shadowlands alpha dps rankings
35078: Demonology Warlock Felguard Can Now Interrupt with Axe Toss in Shadowlands! (My personal thought). Create a free website or blog at 35432: Brewmaster Monk State on Shadowlands Beta - Covenant Abilities, Legendaries, New Abilities, 35360: Shadowlands Legendary Power Tuning for Mistweaver Monks, 35256: Windwalker Monk State on Shadowlands Beta - Covenant Abilities, Legendaries, Spec Concerns, 34490: Mistweaver Monk in Shadowlands Alpha - Lackluster GCDs, Minimal Talent Changes, Mastery Issues, 35679: Sloot's Ret Paladin Roundtable with Mb, Bolas, and Rebdull, 35679: Upcoming Changes to Paladins in Shadowlands Beta - New Retribution Talents, Ashen Hallow Rework, 35598: Holy Paladin State on the Shadowlands Beta - Return to Holy Power, Glimmer of Light, Infusion of Light, 35522: Retribution Paladin State on the Shadowlands Beta - Covenants, Concerns, Legendaries, 35167: Blizzard On Upcoming Changes to Paladin Covenant Ability Blessing of Seasons, 35078: Upcoming Changes to Protection Paladin - Holy Power Generation Changed, 34902: Protection Paladin State on Shadowlands Alpha - Back to WoD, Covenants, and Concerns, 34365: Blizzard Responds to Shadowlands Paladin Feedback - Blessing of the Seasons, Shield of the Righteous, Ashen Hallow, 35978: Upcoming Changes to Priests in Shadowlands Beta - Devouring Plague Follows Ignite Mechanic, New Hungering Void Talent, 35842: Priest Class Feedback - Unholy Nova Being Looked At, No Answer Yet, 35679: Upcoming Changes for Shadow Priests in Shadowlands - Redesigned Mastery: Shadow Weaving, 35679: Upcoming Changes to Healing Priests on Shadowlands Beta - Spirit Shell Returns, 35598: Upcoming Shadowlands Priest Changes - Legacy of the Void, Void Eruption, Damage and Insanity Tuning, 35522: Blizzard on Fae Guardians - Reworked Priest Night Fae Covenant Ability, 34902: Upcoming Shadow Priest Changes on the Shadowlands Alpha - Return of Devouring Plagues, 34821: Discipline Priest State in Shadowlands Alpha - Mythic+ Viability, Lackluster GCDs, Covenant Abilities, 34615: Holy Priest State in Shadowlands Alpha - Lackluster GCDs, Covenant Abilities, Toolkit Changes, 34615: Shadow Priest Issues in Shadowlands Alpha - Rotation, Talents, Covenant Abilities, 36165: Shadowlands Beta Rogue Blue Post - Shadow Vault, 36806: Outlaw Rogue Changes Bluepost - Between the Eyes Crit Chance & Blade Flurry Poison, 35978: Shadowlands Covenant Changes and Tuning - New Rogue Venthyr Ability, 35978: Upcoming Changes to Rogues in Shadowlands Beta - New Venthyr Ability: Flagellation, 35598: Upcoming Subtlety and Outlaw Rogue Changes in Shadowlands, 35360: New Shadowlands Legendary Powers for Rogues - Master Assassin Returns, 35256: Rogue State on Shadowlands Beta - Changes, Bugs, and Placeholders, 34365: Shadowlands GCD Discussion: Blade Flurry Deals AoE Damage When Activated, 35978: Upcoming Elemental Shaman Class Changes - Deeply Rooted Elements, 35938: Upcoming Changes for Shamans in the Shadowlands Beta - Chain Harvest, Fae Transfusion, Primordial Wave, 35842: Enhancement Shaman Feral Spirit and Elemental Spirits Bluepost, 35842: Blizzard Discusses Elemental Shaman's Echoing Shock, 35679: Upcoming Elemental Shaman Changes on Shadowlands Beta - Return of Maelstrom Resource, 35522: Blizzard Announces Upcoming Changes to Elemental and Enhancement Shaman, 35256: Elemental Shaman State on Shadowlands Beta - Removal of Maelstrom, Covenant Abilities, Legendaries, 34902: Enhancement Shaman State on Shadowlands Alpha - Reworks, AoE Improvements and Covenants, 34821: Restoration Shaman State in Shadowlands Alpha - Battle Shaman, Earth Shield, Covenant Abilities, PREVIEW: Upcoming DPS Shaman Changes on Shadowlands Alpha, 36294: Demonology Warlock's Felguard Axe Toss Now a Regular Interrupt in Shadowlands, 35938: Upcoming Changes for Warlocks on the Shadowlands Beta - Soul Rot, Decimating Bolt, 35598: Upcoming Warlock Class Changes in Shadowlands - Ritual of Doom Returns, Curse of Recklessness Removed, 35360: Destruction Warlock State on Shadowlands Beta - Legendaries, Talent Changes and Covenant Abilities, 35360: State of Affliction Warlock in Shadowlands Beta - Legendaries, Covenant Abilities, New Toolkit, 35167: Shadowlands Warlock Class Feedback - Upcoming Destruction Talent Changes, 35078: Demonology Warlock State on Shadowlands Alpha - Legendary Powers, Covenant Abilities, Axe Toss Interrupt, 35078: Upcoming Warlock Changes on Shadowlands Alpha - Damage Tuning, Axe Toss Interrupt. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed.

Speculating what will be great in shadowlands is pretty meaningless: no-one has even gotten to play the expansion yet. 35842: The History and Future of PvP Gearing: Which Systems Would Work Best in Shadowlands?

The data is from the World of Warcraft Shadowlands Beta.

The rankings are done in tiers.

35842: PvP Itemization and Vendors in Shadowlands - New Solutions Being Considered, 35755: Focused PvP Testing is Underway on Shadowlands Beta, 35755: Upgrading Shadowlands PvP Gear with Honor Points, 35679: Shadowlands Season 1 Gladiator Mount is the Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater, 35679: Mortal Wounds Effects Doubled Against Non-Player Enemies in Shadowlands, 35522: PvP Vendors Sell Legendary Power Recipes in Shadowlands, 35256: Trials of Zo'Sorg - Return of PvP World Quests in Shadowlands, 35256: Deathbringer Title and Flayedwing Mount - World PvP Meta Achievement in Shadowlands, 35256: PvP Honorable Medallion Talent Slot Removed in Shadowlands - Replaced by PvP Trinkets, 35256: Shadowlands Beta Build 35256 Preamble - Deathbringer Title from World PvP, Covenant Global Strings, 35167: All Gladiator PvP Mounts Become Account Wide in Shadowlands, 34714: "9.0 PvP Power" Spell Added in Shadowlands Alpha Build 34714, 34278: Battle for Azeroth Aspirant Ensembles Purchased with Marks of Honor in Shadowlands, 34137: New PvP Talents in Shadowlands Alpha Build 34137 & Greater Pyroblast Nerfed, 35938:, 35842: Weekly Great Vault Rewards Can Offer Duplicate Items in Shadowlands - Confirmed Unintended, 35522: Great Vault Weekly Chest - Raid Objectives Awards Raid Loot in Shadowlands, 35360: Shadowlands Great Vault Objectives & UI - Choose Your Weekly Cache Reward, 36165: Ion Hazzikostas on Covenant Abilities Outside of Shadowlands, 36165: Covenant Abilities Disabled Outside of Shadowlands Content, 36806: Blizzard Announces Covenant Tuning is Underway on Shadowlands Beta, 35842: Shadowlands Covenant-Specific Release Spirit Animations, 35679: Wowhead's Shadowlands Talent Calculator Now Supports Covenant Choices, 35598: Covenant Dungeon Bonuses Active in Mythic+ on Shadowlands Beta, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Shadowlands Covenants System Preview, 35078: Covenant Sanctum Systems - Upgrades, Many Resources, Transportation Network, 34714: All Covenant Ability Spell Effect Visuals in Shadowlands, 34081: Complete List of New and Updated Covenant Abilities for Shadowlands Alpha Build 34081, 33978: Covenant Abilities Deep Dive - Cooldown, Duration, Range, Other Effects, 34137: Demon Hunter Necrolord Ability Datamined - Updated Covenant Abilities for Shadowlands Alpha. It’s hard to say what will happen to specs without azerite traits.

Download the client and get started.

Priest & Paladin (C - Tier) - (100% Bastion-Kyrian).

I get that you’re speculating for fun, but for me speculations should be based on real data that could actually be useful.

35522: Shadowmeld Night Fae Soulbind Trait Removed in Shadowlands Build 35522, 35360: Get Shadowmeld Through Night Fae Covenant Soulbinds in Shadowlands - The Sylvari Mantle, 35360: Night Fae Covenant Campaign - Daughter of the Night Warrior (Story Spoilers), 35360: Upcoming Buffs to Night Fae Signature Ability, Soulshape, 35256: Night Warrior's Curse - Night Fae Covenant Questline (Story Spoilers), 35167: Night Fae Ampitheater - Relive Legion and Battle for Azeroth Events as a Theater Play (Story Spoilers), 35256: Kael'thas Sunstrider Venthyr Covenant Questline (Story Spoilers), 35078: Venthyr Covenant Quest Preview - Early Chapters (Story Spoilers), PREVIEW: Blizzard's Official Preview of Adventures - Expanded Missions System in Shadowlands, PREVIEW: Shadowlands Covenant Transportation Networks Preview, 35078: Entering a Covenant Sanctum While Not Part of That Covenant Gets You Kicked Out, 35078: Early Datamining of Path of Ascension, the Kyrian Covenant Mini-Game, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Kyrian Covenant Preview and Path of Ascension, 35938: New Necrolord Abomination Stitching Achievement Rewards - Tauralus Mounts, Abominable Title, 35167: Necrolord Covenant - Abomination Factory Introduction Questline, 35078: Abominable Stitching Recipes from the Necrolord Covenant, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Necrolord Covenant Preview and Abomination Factory, 35078: Blizzard's Night Fae Covenant Preview and Queen's Conservatory, PREVIEW: Ember Court Preview - Weekly Venthyr Activity to Throw a Party, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Venthyr Covenant Preview and Ember Court, 35078: Sinfall - Venthyr Covenant Sanctum Environment Preview, 35938: Weekly Great Vault Currency Option is Anima in Shadowlands, 33978: Datamined Torghast Anima Power Upgrades, 36294: Updated Covenant Renown UI in the Latest Shadowlands Beta Build, 35938: Updates to Covenant Renown Reward Unlock Levels - Campaign Steps, Transmog, Soulbind Unlocks, 35755: New Covenant Renown Rewards in Shadowlands Beta Build 35755 Include Stamina Increases, 35432: Mount, Pet, Title, and Weapon Illusion Rewards from Covenant Renown, 35432: Full List of Covenant Renown Rewards in Shadowlands Build 35432, 35432: Soulbind Traits Locked Behind Covenant Renown in Shadowlands, 35078: Renown in Shadowlands Covenants: What We Know So Far, 35078: Pathfinder Will be Based on Covenant Renown Instead of Reputation in Shadowlands, 36294: Shadowlands Covenant Soulbind Ability Changes - Many Buffs and Pathing Changes, 36165: Conduit Bluepost - Soulbinds Trees Reduced to Two Potency Conduit Slots Each, 36165: Soulbind Tree Updates - Before and After Potency Conduit Change, 36806: Amount of Renown Needed to Unlock Triple Potency Conduit Slots in Soulbinds, 35078: Bellular Interview with Ion Hazzikostas on Soulbinds and Conduit Design Philosophy, PREVIEW: Blizzard's Shadowlands Soulbinds and Conduits System Preview, 33978: Shadowlands Covenant Ability Upgrades, 34324: Shadowlands Soulbinds and Conduits in the Soulbind Calculator, 33978: Soulbinds System Early Alpha Preview, 35679: Shadowlands Beta Soulbind Changes - Night Fae Final Moments Changed, 35598: Shadowlands Beta Soulbind Changes - Night Fae Dreamweaver Buff, 35432: Soulbind Changes on the Shadowlands Beta - Ultimate Form Nerfed, 35360: Soulbind Updates - Spell Changes for Venthyr and Kyrian Soulbinds, 35360: All Soulbinds Will Have 3 Potency Slots in the Future, 35256: Big Updates to our Shadowlands Soulbind Calculator, 35256: Volatile Solvent & Ultimate Form - Perfecting Fleshcraft for Necrolords with the Plague Deviser Marileth Soulbind, 35256: Shadowlands Soulbind Changes - Instant Cast Door of Shadows Removed, 35078: Shadowlands Soulbind Progression Breakdown - Choosing Traits, Conduits, Changing Soulbinds, 34972: Soulbind Calculator Updated with All 12 Soulbind Trees - Crazy Effects and Passives, 36806: Weekly Cooldown on Conduits Will Be Changed to a New System in Shadowlands, 36806: Conduit Item Level and Rank Scaling Now Implemented on the Shadowlands Beta, 35978: Conduit Ranks Are Tied to Item Level on the Shadowlands Beta, 35978: Blizzard Explains Conduits and Conduit Item Levels in Shadowlands, 35978: Manifest Aethershunt Spell Added - Randomly Upgrade the Rank of One of Your Lowest-Rank Conduits, 35978: Upgrade Conduit Ranks and Add Sockets at Ve'nari in the Maw for Stygia, 35842: Blizzard Applies Fix to Broken Conduits on Shadowland Beta, 35432: Conduit Collection System UI Added to Covenant Soulbinds on Shadowlands Beta, 35360: Shadowlands Build 35360 Conduit Ranks - 60% Blessing of Autumn Duration, 50% Trueshot Duration, 35360: Socketed Conduits Will Not Change with Spec in Shadowlands, 35360: Persistent Collection System Coming to Shadowlands Conduits, 35167: Soulbind Conduits Have 15 Ranks Which Improve the Power of the Conduit - Full List, 35167: Conduit Destruction in Shadowlands Will Be Revamped - No Solution Yet, 35842: How to Change Covenants in Shadowlands - All Quest Steps to Return to a Previous Covenant, 35842: Covenant Choices in Shadowlands - Blizzard Won't Pull the Ripcord, 35360: Early Look at Covenant Swapping - Multiple Confirmations Required, 35078: Paul Kubit on Covenant Swapping - Changing Should be Easy, Changing Back Should be Hard, 36294: Shadowlands Covenant Cloaks Now Hide Weapons on Your Back, 36165: Concept Art of Covenant Armor and Weapons from the Shadowlands Art Book, 36806: Shadowlands Covenant Item Sets with Set Bonuses, 35842: Shadowlands Covenant Armor Set Transmog Sources Discovered, 34137: All Covenant Armor Sets in Shadowlands, 34081: Mail Kyrian Bastion Covenant Armor Set, 34081: New Models - FIshing Poles, Totems, Weapons, and Birds, 33978: Oribos Questing and Bastion Armor Sets, 33978: Kyrian Bastion Covenant Transmog Sets, 33978: Necrolords Maldraxxus Covenant Transmog Sets.


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