convertible top replacement
In any case, a faulty soft top should be replaced. It is fabricated to match the original manufacturer's specifications and to function in the same way.... CHQ™ Convertible Top Latch Hooks by Auto Metal Direct®. Of course, as convertible car owners already know, it’s not just about the functional benefits when it comes to convertible tops, but the aesthetic ones as well. You should write instruction manuals for a living!

A better choice are some sort of flat, flexible plastic tools, anything from a plastic putty knife to a plastic scrap, without sharp edges. Stayfast holds strong in both extremely hot and cold   climates. - Color: Obviously this is very important. Call our ASE certified customer service representatives toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our new, ready-to-install tops, warranty, fit, or to purchase, or you can buy online confidently right here at - Helper (second person) for the window and trim stick in and out :-) Please see some of our other frequently asked questions   about color matching. For a more economically priced top, single   textured vinyl is a great buy for your money. That being said, we have a few representatives at 1A Auto who are not professionals, but have installed their own tops. Please call us toll free at 888-844-3393 for details.

The rear side panels in the Cabrio are pretty clever. Keep in mind there is a certain amount of stretching involved in the installation. I have my original glass window, can I reuse it?

Our replacement convertible tops offer original quality materials and construction with factory direct prices and fast shipping to make replacing your convertible top hassle free and affordable.

I like the quality of the material. The full-service upholstery shop continues…, When the time came to replace the top for my Mother’s beloved convertible Miata, I sprung into action. .

This material weighs 36 ounces per square yard. Finally, convertible owners should consider the look and protection of their vehicle when their convertible top … Professional™ Convertible Top Lift Support by ACDelco®.

$200.00, $250.00 The drain apron is manufactured from double-stitched Madrid grain vinyl and features plastic reinforcements as well as the correct loop for the retaining rod. It will tighten up as you go around the window. Follow your manual's instructions and replace the hold-down cables before proceeding. The outside is a pinpoint vinyl,   while the inside is lined with cloth. Standard interior color is black;   gray interior cloth is available with some colors at an extra cost.

SIERRA Auto Tops & Seats is a direct to consumer brand of premium convertible tops, headliners, boot covers and selected seat kits for a large selection of American, European and Japanese made cars. - 1 replacement top for your model of vehicle. Any of our convertible tops can be made in single   texture pinpoint vinyl. Check out your top and see where it disappears under the interior panels, these will all have to be removed to gain access to the edges of the top.

It is made out of premium-quality materials to guarantee endurance,... Convertible Top Drain Apron by QRP®. Less expensive convertibles have   been known to use this material.

Utilizes state-of-the-art computerized cutting machines, Tailored to the needs and wants of muscle car aficionados like you, Fabricated to provide quality and reliability that are hard to beat, Full compliance with factory specifications aids in installation, Designed with workmanship and precise attention to detail, Rear Passenger Side Convertible Top Frame (91156521245), Factory original quality at a reasonable price, Distinctive Industries™ Convertible Top Boot, Designed to match rigorous quality standards, Convertible Top Boot Storage Bag (CNV4000), Will help with the secure installation of your roof, Precision engineered to meet OEM standards, Legendary Auto Interiors™ Convertible Top Boot, Designed to restore your vehicle's original condition, OE quality, look and finish for less money, Expertly manufactured from the highest grade materials, Meticulously Tested for the ultimate in quality, Convertible Top Motor Rubber Plug (FM-EM006), Distinctive quality and unsurpassed value, Professional™ Convertible Top Lift Support (510-991), Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performance, Engineered to match the OEM for true accuracy and solid value, Guarantees a high level of quality, safety, durability, and service, Will help you restore your top back to pristine condition, Made with accuracy according to high factory standards, Convertible Top Boot Hook And Loop Fasteners, Posted by Michael (Lewisburg, TN) / November 27, 2019. After driving past Custom for months…, Went to Mr.Perfect customs to get touchscreen installed very fast very professional also got tint job done as well favorite shop highly recommend. Sometimes they are screws. If you are taking your auto convertible top to a professional, inspect it carefully BEFORE having it installed. They then test fit the top to make sure their pattern is correct. It sports refined design elements and provides the most precise fit. For the Cabrio, the rear frame trims just wouldn't go from any side - I had to slide them in from the end and tap the rubber, driving it in like a stake.

There is a single screw into the body that goes into a bar that holds the whole thing in. Shopping for an aftermarket convertible top replacement for your car is also easy to do at 1A Auto—we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! Roof Moldings by QRP®. Do some searching online - the best deal and selection we found was here:Convertible Top Guys Lay the top over your existing top; it should have the same general dimensions. I'll show you how to replace your top for . This convertible rear window utilizes premium polyester thread for all sewing operations to ensure a much stronger seam that will last for a very long time.

Generally, they only cost $30-$40 and are important as they prevent the mechanism from wearing through and damaging your top. Made with exquisite craftsmanship using up-to-date technology,... Convertible Top by QRP®. The   outside is a pinpoint vinyl, while the inside is lined with cloth. For many years ACP has been in the automobile industry and has grown to become one of the leading manufacturer/distributors of Classic Mustangs. A leader in high quality, convertible and vinyl tops, Kee Auto Top has been building some of the worlds best tops since 1964. Convertible Top Features: 6 Year manufacturers warranty. If your window is sewn or sealed to the top itself, then it is included with the top. If your convertible top has torn, you may find yourself cold and/or wet, and your interior soggy during a rain or snowstorm. Nice article! It is manufactured from durable black vinyl to serve you for years to come. One of the things we love most about living in San Diego is the temperate climate, which demands a convertible.

We offer convertible top boots made to cover your top when it is retracted into the rear of the vehicle. If possible, unzip the plastic window, put it down, and cover it with a damp towel. Installation was a breeze. Staple gun or pneumatic staple gun In many vehicles, especially U.S.-made cars, the rear window and curtain is separate from the top itself. The standard interior color is black; tan cloth is also available with   some colors at an extra cost. Designed for those who want to stay in touch with the latest aftermarket trends, but also have money left in... Convertible Top Boot Strip by Distinctive Industries®. This ensures that you get your money's worth on a brand new convertible top that fits and looks like the original. The restoration experts at Distinctive Industries manufacture correct OE-quality replacement parts that will help you restore your vehicle to its original condition. Stayfast color choices are   limited, and the white is unavailable.

Our website lists the material your convertible top was originally made in and all the colors that material is available in. -

Begin working the old top back and forth sideways to slide it out of this channel.

You'll then have to re-install 70% of the top again in order to replace the window and curtain.

Hartz is THE name in canvas and vinyl raw materials. CARiD is proud to bring you the ultimate selection of replacement convertible tops for your vehicle. We are a leading distributor of premium auto tops for brands that include Porsche, BMW, Mazda, Ford, Chrysler Mercedes and more. Under each brand, you will find convertible car tops, headliners and convertible top parts listed by model and year of the vehicle. When they decide to make a new top for a new vehicle, they purchase the vehicle.

Like most auto manuals say, "installation is the reverse of removal. The convertible car tops are checked for quality before they leave the manufacturer. Don't over-do it or the rope will slip out from under the trim and you'll have to start over. Reply If you're doing it properly, gentle repetitive pushes should be enough to ease the window out. Learn More, Ready-to-install automotive convertible tops & covers.

1A Auto also sells car covers for several different automobiles, so be sure check our cover section if you need this accessory. Through the years they've expanded and developed... Convertible Top Weatherstrips by URO Parts®.

With a single weekend's work and patience, our Cabrio (AKA Mirthmobile) now sports a new top.Warning: This project requires employs sharp instruments and power tools, requires a familiarity with working with automotive  tools, and a **really** positive can-do attitude that will get you out of trouble when you encounter problems. - Material: We offer several OEM and custom options. - Single Texture Sailcloth Vinyl: Many 1990s convertibles, such as Sebrings and Mustangs, started to use   sailcloth vinyl in place of pinpoint vinyl due to the fantastic texture. Seriously, it should be a crime to drive a convertible with the top up in San Diego. We want to make certain that you get the exact color you want for your new replacement convertible top. The warranty is limited to replacing the top only—no third party, installation, shipping, expediting, customs, or any other expenses unrelated to the cost of the product itself will be reimbursed. Drill out the center of the pop rivets with a 1/8" drill bit to remove them. Automobile Seat Covers, Tops & Upholstery, Auto Seat Covers, Tops & Upholstery-Wholesale & Manufacturers.


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