ade adepitan walking
At aged 12, Ade was introduced to wheelchair basketball and went on to compete for Team GB at Paralympic, European and World championship levels. When I came back from Spain, the guy started his own production company called Two Hands Productions, and they were looking for presenters for a children’s programme on Channel 5. If that’s what you really want, then I’d say, just try it. It even had my name in the title – you can’t get much bigger than that. Their strengths are honest, industrious, patient, cautious, level-headed, and persistent. Material: Bronze You’ve written a collection of children’s books. It’s also watched by nearly 90 million viewers worldwide, so it will hopefully change perceptions too, both within the countries that I visit, and the travel industry. There was uncertainty around whether I would be able to present and whether people would watch me. It was all made so much more worthwhile because of how hard I worked to get there – it took me the best part of 15 years to make the Team GB squad. In 2018, Ade married singer/songwriter Elle Exxe. It’s my bread and butter, and I’ve been doing it since 2014. We also talk about relationships and what it’s like to be in an inter-abled and an inter-racial relationship. We had to work really hard to convince a lot of TV heads to give me the opportunity because there was still a lot of prejudice and negative perceptions about disability. There is Brian, who’s the nerdy and super intelligent child; Shed, who is a big gentle giant kid from Pakistan; Melody, who’s a mixed-race girl and talented footballer, and Dexter who comes from a working-class, white family. How did your career in TV progress from that first show? It’s a three-part series and we’ve put so much work into it already. However, my mate said that no one in the able-bodied world has a clue about disability sports, so I could say I play for Great Britain and nobody would know any different! This was the moment that got everything started for me.


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