1996 seadoo sp specs

1995 I will be getting under the hood, Get rid of those grey tempo fuel lines looks like they replaced some.

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This year, the GSX (dual carb 787) also gets a couple more models in that hull platform with the GS (717 single carb) and the GSI (717 single carb). The Sea-Doo GSX is a light, quick two-seat personal watercraft built in the late 1990s with a two-stroke engine. Produced by Bombardier Recreational Products of Canada, the first Sea-Doo personal watercraft -- or PWC -- appeared in 1968. Accessories & More Pull the carb and rebuild it with a genuine mikuni carb kit. Although Sea Doo and other PWC manufacturers have always had a constant battle to put out a ski that one-ups the competition, you'll notice that any new ski (no matter who makes it) will ever go past 70 mph. you'll save money in

I'm referring to the 1503 4-TEC 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke engine. 05 - Instruments and Accessories

Very fast, not sure exactly of the top speed, but around 50 MPH maybe a bit over. It is literally showroom." 04 - Variable Trim System DESS & Other Switches

Every time you have The 717 GS, 717 GTS and 717 GTI basically don't change anything besides colors from 1999. Single carb, smaller motor. Handling and ride was also very good.

A former newspaper reporter, she now writes freelance full time. JavaScript is disabled. Hopefully that is all it is but kinda strange that it is not on there. The SP is technically a 2 passenger machine although that hull was pretty tippy with anything more than a couple kids onboard.

Similar to the SPX and XP models. If anyone else has one of these, info on it, or pictures of them, I would love to add it to this page too!.

01 - Jet Pump

14 WIRING DIAGRAMS. As I've stated before, I don't like complicated expensive skis that few can afford. The fuel tank had a 12-gallon capacity and required unleaded gas. Performance wise this machine is much like any other 4-tec 130.

09 PROPULSION SYSTEM 00 - Table of Contents 12 HULL / BODY 00 - Table of Contents If you have one, contact me with description and price.

1992 In 1996 SeaDoo introduced a more sophisticated CDI and electrical control system that included the new DESS (Digitally Encoded Security System) feature.

Coil Reference Chart This year, we also see Sea Doo switching to the DESS ignition system which lots of people have varying opinions on. The GTS is basically the same ski as the 1994, but the GTX gets the 657X engine as well as sleeker looking mirrors.

That seat will fit all the 1990-2001 GT style hulls and could be found in purple/green, purple, and yellow. The late production GSX Limited features the new 947 white engine with 130hp.

The GTX iS also is now also 260hp. It really rides and handles a lot like that. The fuel tank can hold seven gallons of regular, unleaded gasoline.

The GTX also had a little more power due to dual Mikuni carbs.

Sea Doo also finally added a grab handle to the SP which really helped with reboarding! 2009,