goofy gophers quotes
Thread starter The Goofy Gopher; Start date Oct 29, 2010; T. The Goofy Gopher Member. The scarecrow quickly shows up with a telegram reading "WE'RE VEGETARIANS, YOU SCREWBALL!!! Pages in category "Quotes" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 222 total. He spots two gophers eating carrots. Following this, the dog chases the gophers, only to get stuck in the hole by the shovel on his face. The only real similarities are the fact that the characters are rodents, are paired up, and have puns for names.[3]. They are seen briefly in the 1996 movie Space Jam. The homeowner attacks, but the gophers outsmart him at every turn: They duck his hoe and shotgun. As the dog pulls out the celery stick, the gophers tie his tail to it in the other hole, causing him to pull himself aloop into the hole, rendering him stuck in the ground.

The Goofy Gophers are animated cartoon characters in Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. "), the dog digs the hole to look for them, only to get splattered by a tomato by one of the gophers. In this show, Mac and Tosh run an antique store. The dog uses a hand puppet in the shape of a cute female gopher. The Goofy Gophers appeared in the New Looney Tunes season 3 episode Fool's Gold.

Between 1995 to 2010, this cartoon's USA Turner print was rarely ever shown on American Turner networks for unknown reasons. In this cartoon, the Goofy Gophers have gray and white fur, much like Bugs' fur colors; but beginning with their next cartoon ". Both the USA and EU Turner prints had the wrong ending music, as they both had the altered 1941-1955 Merrie Melodies ending music cue instead of the original 1946-1955 Looney Tunes ending music cue. Realizing what's going on, the gophers sneak up a mousetrap on the dog's fingers, which sends the dog yelling in pain when it snaps its fingers. Both speak with high-pitched British accents like those used in upper-class stereotypes around at the time. The dog, hearing the fake explosion, believes that he had got rid of the Gophers, guards the vegetable garden and falls asleep. Norman McCabe had previously used a pair of gophers in his 1942 short Gopher Goofy, but they bear little resemblance to Clampett's characters. The Goofy Gophers (1947) - Looney Tunes Cartoon, Looney Tunes Blue Ribbon - The Goofy Gophers, Looney Tunes The Goofy Gophers (restored). Sure enough, the dog (disguised as a scarecrow) gets taken away, but gets punched out of the hole without the disguise, knocking him out cold. A watchdog is guarding a vegetable garden and falling asleep. He gasses them with helium, and they float away -- causing a … This article or section needs additional citations for verification. Stamped on May 2017. After Freleng finished with the characters, they would star in two more cartoons, once again directed by McKimson. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

They feature prominently in episodes of the animated series The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries ("I Gopher You") and Duck Dodgers ("K-9 Kaddy" and "Old McDodgers"). However their jokes are usually bad so they tell people where to complain. The Gophers see the tomato vine, grab a bunch of vegetables, and throw a pumpkin on the dog before striking him with a shovel.


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