what is going on with lexulous
Play versus the computer at multiple difficulty levels.

Lexulous also altered the layout of the game to differentiate it more from Scrabble. ", "The Bigger Questions Behind the Scrabulous shutdown", India Knowledge@Wharton | Scrabble over Scrabulous, "Latest status info on Serial Number: 77304811", "Big surprise: Scrabble manufacturer targets 'Scrabulous' online game", "Mattel takes on Scrabulous in war of the words", "Scrabble Tries to Fight a Popular Impostor at Its Own Game", "Hasbro sues, seeks to ban Scrabulous from Facebook", "Game Over: Scrabulous Shut Down on Facebook", "The game is won, the name lost - Brothers get court nod for online wordplay, but can't call it Scrabulous", "On Facebook, an 11-Letter Synonym for Scrabulous Turns Out to Be Wordscraper", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lexulous&oldid=984627326, Pages using infobox website with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 04:33. [4] Thus on 27 September 2008, a new website was launched using the new moniker "Lexulous". Bug fixes and enhancements. Many have written informing how important Lexulous is for your family. Leaving them to the game's end could give your opponent a big advantage. Q: What to do if problem is at lexulous.com server? Now that we have the basics out of the way you are ready to learn what playing on Facebook and the official Lexulous site is like. The third difference of note is that the premium squares, while the same as in Scrabble, are located in different places on the board. The game can also be played on Facebook, a number of games sites, as well as on mobile phones. To become a player on the official site you simply type in www.Lexulous.com and choose a name and password. The originators of Scrabulous, the predecessor of Lexulous, are Rajat and Jayent Agauvella of India, two scrabble enthusiasts who wanted to be able to play challenging games online. In Lexulous the Q and the Z are both worth 12 points instead of 10, and the T is worth 2 points rather than one. The rights to Scrabble are currently owned within the US and Canada by Hasbro, and throughout the rest of the world by Mattel. Answer Save. (If you don't already have a facebook account you will need to create one.). A word game that is addictive & challenging! Lexulous is 1 of the most famous Fb games.- Practice mode allows you to play solo or versus the PC ★ DOWNLOAD NOW! Play with friends, people across the world or in solo mode. Its a fun method to stay in touch with family and friends!- Global challenge mode that lets you create fresh mates from other countries.- Built-in dictionary to support improve your English vocabulary and anagram skills.- Comprehensive stats like Avg. However, if a player passes two turns in a row the game ends. It was reported inaccurately that Wordscraper was released after Scrabulous was shut down; however the application has been available since January 2008. We would love to hear from you! Electronic Arts' version had about 586,000 while RealNetworks' version had 357,000 users. The video from web entertainment group TastesLikeTV.com[23] professes "L, T, S, and R / Ain't gonna get you very far," while the YouTube video created by Team Awesome Productions says that Scrabulous is the "swappy, swappy. Both of these sites offer free play so you can enjoy hour after hour of word fun. [30], On 26 September 2008, the Scrabulous web site was suspended. Almost too quickly for you to realize what has happened. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet, and it would seem that a game of Scrabble called by any other name is still hugely popular. [29] Less than a month later, the game was also pulled in all other countries but India.

It is often said that our minds are well-suited for processing up to 7 pieces of information at a time, but beyond 7 it becomes significantly harder. When were you last able to get on the site? Copyright © 2017. It seems that when it comes to playing Lexulous my skills need a bit of sharpening as skill level 3 gives me quite a challenge.

Please send feedback to admin@lexulous.com. The object is twofold as you want to try and be the first player to use all your tiles and you also want to score the most points. [25][26] As Hasbro controls the rights to Scrabble for North America with Mattel holding them for the rest of the world,[25] the Facebook application is available only to players outside the United States and Canada. The fastest way to access Lexulous on Facebook is simply type the name of the game into your search engine and then click on the entry that says "Play Lexulous on facebook", Once on the facebook site you need to log in. In 2006 the website had 20,000 registered users,[6] but after the developers made an application for the popular social networking website Facebook it had been added to 840,000 user pages,[7] with more than 500,000 users daily,[8][9] giving it "the most active users of any game that can be played over Facebook".[10]. var stub_showing=false;function woahbar_show(){if(stub_showing){$('.woahbar-stub').slideUp('fast',function(){$('.woahbar').show('bounce',{times:3,distance:15},100);$('body').animate({"marginTop":"2.4em"},250);});d}else{$('.woahbar').show('bounce',{times:3,distance:15},100);$('body').animate({"marginTop":"2.4em"},250);}}function woahbar_hide(){$('.woahbar').slideUp('fast',function(){$('.woahbar-stub').show('bounce',{times:3,distance:15},100);stub_showing=true;});if($(window).width()>1024){$('body').animate({"marginTop":"0px"},250);}}$().ready(function(){window.setTimeout(function(){woahbar_show();},1000);}); CLICK HERE to take your vocabulary to the next level... At the beginning of each game each player is given 8 letter tiles. This may just help to raise your score and win the game. It is run by an Indian company of the same name on a dedicated website, and is also available within the social networking site Facebook. During the first few games familiarize yourself with the letter values, as many are different than Scrabble. In fact, under the name Scrabulous, Lexulous became the most popular game on Facebook in 2008, and was actually referred to as the Internet version of Scrabble. These issues forced the removal of the game from Facebook in mid-2008 and its eventual rebranding. The result of these lawsuits was that Scrabulous got pulled from the Internet. Lexulous (formerly Scrabulous) is an online word game based on the commercial board game Scrabble. If you are really committed to this game, try finding some words in the dictionary that use a combination of large scoring letters. Play your moves, on the move.- Available in Italian & French too!★★ Mobile game Description ★★Make words on a 15 x 15 board and use the Four types of premium squares wisely to score BIG. Lexulous is the ONLY word mobile game application that offers this option. "[24] Both viral web videos were mentioned in the February 22, 2008 issue of Entertainment Weekly. NOTE: Lexulous does not promote the use of word builders, anagram builders, external dictionaries or word association android games without the knowledge of your mates and opponents.

- Connect and play free android games with mates from all over the globe through Facebook.

Lexulous is like yoga for your brain - you'll learn fresh words daily while playing this cool game! The Scrabulous website was created at the end of 2005,[6] after the Agarwalla brothers, Rajat and Jayant, who had won numerous Scrabble tournaments, felt the need for a free gaming site where the popular game could be played.

There are numerous sites where you can play Lexulous, including their own official site, Lexulous.com. For some it's a way to communicate. Compete with more than Seven million crossword gamers across the world. Return to Word Games Index from Lexulous The Scrabulous site opened in 2005 and in 2007 it became a Facebook application, which was an instant hit. The object of the game is to make words using the letter tiles that are drawn.

The first player gets double the score for the word he has played. In fact, it was due to this game's Facebook popularity that the originators faced a series of lawsuits brought about by Mattel and Hasbro for copyright infringements of the game Scrabble.

The site will then send you an activation email which you will need to click on a link and then you are ready to play. This is the best word mobile game for all ages. New Features: Scrabulous faced legal issues due to its resemblance to Scrabble along with a similar name. So the game was reintroduced to the Internet under the name Lexulous and is once again a Facebook App. The next player in line must then play a word using one of the letters from the previous players word. This change occurred on 3 December 2008, and saw score multipliers moved around the board, and the point score of tiles no longer matching those of Scrabble. One thing about the robot or practice play that is a little bit unnerving is that the moment you post your word the computers word appears immediately after. The first person to use all his game tiles also scores a bonus of all the accumulated tile points still being held by the other players. Lexulous Word Game Cheats, Hints, Way to Modify, How to Use & How to Win. [12] The former Scrabulous website made several references to Scrabble, and previously provided a link to the rules of Scrabble and promoted itself as the best place to play Scrabble online. This followed a ruling by the Delhi High Court that although the game Scrabble itself could not be copyrighted, and the Agarwalla brothers could therefore continue to offer their similar game online, they were however not permitted to use the name Scrabulous or any other name similar to that of Scrabble.[31].


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