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It's silly, she needs intervention from the devs. Only slightly harder if Lushen heal blocks :P, G1 Juno user; I use her more because of being a very tanky fire to stall lushen rather than actually strip, I couldn't agree more on this I'm an owner of both Juno and Praha, and I simply never used juno a single time, I'm actually so afraid to summon another oracle. please excuse me while I cry.

Recently pulled a Juno and I've heard good things about her but I'm still kinda seeing her as a lesser Praha.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Discuss the latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the globe. Props for acknowledging that something may be weak but not need a buff, at least not right now. What's her best use?

The difference between the two is that you don't really have to focus as many stats for Juno and you can force Praha to not use her AOE buff removal if you force her to heal instead, Build Juno Despair Nem/Will/Revenge with high speed and accuracy.

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User account menu. Good Lushen users are not afraid of Juno, unless she's paired with MAYBE Rakan/Perna.

She's great on AD because can she be super annoying as she can only have a max.

It depends on the team comp and strategie you use with her.

She can also be used in Dragon B10 teams and ToA. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I have a well runed Juno I use regularly in G2 AD, and GWO. doing endgame achievements. Which one do we use more? She is practically a budget Praha and has literally only 1 useful skill. Bottomline is that since she is a buff remover she always has use also both Juno and Praha have equally annoying 3rd skills.

you clearly haven't vsed a good juno if you think juno is meant to collect dust in the storage. If I had a Juno I will rune her with Despair and Will and make her so that she is first to move on my AO.

And with how dumb C2U is, they might actually listen to reddit and eventually buff her, which would make her mindblowingly broken. If I had a Juno I will rune her with Despair and Will and make her so that she is first to move on my AO.

whoa whoa whoa...you can world boss from storage now...?

Juno more so since most skill 1 has some sort of status effect so maintaining only 1 can be difficult sometimes atleast with Praha you can reset her heal. Was the case for me, made me reach g2 rather easily compared to the same def using praha. High Mid High Mid Leader Skill: Increases the Critical Rate of ally monsters by 24%. So she has higher potential, too.

She is very good in PvP defense thanks to her heal to all allies plus auto cleanse third skill.

Discuss the latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the … Press J to jump to the feed. r/summonerswar: Subreddit for mobile game Summoners War: Sky Arena.

Be gentle reddit, a proud Juno owner. Juno (Fire Oracle) is a great support monster in Summoners War with self-cleansing passive skill.

Daily …

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As with Laika, Feng Yan, etc. Also, remember that, having an AD aoe buff stripping unit is a blessing in any case, there's only a handful of those.


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