richard iii and elizabeth of york fanfiction
About the middle of the following month , upon the day of the great eclipse of the sun , which then took place , queen Anne , before – named , departed this life , and was buried at Westminster , with no less honors than befitted the interment of a queen . Here are a couple excerpts from, Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses, by Sarah Gristwood. ( Log Out /  He would also have had to address the question of her brothers. In Philippa Gregory’s The Cousins’ War series, Elizabeth of York falls in love with King Richard III while she is serving as a lady in waiting for Queen Anne Neville. The fact that Elizabeth of York was beautiful was certainly a factor. nevertheless, I disagree with Anonymous assertion that Richard was in negotiations to marry Joanna of Portugal. I also believe Richard when he publicly swore on oath that he had not compassed his wife’s death or plotted to marry his niece. Her sons probably dead, her eldest daughter was the most valuable asset in her possession. If you believe there is a chance that this letter actually once existed, then you have to at least entertain the possibility that Elizabeth lobbied to marry her uncle. I’m not convinced. Before claiming that a historical document(letter) is made up, there should be evidence of it falsity. It is very true for the aristocracy especially those individuals who rely upon the need to have a male heir and a spare.

It does tell us that Richard was not a particularly popular king, nor was he trusted. Also it wouldn’t have been Ratcliffe and Catesbury who be telling Richard he couldn’t marry EOY, they were both low born nobility, if anyone would have it would have been John Howard, Duke of Norfolk and Sir Francis Lovell. Because Anne was fatally ill that Christmas (she would die the following March) and Richard was without any legitimate children, the issue of succession was very much front and center. Elizabeth of York was of course still the daughter of a king but she and her siblings had been declared illegitimate by an act of parliament . Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). It was a seriously stupid idea from his POV and he wasn’t stupid or completely desperate. ( Log Out /  He made sure that he was crowned in his own right because he did not want anyone to think he was beholden to Elizabeth for his crown. Indeed, so would Richard and Anne. I have to wonder if the wires got crossed and the two intended marriages were confused for him wanting to marry Elizabeth ? If you knew this history then you know Tristan is forced to kill Iseult’s maternal uncle in a power struggle the uncle started but in which they both see themselves as justified. It should be mentioned though that unlike the Shakespeare play adaptions, Elizabeth was only about 13 years Younger than Richard and not 15 to his 52 as usually portrayed. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Richard had long been in love with his wife, it was a well known fact that Richard hated “open adultery” and had remained faithful to his wife for the 10 years they married, one of the many reasons Richard doesn’t appears at his brothers court so often is because he disliked Edward IV open adultery, after there son’s death Richard takes Anne to her favorite castle and refuses to part from her side. And then there were Henry’s English supporters, led by his mother, Margaret Beaufort, and her husband, Lord Stanley. (He died after fishing apparently, randomly took ill). Yet this relationship has often been presented as romantic, even sexual, in novels and in other media. What King Richard III said about not poisoning his wife or desiring to Mary his niece should not be naïvely taken as truth on face value. Elizabeth was invited to join the court of her uncle, Richard, and his wife, Anne Neville, as a guest of honor. The likelihood of her expecting the act to be read that way even fainter. The Tragedy of King Richard the Third is replete with demonstrable errors of fact, chronology and geography. He had lived a life of excess and it caught up to him. I don’t think she hates Richard for not accepting based on historical evidence that he was some maligned, innocent king. Elizabeth would have known this well given her upbringing. Although a marriage between uncle and niece was not strictly forbidden by the church, it had caused much revulsion among the councilors, and Richard’s most trusted men Ratcliffe and Catesbury warned him that such decision would lose support of Northerners as it would seem Richard had caused the death of his wife in order to marry Elizabeth. In the second book, she curiously wrote Richard’s motto “Loyalte me Lie” and then signed her name. Change ).

What exactly the nature of their relationship was has been eroded by time, but there is far too much smoke around the issue for there not to have been at least a reasonably-sized fire. The speculation of their incestuous relationship actually dates back a long way – to their very own time. The original letter is no longer with us, nor are the original Buck’s notes. Change ). The Ick Factor: Richard III & Elizabeth of York. Elizabeth had recently left sanctuary in Westminster Abbey where she was ensconced with her mother, Elizabeth Woodville, and four younger sisters, Cecily, Anne, Katherine and Bridget. So, what of Elizabeth? Five months after that he married Elizabeth and the Tudor dynasty was in full swing. Hence he would have to take unprecedented steps of reassuring his subjects of what he wanted them to believe, truth or not. We do not know if he was always faithful either. For his part, Henry had already pledged to marry Elizabeth in the hopes of wooing Yorkists disenchanted with Richard’s rule.

Richard could have stopped all the speculation by arranging honorable marriages for his brothers’ daughters or placing them in convents.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It also struck fear in Henry’s heart – or his brain, rather, since he likely didn’t have much emotion tied up in Elizabeth herself at this point. Long story short Richard ended up taking the throne bc of this, an act of parliment declared the E4 brood Illegitimate and Richard the rightful king, and little Edward and his brother Richard who had joined him in the tower, mysteriously disappeared and people still don’t know what happened to them today. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. A rather silly idea really but even funnier that he shrugged it off as ok, it happened, move on. I think the closeness of Richard and Elizabeth allowed people to speculate about a possible marriage. ( Log Out /  Henry explored the idea of other possible wives until his advisor emphatically reminded of his promise to marry Elizabeth. A firm believer in the idea that there’s no smoke without fire, I believe that a marriage between Richard and Elizabeth was a source of speculation. I am sad to say that’s most of my social studies books from school (circa 1978ish) are full of non truths) Like the midnight ride of Paul Revere, Chris Colombus discovered America, George Washington never told a lie…. The problems began during Christmas 1484. Circumstances (her mother’s rage) force them apart but eventually the mother comes to terms with Tristan and recognizes he did what he had to Again, parallels are obvious. What he didn’t want was Henry Tudor/Elizabeth of York marriage, suspect if she really were a proven bastard princess, as he tried to make so legally binding. View more posts. She probably has more truth in her books than some historians do. Tristan marries someone else but he loves only Iseult and his marriage is chaste – Richard is married to Anne but their marriage seemed to flounder by that time and remember richard tried to arrange a marriage between him and johanna of Portugal after Anne’s death, Joahana never married and was know because her professed chastity she was sanctified by church years later. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Then there was the beautiful 18-year-old Elizabeth, who came from aggressively fertile stock and was already decked out like a queen. At some point Richard likely had a conversation concerning the question of marrying Elizabeth. From her standpoint, Elizabeth probably thought Richard would have been more compatible than Richard. Elizabeth and Henry were kind and affectionate towards each other. ( Log Out /  Richard was already wildly unpopular in the South. Elizabeth at 19, as she was when this letter was reportedly written, was not actually in charge of her life. In actuality, Richard WAS planning a remarriage-and sent an envoy merely days after Queen Anne ‘s death of a lingering illness at the age of 28. Paul Murray Kendall, the greatest revisionist of them all,  in his landmark biography of Richard, posits that the King had “desperately or grimly” thrown the idea of marrying Elizabeth out there and “treacherous” councilors had betrayed him by carrying the snippet of conversation to enemy parties. — Terry Breverton.

elizabeth of york, historical fiction, History, king richard iii, Lancaster, Philippa Gregory, Tudors, White Queen, York. Already there were whispers as to who Richard would next marry or whether he would seek to annul the marriage in the interim in order to quickly beget an heir. Phillipa Gregory has her PhD in British history, folks don’t give her due. Her two older daughters at least, returned to court with Richard’s promise of protection and good marriages, and her older son from her first marriage, Thomas Grey, who had fled abroad, came back home with the promise that he would be welcomed back by Richard. From my research trudging through resources online, it seems that factual evidences to prove or disprove the speculation is too scarce to draw any assertive conclusion on Richard’s feeling for his niece. How serious he was and to what extent he had thought it through, we don’t know. We do have enough to say his judgment was deeply questionable. The parallel here is clear. Richard’s advisers would have been against such a marriage because they would not wanted to see Elizabeth with her Woodville blood restored to power. Because Anne and Richard’s only son had died around the age of 8 earlier that year, and Anne had not shown any sign of a pregnancy to produce second child, there were plenty of rumors that Richard would need to set Anne aside in the hopes of having an heir. It is also worth bearing in mind that Richard opened negotiations for himself to be marry Joanna, the sister of the King of Portugla, and Elizabeth to marry Joanna’s cousin, Duke of Beja. This is before Tristan meets Iseult – EoY comes from sanctuary.


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