huge trout caught
Brent Escolta captured the moment in video shared recently on ViralHog, describing the scene as a moose having “a little fun kicking the soccer ball around.”.

The fish was weighed on a certified scale with witnesses, and was found to have exceeded the previous record set in 2000. As you can see, the moose kicks around the ball before seemingly lining it up for a shot on goal.

The trout was 44 inches long, had a girth of 28 inches, and weighed 39.2 pounds, more than 8 pounds heavier than the last record-breaking trout in the state. That 31.8 pound fish was caught by Hollis Grindle, of Ellsworth, Maine, on Beech Hill Pond in 1958.

Poland will also have a replica made of it, and will donate the fish’s otolith bone, which is a tiny bone in its ear, so biologists can determine the trout’s age. Residents, come and get it. The trout was 44 inches long, had a girth of 28 inches, and weighed 39.2 pounds, more than 8 pounds heavier than the last record-breaking trout in the state. A 68-year-old lifelong angler caught a brown trout that weighed in at 20 pounds and nine ounces, setting a Pennsylvania record, according to the state Fish and Boat Commission. It was caught in Lake Erie on Aug. 8 …

The larger state-certified scale, which was at a package distribution center, weighed the fish at 37.65 pounds, shattering the record by almost 10 pounds.

Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Latti said boat ramps are busier than usual both during the week and the weekend, and officials have seen an uptick in people hiking, camping, and using ATVs.

But what also stood out was that the fish bore no scars caused by sea lampreys, which points to the success of a long-term effort to control the nuisance species.

These are just two observations regarding an image captured Friday via drone off Australia’s Bondi Beach, just in time for Halloween. “It’s exciting to see a fish like this, a large female, which we estimate to be at least 6 or 7 years old,” Haffley said.

–Image showing Jeffery Sanford with his lake trout is courtesy of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department; image showing lake trout with sea lampreys is generic, Sign up for the For The Win newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. It was caught in Lake Erie on Aug. 8 by Robert Ferraro of Erie. “That’s a huge freshwater fish.”. “Over the past 10 years, we have seen several record-breaking fish in cold, cool and warm-water species divisions,”  Ehlers said. The sea lamprey control effort – using lampricide treatments – is ongoing this fall in four tributaries that contain spawning sea lamprey populations. The trout, hooked at a depth of more than 50 feet, eventually surfaced and fought for 10 minutes before it was netted. ‘That’s a huge freshwater fish': record-breaking trout caught on Maine lake A massive trout caught on a Maine lake last week has shattered a 62-year-old state record, officials said.

Tournament director Elizabeth Ehlers told the Fish and Wildlife Department that larger fish have been entered in recent years.

“For a while, the fish wasn’t budging, and Erik knew he had a big fish. After getting the fish in the boat, Vidrine and his crew estimated the trout, which measured 26 inches, to be between seven and eight pounds.

“Jeff’s fish is the largest lake trout from Lake Champlain since the department started keeping fish records in 1969,” said Shawn Good, a Fish and Wildlife biologist. The abundance of these parasitic fish in Lake Champlain has resulted in lower growth, smaller size, and lower life expectancies of game fish species. The trout was 33.75 inches long, with a girth of just over 21 inches.

Back at the marina, commission biologist Mark Haffley identified it as a brown trout.

“He knew he had to take his time bringing it in.”. Pennsylvania began stocking brown trout soon after their arrival from Eurasia in 1886. The new record-breaking trout will be preserved by a taxidermist, Latti said. Latti said one fish that was caught more than 10 years ago came close to beating that record, but it only weighed about 29 pounds. Matt Smiley of Fairplay, Colo., caught … Schafermeyer said the fish… Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr named as top colleges for renewable energy use in U.S. How this picturesque Haddonfield pond became a toxic algae problem. “It hit on my first cast of the day.”.

RELATED: Record Yellowstone cutthroat trout caught after river chase. “We knew if it was a brown trout, it had a great chance to be a record.”.


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