how to make a mascot costume

Decapitated mascot = crying children. Don't leave it on too long or you will invariably pass out. It makes the head a little more difficult to put on but ensures that it won’t fall off. Create an inset space for them and then glue them in solidly.

Be sure to test the eyes out before gluing them in. We offer an optional drinking system in our costumes, which makes staying hydrated simple and easy. XD. Are you by any chance interested in a commission? A mascot suit is a license to make a complete &#^ of yourself in front of ten thousand people, with almost no accountability. I think that this website is a great place for people of all ages to go and build something fun. Assuming that they’re old enough to draw a decent picture, allowing the kids to design the mascot themselves is a great way to get them involved in the design process and ensure that they’ll love it. This is absolutely fantastic. NOTE!!! :( You can get it by the sheet at, but it is expensive! Enter your e-mail address to begin your news subscription. They carry multiple types of medium and high density foam, ship fast if you’re willing to shell out a little extra, and have good customer service and return policies. When applying fur, cover the battery space then slit a hole in the covering to remove and insert the battery. What this results in is a costume that gets very hot inside for the person wearing it. We use cookies to optimally design and continuously improve our websites for you, as well as to display content in line with your interests. You can get black window screen from a hardware store and cut it to the right shape. If there is a creature or character that is already related to the event that the kids will be attending, then you should — and must — use this information to your advantage. Or individuals may use mascots as part of their business or the services they offer. I stitch it to a piece of vinyl with a cutout for the eye hole to reinforce it and get rid of any sharp or pokey edges. That being said, mascot costumes for kids shouldn’t be designed the same way you would create one for a sports team or corporate event. We Build, Make & Create Custom Mascot Costumes from Concept to Creation!

Consider including attire that will support your event goals Even if the creature that you are modeling the mascot after normally has smaller — or even nonexistent — eyes, you should do this. ^^;; Which type of foam would you usually purchase for this sort of project? Eventually, you will be satisfied with the look. Our regularly updated news articles continue to attract new readers every day. You may choose to paint it the same color as the fur -- it's up to you. If you widen the hole as you go, it allows for better vision. You will sweat profusely into it every time, and it will reek if you don't clean it. Do this to the sides as well. Glue them down well using LOTS of spray glue. Using a marker, lightly sketch out the design you wish to carve. 1-877-858-4226 This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make, the result is amazing, and it’s very easy to make as long as you put the time and effort into building it. This costume is versatile enough to be used for other occasions, too, such as school plays, food group presentations or parades. I love this bear design. What this results in is a costume that gets very hot inside for the person wearing it. This guide will show, step by step, the basic procedure for building a lightweight foam and fur school mascot head. The Tiger costume also had big foam paws to cover my shoes, but I don't recommend that, as it limits your mobility. I found this website and my teacher said that it would be a great idea if our classroom had a mascot.

After pricing them (waaaaaaaay out of our budget range), I decided to make us one instead. A key factor that will determine how approachable your mascot is will be its facial expression. Leave it loose so you can remove it to insert batteries. Mold or carve the shape you want, continually checking to see how it looks. If you are in the market for getting a mascot, think about getting them custom made. However, I had a dead-center blind spot where the nose was. Following the tips discussed above will help you ensure that every child — and child at heart — absolutely loves your mascot costume. Unveil your new mascot and get ready for LOTS of hugs and high fives (high fours in this case).

Mascots are not just used by companies for promotional purposes. they are 24″ square come in a pack of four are usually black on one side and a color on the other. Give the mascot a pair of cartoon-like eyes Have fun. 5 – When you’ve done everything you can possibly think of to make this thing a little cooler – it’s not enough. DO tell them to hydrate ahead of time and give plenty of breaks. Just right. An uncomfortable costume will take all the attention of the person inside of it away from being a great mascot and divert it to all the discomfort they are experiencing.


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