article 9 test answers
A creditor can search for records of financing statements by the debtor name or file number if they know it. This is a critical part of UCC Article 9 and important for all creditors to be aware of in their dealings of consignment issues. The asset (collateral) in a security interest must be personal property but cannot be real property, aircraft, ships or motor vehicles.

Upon completing the repairs, George does not have the funds to pay Mike. UCC 1 Financing Statement – a UCC form prepared by company granting credit. The credit manager must ensure that all requirements of Article 9 are properly met and documented to obtain a legal claim in a debtor’s collateral if the debtor does not pay or satisfy its obligations. Method of communication depends on the state requirements. Choose an answer to complete each question. B. arouse readers’ interest in a unique group of birds. The creditor, CCF Leasing Company, filed a UCC-1 statement but listed the debtor as “Wing Fine Food”. This why it is important to do a thorough search of all prior filings to determine the effectiveness of your filing. We are hopeful that “UCC Article 9 for Dummies” will provide a quick guide to help the commercial creditor take advantage of the tools available to successfully secure their accounts receivable.

The good news is that there are laws and regulations that provide protection for B2B creditors and give us legal remedies to help mitigate the risk that comes with the extension of trade credit. Collateral – property subject to a security interest. The understanding and use of the basic elements of a secured transaction in Article 9 can be a daunting task. Possession – with respect to collateral, possession is the control a person intentionally exercises toward that collateral. Complications arise from the need to understand the common legal definitions used throughout article’s many sections, the fact that its rules have exceptions that a credit manager needs to understand, and that timing of actions and the specificity of documentation, if not followed, will endanger the legal protection the creditor seeks. Practical expenses incurred in ensuring the proper care of collateral are chargeable to the debtor and secured on the collateral. An example would be the cost of insurance. Columbia, MD 21045 Phone: 410-740-5560 Fax: 410-740-5574 Email: nacm_national@nacm.orgPlease schedule a visit. Article 9 is a section under the Uniform Commercial Code governing secured transactions including the creation and enforcement of debts. Security Interest – an interest in in a customer’s personal assets to secure the repayment of its debt Purchase Money Security Interest – a specific type of security interest that enables an entity that provides financing for the acquisition of goods or equipment to obtain priority ranking ahead of other secured creditors. a/an, the, no article – grammar chart . As part of the process, it is always important that the choice of law and the parties’ jurisdiction is well defined in order to enforce rights with no delay.

You may request an accounting by call us at (telephone #). Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution places limits on the powers of Congress, the Legislative Branch. It is important for the creditor to know the rules of priority and determine the steps necessary to ensure that he is protected. Definitions of underlined terms are summarized in the glossary. Perfection happens when a creditor is able to establish him or herself in a position of priority or supremacy over other creditors who may have a claim on the same collateral.

In 1998 revisions to Article 9 were completed and were approved by all fifty states by 2001.

Utilize a third party for additional verification to confirm all steps are complete. Remember that the UCC -1 must be filed – your security agreement is worthless until the filing is complete. Due to the detailed requirements of filing (including notification), most creditors prefer to use a qualified service. April.

PMSI filings are the only ones that require notification to other secured creditors of the filing since it gives that creditor super-priority interest. silent light We have your collateral and because you broke promises in our agreement we will sell (description of collateral) at a private sale sometime after (date). The common types of collateral in a security interest are blanket, consignment, or specifically listing the assets or a Purchase Money Security Interest. This is called a. Trade credit is essential to the accommodation of sales growth and, as we know, there is always some risk associated with the extension of credit. 8840 Columbia 100 Pkwy. Ref: source: Business Credit Magazine, May 2014 – “Mistakes in a UCC Financing Statement’s Collateral Description Can Be Hazardous to a Perfected Security Interest!”.

It is imperative that a secured party handles collateral with care. Louisiana is now the only state that has not fully ratified the code, although it has adopted Article 3, relating to checks, drafts and other negotiable instruments.

The UCC better enabled lenders to loan money secured by the borrower's personal property. Priority – where your perfected claim falls with respect to other creditors; what is the legal order of collateral disposition, Security Agreement – the debtor agrees to specific points that govern the lien, e.g. Attachment can be said to happen when a security interest is effectively created between a debtor and a creditor. SAMPLE.

It cannot be real property.

This number is referred to as the file number. Typical personal property involved in a security interest includes inventory, fixtures, equipment, vehicles, accounts receivable, and stocks/bonds/ negotiable instruments. After finishing a test, you can review your answers.

If we get less money than you owe, you will still be responsible for the difference. In consumer transactions collateral must be disposed of within 90 days after taking possession or within a longer period to which the customer and secondary lien holders have agreed to.

It is usually a formal document signed by the credit provider and sometimes by the buyer who agrees to the amount due. It requires a thorough understanding of the code and any new amendments. Legal codes and laws are not an easy subject to understand. However, there is way to secure goods and proceeds before they are shipped. A person may be in possession of an asset but that does not imply ownership.

The understanding and use of the basic elements of a secured transaction in Article 9 can be a daunting task. In particular, Article 9 sets out the interests established by the creation of a credit-debt relationship. Whether your documents (requirements) are complete or not. However, the last we checked, our companies have sales growth, increased market share and profitability as their core goals. The bad news is that most of us are not legal experts and it can be a daunting task to research and understand the UCC. UCC1-UCC Financing Statement – this is a Unified Commercial Code form prepared by the company granting credit.

The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that a creditor bank did not have a perfected security interest in the debtor’s accounts receivable because “the bank failed to include ‘accounts’ or ‘accounts receivable’ as part of the bank’s collateral in its UCC financing statement” even though those words were used in the security agreement. A purchase money security interest is a legal first claim to repossess property financed with its loan when a borrower defaults. A key advantage gained by a PMSI is that it gives the creditor access to co-mingled funds not specifically identifiable by the creditor or the courts. The illustration below attempts to capture the main areas of the code that a credit manager must be familiar with to protect his or her company’s financial exposure to a non-paying customer. NACM membership begins with a local NACM partner. These tests will help you to learn, review, and refresh your knowledge about Used to vs Be used to in English. So it's a pretty good investment to try and ace your test.


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