility but not tested out: The notch should be open in the direction you want the tree to fall. Any home destruction, er uhm construction, project requires retries and multiple trips. Ascend with one end of the guide rope.

of course the comment from a "professional" warns against it. Like I said in my other comment, I think some of the negative comments are comming from people who make a living charging several thousand dollars to cut down trees that could be easily done by by a homeowner.

Plug in the other end of the extension cord (if your saw is corded). Use the steps to get to the next standing area and repeat the process of attaching nails for the pulley and tool bag at the higher spot, if needed.

on Step 10. the batteries ran out of juice too often cuz a sawz all is not made for what you used it ARE determined though, there is no doubt about that.You're lucky you're still alive.

2. 1) Hook the top rung of the ladder over a protruding branch (which you may first have to cut in order to yield a "hook"). 9. Cinder block (uhm, never mind -- you don't even want to know what I did with that) b)  No chain saw (reciprocating saw) I found out the hard way just  how rough a reciprocating saw can be when you are 20 feet above the ground and I know how exhausted your arms become from just a few seconds of use. 1. Use the bow saw when the reciprocating saw is just too heavy or awkward. For steep branches, pound a few nails in and lie the rope in the crack of the nails.

So the approach was to manage it in chunks: Estimate the height of the pine tree you plan to cut down. Once the main branches have been removed you can hopefully, finally, cut down the main trunk from the ground using the proper technique with your reciprocating saw or with a chain saw. Keep tool belt with nails, screws, and hammer on.

Pound a nail into a reachable place to hold the pulley. Put the following into tool belt:  hammer, chisel. The idea here is to position the rope at the right spot around the right branch in the tree.

I'm glad that you mentioned checking for obstacles that falling branches could land on. Clean tools with rubbing alcohol on a rag immediately after using them. Thank GOD you made it thru.

Determine safest direction for your tree to fall where it will do the least damage, taking the length of the pine branches into account. Instead run away at a 45-degree angle from the fall. 9. )DualSaw (supposed to cut through anything, even a car) Tool Belt/w hammer holder and pockets c)  Tree cannot be felled in one swoop (environment too cramped) Attach the come-along stationary end hook to the large loop of the guide rope that is attached to the stationary tree. That will help keep the ladder from sliding a lot. The distance between you and the tree is the height of the tree. - Are there main branches that can be removed methodically? Lower tool bag to the ground. When the tree is cut, if it is far enough away from the house, leave the trunk to stand as a pillar about eight feet tall. And that's if you can even get a hold of them in the first place. My neighbor had an arborist service cut down a monster that was hanging over his house. There is probably someone who would be willing to pay you for the tree and take it out for you. Pull up tool bag and hook it up. 1 100-200 ft rope (to help guide branches as they are cut) However the wood from them can be valuable since it is used for so many things. I think some of the negative comments on this instructable are from people who make their living removing trees and don't want people to do it themselves. I found several ways to help secure the ladder: Also they are a lot heavier, even more so if they are green (still alive).

Plant the stump with vines and birds will thank you. Make a downward cut at a 45-degree angle that goes to the center of the tree and hits your first cut. 11. I went up and down the ladder countless times. Lower tool bag to ground. 7. (In my tree there were three major top branches that, when removed, would make the rest of the removal fairly manageable) - Do you own or can you wield a chain saw? Bits of wood can shoot off in that direction. c) Cut down minor branches So I built some steps, similar to steps up to a tree house to make it easier to get up and down. 11. . Get as far away as you can, moving at about a 45-degree angle away from the direction in which the tree is falling. . The new European data protection law requires us to inform you of the following before you use our website: We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests. Let go of the rope and let the tool bag drop down to the ground.


10. Did you make this project? on Step 11. this was a very enjoyable read...very well written, but not very smart on your part. Position yourself above the branch when you cut it. 9. Cut the tree into manageable pieces with your chain saw. 1-2 6-8in scrap 2x4's (to use as arm rest) Things to consider when tackling this type of project:

8. not easier but more manageable. Hold a stick in your hand so that a 12-inch length of stick is above your fist and the stick is 12 inches from your eyes. See our, Read a limited number of articles each month, You consent to the use of cookies and tracking by us and third parties to provide you with personalized ads, Unlimited access to on any device, Unlimited access to all Washington Post apps, No on-site advertising or third-party ad tracking. Tie one end of the guide rope to the stationary object with a somewhat large loop. Use the chisel often to break apart excess chips, this will help save a lot of time since the saw doesn't always cut exactly where you like given the angle that you may find yourself in (and if you have to use one arm). 2. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map!

Use a ski pole to get the rope over the branch.

a) Prepare for cutting down main branches which were about 20 feet up and the most difficult part of the job Measure the height of a tree using the "stick method." Ascend to the cutting point, placing your foot/feet onto the foot holds as needed.

Following are the steps that I found to make the job a little . (I don't recommend these items, but you may have better luck, who knows?

Thanks for sharing this good advice. Allah was definitely looking after you & protecting you. Oops. Rubbing alcohol will dissolve pine sap and help keep your tools looking like new. 9 years ago Keep children and animals clear of the area where you are felling the pine tree. Use cross cuts to break open the bird beak wedge cut.

Again, in my case, I had to perform the feat many times so the steps helped the process go smoother (eventually, after I put them up).


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