why does yukio hate rin

Yukio then interrupts him saying that they have work to do. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I do understand that Rin can be irritating and make stupid decisions, and he should be scolded for that, but not 24/7. Are there proposals for preserving ballot secrecy when a candidate scores 100% in a very small polling station? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AoNoExorcist community, Subreddit for the manga/anime Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) by Kazue Katō, Press J to jump to the feed. Yukio then quickly reminds him that they are there to find Shura. He tries to avoid Rin at all costs, though he still seems to acknowledge Rin's power as he compares Rin to Ryūji.

Yukio doesn't want to return to the dorms to see Rin or be near True Cross Academy, instead, he walks alone in the rain.

RinHaru is the slash ship between Rin Matsuoka and Haruka Nanase from the Free! [6], After his death and Rin's discovery of his father's profession as the Paladin of the True Cross Order, Rin joins the True Cross Order to obtain enough power to prevent the deaths of those he cares about, indicating the value of Fujimoto's life and death on Rin's choices.

Yukio's weapons of choice are dual handguns that may have been modified for rapid-fire.

When a gas condenses, how do you quantify the amount of the gas which turns to liquid? Yukio asked Rin for help which he gladly gave. Why did Izumo's familiars attack her in Blue Exorcist?

Sitting on a staircase near Shiemi's family store Shiemi comes outside and talks to him, recalling when they had met when they were younger in the same fashion. After the Demon was killed, Shiemi went to apologize to her mother.

Yukio heavily blames Rin for causing their father's death. You're not wrong for hating Yukio, you're obviously entitled to your own feelings and opinions because manga is meant for you to be emotionally involved but as a really big Yukio fan I think you should look at him in a different … Yukio Okumura (奥村 雪男 Okumura Yukio) is Rin's younger, fraternal twin brother.

He has demonstrated the ability to shoot Demons behind his back without even looking at them, as well as destroying giant Demons with his handguns.

Nevertheless, Yukio did receive a mashou at birth, causing him to be able to see Demons ever since he could remember. Rin doesn't want to believe that Shima is a traitor because Shima was the only one who accepted Rin for who he was. So cant be easy to see that not only has his brother been dragged into the world of exorcists, but is also growing exponentially powerful without over a decade of training. I presume its something to do with him and hiding who their mother was. It was in the last couple episodes, when Yukio became the Paladin. But unlike Yukio, Rin doesn't deny his feelings. At one moment Yukio seemed like he was going to shoot Rin for killing Father, but he didn't.

How come nobody else realizes and/or care about this but when it came to Rin they treated him wrongly? If you've watched both seasons it's not even necessary to read it from the begining, you could start after the Kyoto saga (it ends on chapter 34 and the next arch is similar to one episode from the first season, but it's actually pretty different). To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Yukio sheepishly responds that he does. Rin then tells him not to be like that and then asks him to talk with him. Thus, Yukio punching Rin at the end of the IK arc. Rin then agreed to Yukio's challenge. There, he meets Lewin Light and is asked about his personal opinion about Toudou. As for Yukio, he's hardly cold. While he was treating Rin's wounds he told Rin that everyone at the church was worried about him getting fired from all his jobs and getting into fights all the time.

While the Exwires venture into the forest, Yukio stays at camp with Shura. However, due to his frail body, Yukio did not inherit any power of Satan, so that is fully human, and demonic power possesses the fullness of Rin. In the first popularity poll, Yukio ranked first, with a total of 2529 votes. He asks her if she wants to be an exorcist. He tells them he'll be out of the hospital in four days. Terraforming Mars using a combination of aerogel and GM microbes?

You probably noticed this more in the second season because that one is mach more similar to the manga than the first one. He found Rin on the playground. After the party, Rin and Yukio are getting ready for bed in their shared dorm room.

Was Mephisto aware that Yukio had Satan's blood in him after all? [3], Arriving at the lake, Rin complains about most of the shops being closed. This caused her to blush, due to the fact that within Japan, calling each other without honorifics (-san / -chan) signifies a close relationship (though Rin does not bother to think about it to that extent). He then spots an inn that has some lights on. Also, the fact that he did not inherit the blue flames causes people to perceive him as less of a threat as Rin. In the manga, during the theft of the left eye of the Impure King, he cured a child named Satoru by inserting needles into the miasmatic boils on his body without rupturing the membranes of the cells, demonstrating advanced knowledge of cellular biology.

Rin made friends with Konekomaru almost straight away like he did with Renzō, even calling him 'Neko-chan' like Ryūji and Renzō do. Is there a way to save a X = 0 Stonecoil Serpent? He cups Yukio's face in his hands and put his face close to Yukio's and tells him he wants to have Yukio on his side. His known pastimes are: formulating plans and reading Jump Square every month. Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura, Blue Exorcist: The Chronocyclic Labyrinth, https://aonoexorcist.fandom.com/wiki/Yukio_Okumura?oldid=54757. In contrast, Yukio strongly believes that Rin's inability to think things through and use tact is both selfish and immature.


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