civ 5 tech tree bnw
World Congress: I wasn't sure between several possible choices in World's Fair or Culture Heritage Sites or Arts Funding. Research order to support that was Mining - Pottery - Masonry (quarries) - Calendar (Stone Works, Stonehenge). And having the camps pre-revealed means you can efficiently dispatch units there rather than reacting once you've already lost something to pillaging. Then finally I got a culture ruin, for the Liberty opener on turn 31. Uh yeah, Buenos Aires, about that... Well I guess it would be pretty dazzling indeed if someone managed to build that on this map! (e.g.

I lost all three of my exploring units as you can see by the dead-ends on the minimap. Prior to having a Pantheon, faith is typically the top priority. I'm still trying to figure out where to aim on the tech tree for a tourism victory. Helicopter Gunships don't get the bonus unless they've been upgraded to from an Anti-Tank Gun.

The bonus against barbarians plays bigger than it looks, because it makes the difference such that one single unit can usually take down a barbarian camp by itself. Try going to war with the diplomatic Civ. And right after that, a super early Great Engineer spawned, thanks to the Pyramids + Stonehenge. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Compare the overviews - that's only four growths per city in the whole first millennium AD, pathetic. Even with Tithe coming near 40 gold/turn, I was still barely at break-even.

Civ 5 has lacked these branching paths until now. Monument of the Gods is the desired pantheon, and we'll need and use Stonehenge to get to religion. A standard size map is supposed to have 16, but even after I finished exploring everything, there were only 13 here! In the wonder department, I missed Terracotta Army, Parthenon, Chichen Itza, Angkor Wat, and Notre Dame, after being late to those areas of the tech tree.

And since Terracotta Army would cost only like 150 base hammers with all the wonder bonuses, it would indeed pay off well. The Shoshone are certainly a complicated Civ in the earlier turns, and hence one where mistakes make a bigger difference. It's still probably not better than the passive pressure beliefs, since those continue to work into endgame while you stop buying missionaries eventually, but was a fresh change here. One important mechanic change in BNW is that many wonders require the opener of a certain policy tree to unlock. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Civ-specific tricks, secrets and clarifications, Start the game with a Pathfinder (the Shoshone Scout UU) instead of a Warrior, Founded cities receive 8 additional tiles, on top of the default 7, These tiles are typically those which would have been favoured by the city gaining those tiles via culture, These tiles do not raise the culture or gold cost of the next tiles (so the first tile the city gains through culture will cost the same as it does for any other Civ. As I showed in the wide games, the best source of income in BNW is actually resource sales.

New Deal only helps if you have Landmarks and I didn't. I dove deeply into one particular tree in each of my previous games: Aesthetics, Exploration, Commerce. Micromanagement note: the +15% land unit bonus from a Forge applies to Archaeologists, so do build that. Sweden (dark blue) in the far west was the other civ that didn't get their own religion. It is only visible to you. Common Civ Acronyms Civilization 5 Q&A UU and Civ Differences Charts BNW Diplomacy AI FAQ BNW Theming Bonuses T65 fifth policy, and also Mathematics for the classical era - so yes I could have forced myself into a non-opener policy (Aristocracy) by delaying that tech one turn. But all the civs wanted the latter so I went with that. I only wanted to use one prophet for spreading anyway -- remember you only get one prophet spread per target civ before they make you stop or else hate you forever. Thebes is just about to start the National College, after Elephantine's library, then the Theology wonders. (12 after someone conquered Monaco.) I was targeting Radio and Refrigeration, but sidetracked to Industrialization first for the factories to open the ideology. © Valve Corporation. But four specialists including a staffed university are a seriously dragging bunch of freeloaders.

The stronger start choosing Ancient Ruins gives you combines nicely with your UA to make one of the game's strongest early games. And tucked away in my corner, I couldn't even reach much of any rival cities with routes anyway.

Freakin really? I was left with a rather out-of-place catapult that I'd built just to copy, but it did go on to be helpful against barbarian camps and eventually I did turn the tide there. I really wasn't sure what to take from that wonder, seems like you should take one of the artistic GPs, but it felt like one more great work was a drop in the bucket while a faster bulb to Refrigeration/Radio would make more difference.

This gives Civ 5 a needed element of diversity, that you won't always build the same wonders all the time. This gives Civ 5 a needed element of diversity, that you won't always build the same wonders all the time. But I got what I wanted in Divine Inspiration (+2 faith per wonder). You have to select targets that didn't found their own religions, that's the only way that evangelism will stick.

Zigzagzigal's Guide to the Shoshone (BNW). The second prophet just settled as a holy site, probably not very worthwhile if we weren't going to finish Piety. Both my previous BNW games went wider than I'd intended, so this time I wanted to stick to my guns on a true tall build. But I missed the wonder by 5 turns. Scenario Coming to Civilization VI October 22, Civilization VI First Looks: Byzantium and Gaul, Byzantium, Gaul, and Dramatic Ages Coming to Civilization VI, Civilization VI – August Developer Livestream. I could make the rule "must take an opener if available". And my other problem was a major lack of gold. The island game wanted production routes, but a land map wants food routes, get your production by growing onto mines.

Scout-spotters can work okay for Artillery, but once your opponents have Artillery, Battleships or aircraft of their own, they can be very easily killed before they can even provide a line of sight. But I had two such targets easily accessible here in France and Japan, and importantly, overlapping with each other for pressure.

So anyway, I bulbed four scientists up to Radio and Refrigeration, reaching the latter on turn 231 and of course immediately bought Thebes' hotel. There's my capital with all the possible wonder construction modifiers stacked up. No start-scumming here, got that on the very first map roll.

The best move for the second policy was actually the Piety opener, since Thebes was just about to build its shrine.

It offers a friendly-territory strength bonus to your units which stacks with your UA to allow an even smaller defensive force in your own lands. Religion came on turn 91 600 BC.

Now I could go pretty much wherever. It had to go in this direction, since there was lots of barbarian activity all around and this is where my military units were to guard the settler. I got population from a ruin... and there is not a single additional food tile available so it's going to starve.

Ones missing depend greatly on the situation you're in. I was thinking that war is the only solution, but was really hoping to avoid it, because that's how I play for a Science Victory; I try to be as diplomatic as possible with everyone, even if it's impossible to make everyone happy, especially towards the end of the game. Statue of Zeus also fell T67.

I created these individual Civilization Guides to highlight the strengths of their specials and unique units. Once you've founded a Pantheon, the faith offered by it triples, and its cooldown resets. Would have had it if I hadn't been tempted by the Construction detour for Terracotta Army, oh well. Mining first - because we settled on the silver and that's the fastest route to selling it. In the trade route department, I had simply kept all the routes as internal food routes all game. T154 second Great Engineer. There wasn't any spot quite good enough, none able to pull in quite enough resources to make it seem worthwhile. Surprisingly, there isn't much else helpful short of the level 3 Media Culture, and so a tourism victory ends up burning three mediocre ideology picks to get there.

+25% strength while defending. I guess missing Representation and the "+33% culture if wonder" policy (formerly in Piety, now Aesthetics) do matter as compared to old-style culture games. And here's that second city.

I found this particularly useful for Japan, as I could use scouts to spot for Artillery while my upgraded Samurai focused on unit killing and pillaging. And in a stroke of total genius and absolutely not at all accident, it even included the free Garden in a city that couldn't otherwise build it. Secularism seemed obvious and a significant bump of 60 beakers. So I toured three more Great Musicians (one from normal production, one faith-bought, one from Broadway) in France to get the splash tourism for Greece.

I'd also taken Missionary Zeal (+25% missionary strength) as the enhancer belief, just for a change. Unless you're aiming for a mid-game war, the Himeji Castle is awkwardly placed on tech tree making it more a wonder to capture than one to build.

I wasn't sure if that was a good idea to sell at that discount... but I needed to get money moving.

I had a clear tech lead by the renaissance era and extended that to about 15 turns worth by the industrial era. But what I never get to see is how openers across different trees interact with each other.

A good 27 turns faster than my opening attempt. The biggest downside from this is going to be trade route range -- I won't be able to reach most of the farther civilizations for the tourism trade route bonus -- but we'll deal with that later. In policies, turn 19 brought the Tradition opener, obvious to do that one first since it accelerates into more. Brave new world This guide assumes you have a basic understanding of Civilization V (including Gods and Kings). If I get more policies later than available openers, we'll decide what to do with them then.


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