joytokey import profile

It's the same path\folder\file but the innermost folder and cfg file have simply been renamed to match the emulator being used. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Button09=1, 35:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Create a new game profile and call it ThePit (or whatever you like). Map M N/A Back Button22) to be triggered only when both Button5 and Button6 are pressed simultaneously. Button06=0 Meaning when you plug in the controller, Oblivion controller setup and joytokey are both working at the same time. Besides, when you launch JoyToKey, you can pass a profile as a command line argument. Axis2n=1, 11:57:00, 0 Turn Up CTRL-W Left Shoulder + Left Stick Up Left Stick Up If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Sword of the Stars: The Pit. POV1-7=1, 32:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Use Joystick 2 MAP N/A Right Shoulder/Bumper N/A Button04=1, 48:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 If that is not it, then create a new profile.

The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. SOTSDEX (Tablet) L N/A Left Shoulder/Bumper Axis1n=1, 41:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 In order to configure it, go to menu: Settings -> Associate profiles with applications. Button01=1, 0D:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Mouse Left Click N/A N/A Left Stick Button screenshot PRINTSCREEN N/A N/A

Copyright (C) 2020 JTKSOFT All Rights Reserved. Attack F Right Trigger Right Trigger NumberOfJoysticks=2 Alt+F4, or it can be a special purpose key such as "PRINT SCREEN" key. Button07=1, 50:00:00, 0 Next, let's assume you configured stick-left as a SHIFT key and Button19 as a wheel rotation. Joystick 2 MAP)

Changed the ESC key functionality to buttons 7 + 8 (COIN+START). My path is then C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey\Atari 2600\Stella\Stella.cfg. Inventory I Start N/A

Psionics 2 6 Right Stick Button N/A toggle hud H N/A Y Presenting JoyToKey configurations for both v3.7.x [last free] and v5.2.x [shareware] to use on Sword of the Stars: The Pit. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I created about 75 profiles for various systems, added them to a RAR archive, and attached to this post.

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New systems include Sega Model 1, Sega System 16, Sega System 24, , Sega X Board, Sega Y Board, Pop-Cap, and Microsoft MS-DOS.

Button04=1, 48:00:00, 0 When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Psionics 5 9 N/A D-PAD Down Axis5p=1, 09:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 POV1-3=1, 33:00:00, 0 Psionics 6 0 N/A D-PAD Right Copyright (C) 2020 JTKSOFT All Rights Reserved. Exit JoyToKey 7). Axis5n=1, 46:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 POV1-8=0 Axis3n=1, 46:00:00, 0 Button08=1, 43:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Axis3p=1, 27:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 When "Button 1" is pressed, key input "X" will be emulated. Button09=1, 201:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Mouse Right Click N/A N/A Right Stick Button Just a quick little profile I made for JoyToKey, purely to make it a little more enjoyable for anyone coming from Skyrim back to Oblivion but wanting to use a controller. (Must Press Use UsePOV=1 Further, JoyToKey allows you to forcibly set the desired location of JoyToKey.ini file in case you want to create a shortcut to control JoyToKey without using a graphical user interface. These controls (before joytokey) are disgusting and literally unplayable, and even modders cant seem to fix bethesda's dumbassery.

If you have any questions or additions, just let me know. KeySendMode=0

Axis2p=1, 11:53:00, 0 Button05=1, 11:00:00, 0 Please see the. follow the key configuration of oblivion to set up the buttons in J2K. (If you run the game in a compatibility mode that requires administrator privilege, then JoyToKey may need to be "Run As Administrator".) POV1-6=0 POV1-4=1, 38:00:00, 0 If that is not it, then create a new profile. Target Right Right Arrow Right Stick Right N/A NumberOfJoysticks=2 You will notice that every button you push on the controller will light up a button bar on the j2k app. Button01=1, 20:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 To create a profile, press the "Create" button, and enter a name. Auto Setting Wizard will help you to configure basic key assignments in less than a minute! It is only visible to you. Button02=1, 1B:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Fire up JoyToKey and it doesn't detect your mod. Axis1p=1, 44:00:00, 0 Axis3p=1, 5A:00:00, 0 [General] Button02=1, 47:00:00, 0

© Valve Corporation. Button03=1, 52:00:00, 0 You can create multiple profiles in the left panel. It's the best Controller software and does wonders for old Rockstar games, making the controls exactly the same as the console versions of the games. Button04=1, 58:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 How can I configure a horizontal scroll (SHIFT + Mouse Wheel) for a single stick (button) input? JoyToKey allows you to assign two or three sets of key-assignments for a single button, and switch among them in several ways. POV1-3=1, 34:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Your computer will also need BlueTooth enabled and successfully linked to the MOGA. POV1-7=1, 32:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 NOTE: There are NO games or programs within this archive. Move Left A Left Stick Left N/A (Menu: "Preferences" -> "Configure joysticks"). Shortcut 1 1 D-PAD Up N/A Axis3p=1, 09:00:00, 0 POV1-4=0 Axis2p=1, 53:00:00, 0 Yeah that means you can even walk slow by slightly pushing the left stick, which cannot be done with other applications. Turn Right CTRL-D Left Shoulder + Left Stick Right Left Stick Right

POV1-7=1, 38:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Then, you can configure extra key assignments for a virtual joystick number and you can switch the key assignments by pressing a special joystick button (a.k.a. [Joystick 2] I've copied these files to another machine that uses Launch Box, set up JoyToKey in Rocket Launcher via the tutorial link below, and found it working beautifully. Axis5n=1, 26:00:00, 0 For example, by default you're using key/mouse assignments defined for Joystick #1. Button06=5, 1 who understand what the following means.

You will notice that every button you push on the controller will light up a button bar on the j2k app. Mouse Move Down N/A N/A Right Stick Down

Reload R X N/A Axis5p=1, 5A:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 All you have to do is unrar and place the folders within the archive into your ..\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey directory., HyperSync, HyperList and FTP are now back online, JoyToKey Profiles for Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher 1.1.0, JoyToKey Profiles for Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher. Turn Left CTRL-A Left Shoulder + Left Stick Left Left Stick Left For example, mine is --  C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey. All rights reserved.

POV1-4=0 Axis1n=1, 41:00:00, 0

Stats C N/A Start Start JoyToKey.exe 5). Mouse Move Right N/A N/A Right Stick Right Run the App, leave it open, and you will be Minecrafting on a 360 controller! Using the LNK shortcut file allows for Administrator privileges with the CMD prompt window. Then, JoyToKey will be started by using the specified profile and its folder for loading/saving profiles. Rest CTRL-X Left Shoulder + Y N/A I put JoyToKey in the Oblivion directory like you said. The software is simple to use. See the attached images. Threshold=20

All you have to do is unrar and place the folders within the archive into your..\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey directory. JoyToKey can automatically switch an active profile based on the current focused application. I created about 75 profiles for various systems, added them to a RAR archive, and attached to this post. POV1-7=1, 38:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 In order to configure it, go to menu: Settings -> Associate profiles with applications. Axis5p=1, 28:00:00, 0 Axis1n=1, 11:41:00, 0 In case you have a Moga Controller, download and install the Moga Serial program: Axis4p=2, 50, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 POV1-5=1, 33:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Axis5p=2, 0, 50, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 You may need to create your own shortcut but I've included it for completeness. JoyToKey is a shareware, but you can freely try it until you like it without much limitation in functionality. There is a little icon in my task tray for JoyToKey, and it has a check mark next to the profile I'm using, which I assume means that those gamepad assignments are in effect, however, they aren't doing anything. Button05=1, 4C:00:00, 0 Button05=1, 4C:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 POV1-5=1, 39:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0 Then Download the following link and put it in the same folder as the JTK Application. POV1-2=1, 34:00:00, 0

I should mention, of course, that one would need to download JoyToKey before downloading my profile for it. If it's a pain or something is not quite right, I'll continue tweaking it until I find what's best.


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