fiesta st mods

While yes, a catless downpipe is always cheaper because it doesn’t include any of the expensive catalyst material and makes slightly more power than a catted downpipe, it’s louder, tends to cause white smoke to pour from your tailpipe and when you’re idling, your car will smell like gas. I’ve verified after testing a few other Fiestas that my results were not unique – cutting the hole helps a LOT with intake temperatures. Special Thanks to Razor &, Wow this is absolutely amazing! You can take a spouse or friend with you for an extra $495, but they won’t get to drive any of the schools Focus ST’s or Fiesta ST’s so I don’t feel like it’s worth the $495. Probably Matte Black or Matte Black Metal Gun will definitely look great on your Fiesta ST. 5. Thanks for reading and we hope we were able to share some new information with you, even if you’ve been modding your ST for a while. Oh Stop it, you. Top 10 Popular Ford Fiesta ST Performance Upgrades, 10 Reasons Influencers Should Hire a Personal Photographer, Best Experience With Frost Yaw At Miss Universe Malaysia 2020, Basic Aquascape Betta Aquarium Setup Guide, 5 Best English Songs Performed By Thai Singers. The racing school teaches you how to do E-brake tricks as well as teaching you how to get around the track using the fastest line possible, and on your instructor hot-lap ridealong, you’ll see how stupid fast the car can be around the track with a pro at the wheel. This simple intake mod makes a big difference in intake air temperature, and has a huge impact in how quickly the car can shed heat once you get moving. 390 in Alternately, if you’re on a budget and want something super easy and painless, the Turbo Transformer for Fiesta ST gives you an additional 2psi of boost once the car exceeds 13psi for a little bit of extra power when you want it, but leaves operation otherwise stock when you don’t have your foot in it – we liken it to the JB+ Modules for the Mini Cooper that BMS offers. While getting to Utah and where you stay there is up to you, Ford pays 100% of your tuition for the school, feeds you dinner Day 1 and feeds you breakfast, Lunch and Snacks Day 2.

Beyond coming back a faster driver, it’s also a hell of a lot of fun – see for yourself, check out our blog about it here for the Hoonigan Reception and HERE for Race Day at Ford Racing School. So to recap, the ideal order to maximize your horsepower gains per modding dollar spent on a FIESTA ST is Tune, Intercooler, Downpipe, Intake, Exhaust.

THE FREE FIESTA ST INTAKE MOD! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you’ve bought your ST within the last YEAR, did you know that you get a FREE Two Day Racing School clinic at Ford Racing School at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah? Uneash the hidden horsepower with Borla straight through providing maximum flow & power. Our project Fiesta ST has been running one for over a year, and we recommend that as a “First Mod” for anyone who’s just gotten the car, and at $155, they’re wicked affordable.

Great! You have two choices here – and remember, none of the downpipes on the market at this time for the Fiesta ST are CARB legal, unfortunately, though that may be a possibility later. AEM pioneered the Cold Air induction system for sport compact cars in 1994. It’s your car, do what you want, just know it may actually lose power for the sake of noise. Core Dimensions: The easiest is the Cobb AccessPORT V3 for Fiesta ST, which is loaded with a number of “off the shelf” performance maps – these are generic tunes and while they’re a huge improvement over stock, a custom tune will yield maximum power – and custom tunes are easiest to get on an AccessPORT, or alternatively a SCT X4 Tuner for Ford – the X4 is cheaper but the screen response is slower, and there aren’t as many custom tuners that support STs using SCT software at this time. Behave, make sure to drive safe and road are not for racing! Another way of saying this is HOW TO REDUCE INTAKE AIR TEMPERATURES IN A FIESTA ST… so By cutting an opening in the wall closing off the intake from getting any fresh air, the car draws in much cooler air and will make more power – and this mod is effective for anyone running an intake type that retains a lower airbox, so this is a great mod if you have the COBB Fiesta ST Intake already. Core Dimensions: , Story & Photos Nick Gregson 27.5″ x 5.25″ x 2″ A friend of mine just got himself a Ford Fiesta ST, and that has inspired me to write this overview on modifications and tuning for the car.

Cobb Fiesta ST Intercooler Upgrade Your car will come alive with Cobb intercooler upgrade by drastically improve power with colder air. 19.6224% difference over Mishimoto Z-Line IC. Find me on, & as BlueBomber ! 29.8343% difference over OEM FiST IC The versatile and stylish Fiesta ST brings a lot to the table with its turbocharged EcoBoost engine and lightweight body, especially when you consider its undeniably tempting price tag. So to be extra clear, once again – You can’t even go to Stage II without the Intercooler.

As you can imagine, I’m personally not a fan of blow-off valves on a car fitted with a factory recirc system, but it’s a question of personal preference. If you don’t like a smokey tailpipe, the stink of unburnt fuel, the thought of the EPA or CARB slapping you with a massive fine, then you’re going to want a Catted Downpipe. 406.25 in To get access, just remove the plastic phillips retainer closest to the headlight, and bend the radiator cover plastic upwards. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Personally, I have the COBB Front Mount Intercooler for Fiesta ST fitted, but don’t run the COBB chargepipes with it, though many people like to run the COBB Chargepipes. A car that runs cooler makes more power than a car that’s running hot.

In the meantime save cost with this reusable open pod cone air filter. I’m a reasonably quick driver, and the pros at the Octane Academy took turns a good 10-15mph faster than I do – it’s one of the few times I’ve actually been scared with someone else driving. Stock FiST IC Core Volume:


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