why did kitamura dye his hair

Later in his life, Elvis opted in for a signature mix of hair dyes: Miss Clairol 51D and Black Velvet / Mink Brown by Paramount.

[10] At the end of 2017, Kitamura took part in two tournaments held by NJPW; the 2017 World Tag League and the 2017 Young Lion Cup.

[4] Throughout his amateur career, Kitamura would go on to win three national championships and represent Japan on a global level twice. Japanese Voice [9], On June 24, 2017, three months after his debut, Kitamura won the first match in his career when he teamed with Tomoyuki Oka to defeat Manabu Nakanishi and Tetsuhiro Yagi in a tag match. Examples of this include his duel with Naofumi for Raphtalia's freedom, when he received a slap instead of a hug after he freed her from slavery and was called out for his hypocrisy, he defended himself desperately claiming that Naofumi must have brainwashed her. When Malty S Melromarc framed Naofumi Iwatani for rape, even though she had stolen his money and clothes (both of which she gave to Motoyasu), he believed her claims and became openly hostile towards Naofumi in her defense. When Ikuyo finally demanded Motoyasu choose one or the other, the latter chose to run away from the situation and derail the topic. Portrayal Running out of patience and letting her temper get the better of her, Ikuyo grabbed a knife from the kitchen and pointed it toward Momiji, proclaiming if she was out of the picture, Motoyasu would be able to finally date her. The clothing he primarily wears is a sleeveless tunic over his dark clothing. Male ・Gauntlet Hero・Projectile Hero・Staff Hero・Katana Hero・Sewing Hero Light Novel

Kou Kitamura (樹多村 光) is the male protagonist of the Cross Game series. It was reported that the severity of the injury may force him to retire. Should you ever find yourselves in a predicament, know that I will come running!

[7] On March 13, 2017, he made his televised debut, teaming with Oka in a loss to the Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa). He is a flirt and a skirt chaser who asks Raphtalia and Filo to leave Naofumi and join his party the instant he meets each of them but is quick to admit Raphtalia was right to scold him for flirting with her when they were doing a party exchange. Momiji, who was usually shy and quiet, started displaying yandere-like traits, stabbing Motoyasu out of fear that he was secretly visiting other girls besides herself and Ikuyo. In the past, he wore chainmail underneath his sleeveless tunic and silver armor on various parts of his body but later discards them after learning the true nature of Malty S Melromarc (Motoyasu's ex-companion). 北村元康 Social Traits X took his creative expression to a whole nother level after shaving his eye brows and dying his dreads gray. In a certain episode of Toradora! It's mentioned that he is loyal to his allies. That is why the drama surrounding his hair. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Katsuya_Kitamura&oldid=935636502, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, All Japan Wrestling Championship in the 120 kg category, This page was last edited on 13 January 2020, at 20:05. Kitamura Motoyasu Alias(es) He attended Senshu University, where he was a part of their wrestling team.In 2006, he won the All Japan Wrestling Championship in … ), one of the Four Legendary Heroes. Identity Arc 1, Chapter 2 Occupation Nickname(s) He wears glasses and had a green hair and hazel-coloured iris. [3], Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Kitamura was a highly accomplished amateur wrestler, known for being one of the largest wrestlers in all of Japan. Katsuya Kitamura (北村 克哉, Kitamura Katsuya, born December 14, 1985) is a Japanese professional wrestler, bodybuilder and former amateur wrestler trained by New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), where he was the winner of the 2017 Young Lion Cup. Kitamura was being tipped as a possible member of Japan's Olympic wrestling team for the 2012 London Olympic Games, but the ban ruled him out of participation. He will believe anything a woman says without a shred of evidence. Kitamura and Oka continued teaming regularly, eventually dubbing their team "Monster Rage". Yūsaku is a male student in Ryūji's class, and is his best friend. Overnight, Trump’s signature flaxen hair had been replaced by a new bright silver shade. Ikuyo, in a fit of jealousy, stabbed Motoyasu as well, declaring that if anyone was going to be with him in the afterlife, it was going be her. Motoyasu had two female friends; a shy and quiet girl named Momiji and a bossy girl named Ikuyo who was also one of Motoyasu's classmates, both of whom held feelings for him and ended up confessing their love towards him.


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