sand snake pet

Handling:As babies, they might be snappy, so use caution.

Carpets are also a suitable substrate, but it’s not for a burrowing snake like a boa. Gravel can be a helpful addition to your snake's habitat, but should not be used exclusively. I think you’re just going to have to accept a rodent-based diet if you want a snake you can handle. Many people feed rats to large corn snakes and rosy boas, but you could certainly feed yours mice for his or her entire life. Cypress mulch has a good smell and not overwhelming. It usually takes quite a while to get a snake to feed like this consistently. Kenyan sand boas are popular snakes for beginners.

For example, your snake will never become bored, frustrated or lonely if you don’t pay him enough attention.


This snake is one of the most popular pet snakes, and this is because of their impressive appearance and docile behavior especially when well trained. Scientific Name: Lampropeltis getula californiae, Lifespan: Approximately 20 years based on care. These are usually large snakes that are only 30 inches long.

You can purchase it at pet shops in a wide variety of colors to fit into your decorative scheme.

Is there a snake that has all of those quality’s?

The best way to find out if your snake has ingested a lot of sand is to take it to the vet. Friendly pet snakes These are very easy to handle and can adapt to almost all types of enclosure, big or small.

I also have two girls, so a “pretty” snake would be amazing.

A few such species are detailed below: It is important to note that modern snake keepers typically feed rodent-eating species pre-killed, rather than live, rodents. Community: Should be housed separately, unless breeding. Do you have a pet snake that makes a great pet? As you can see, snakes – at least some species – can make very rewarding pets. Find out which are the best pet snakes for beginners in our guide: And while they’re undeniably fascinating, these differences leave many people wondering if they make good pets.

Green tree pythons are without a doubt a beautiful snake species, but is also without a doubt the worst snake to handle. Reptile sand is smoother and thus more comfortable on your snake’s skin. Lifespan: Approximately 15 – 25 years based on care, Community: Should be housed separately, unless breeding. [3], Media related to Erycinae at Wikimedia Commons,,, "Indore: Smugglers make crores with 'two-headed' snake", "Sarpamitra, foresters bust racket selling sand boa - Times of India",, Articles lacking reliable references from May 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 September 2020, at 20:43. There are a number of garter snake species on the market, but most are relatively similar. Soil is available in your garden or yard.

Additionally, large snakes can represent a safety hazard. available to snake keepers, and most make pretty good pets. The only way to avoid ingestion of sand is to use a substrate that’s intended for snakes and other reptiles.

Similar the to the reticulated python, burmese pythons are also very big snakes which explains why they need an advanced keeper to care for them as well. The Kenyan sand boa is the smallest snake species on our “best pet snakes” list which makes it the easiest snake to handle (if tame). You just have to make sure that you understand what to expect and select a species that is suitable to your living situation and skill level. As a result, it is important to make sure the snake has nighttime and daytime lighting. Handling:King snakes are usually tame and are tolerable towards being handled. Unlike the other Sand Snakes she is not the daughter of a noblewoman but of a commoner that caught Oberyn's eye. You must also consider a substrate that’s easy to spot clean and to remove during general tank cleaning.

This will allow you to give your pet the best life possible. You can place a pile of loose newspaper inside your pet’s enclosure and your snake will never ingest it.

Let us know which snakes you think we missed in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends if you found it helpful. Cedar and fine shavings are not good for boa enclosures, but aspen is recommended. No judgment about you not wanting to handle a rodent – we all have things that make us uncomfortable. If you love size, then you will love this beast of a snake! Kingsnakes typically eat rodents in captivity, but wild individuals consume just about anything they encounter, including snakes, lizards, rodents, frogs and other animals.

In actuality, snakes are more akin to birds or fish. If they eat sand every meal, these bits can easily accumulate inside their guts causing colic and other digestive system problems. Ball pythons are one of the few snakes that can handle excessive handling. There are roughly 40 living python species (depending on which authority’s list you prefer), and they vary quite a bit in terms of size. Best of luck!

Any1 have any suggestions? do you recommend any? An exotics vet can check your snake’s gut using imaging techniques to find out the presence of sand and other indigestible materials inside its stomach.

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It is easy to find and sometimes these are free if you use carpet remnants. Large snakes are not only stronger than small snakes are, but they are also equipped with larger teeth too.

Kingsnakes are very hardy snakes with beautiful markings. The maintenance for ball pythons is relatively low and the care is quite easy. But, it does sound like a snake may not be the ideal pet for you. I don’t think I will get one. This is a good substrate that will let pet boas burrow. Corn snakes need very little maintenance similar to the ball python and make great beginner snakes for anyone wanting to get into snakes.

Such habitats may not be prohibitively large, but few people have the room for anything much larger. They have small eyes and hard, small scales to protect their skin from the grit of sand.

To camouflage with their sandy environment, most species have brown or tan scales. It’s okay for me to pet this?

They are great eaters, hardy, and require very easy temperature & humidity levels which makes them a very easy snake to take care of. Many find this a practical way to feed boas and also reduce the risk of your pet ingesting sand. The tri-coloured king snakes can sometimes be mistaken for coral snakes, which are venomous and not advised as pet snakes.

Thanks for reading!

If you use ordinary sand, these bits are too large for your pet if it ingests it. Hey there, Teresa. Although they may make great pets for the advanced keeper, they might just not be the right choice for the average person trying to start out with a pet snake. House snakes (Lamprophis spp.) Coming from cooler climates, they do not suffer as much as tropical snakes do during the winter months.

This information may help you narrow down your choice, but don’t stop here – always strive to learn as much as you can about the species you intend to keep before you make your purchase. One of the most common questions that pet snake owners have, especially with pet sand and rosy boas, is to what type of substrate to put inside their enclosures.

The below pet snakes have been chosen due to their delicate care requirements. Reptile sand is available in most pet stores and also online.

Most good beginner snakes will reach at least 3 feet in length, and all of the ones I can think of that will accept being handled (snakes “tolerate” being handled; they don’t “enjoy” it) eat rodents.


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