bbq checklist pdf

Try a whole-grain tortilla or onion roll. Even people who tend to avoid fruit will find themselves sampling this after a big barbecue. Set up one or two tables buffet style. You can roast potatoes and veggies on the grill, or have them as oven-baked sides. GET READY TO EAT (30 MINUTES BEFORE) NOTES: q Send invitations q Take inventory of your tables, chairs, plates, dishes and platters on their desired spotscups, napkins and utensils GET THE BALL ROLLING (3 WEEKS BEFORE) SET THE TABLE (MORNING OF) q Build your BBQ menu q Sketch out a … Buy nonperishable items. Grill preparation.

Leave that up to your guests. Grill any veggies on a separate rack as well.

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As the weather gets warmer it's time to fire up the grill!

Lauren is a long time checkister. Hamburgers, hot dogs, shish-kebabs and grilled chicken, ground lamb or turkey patties, grilled steaks and salmon fillets … the list is endless. 57 0 obj Any frozen cakes or home-baked goods can be made in ahead of time. Do you have any tips? Y��^��4�kcݦ�n�l�"9W �%(�m��Dm���Z�o��D1���t��7��qBR�Q�� G�FVh�ҵ�� ��6�!�k��+v��ڜh��Ye�@ڴ%s͊ 歶���.�5��ɸF�ڼa ��Z� endstream Buy all snack foods and non-perishable or long-lasting spreads and dips, if you're not making them yourself. Clean the grill rack. Throw away all trash, including food scraps. BBQ Party Checklist q Set out food with corresponding labels on buffet table q Preheat the grill q Relax!

Ensure the Barbecue grill is clean and in good working order. Keep several large coolers and buckets stocked with ice. Salads. Beers and assorted bottled cocktails are good grown-up beverages, Meat matters! A few more things need to be taken care of before you can relax, Marinate. The big day is approaching fast. Adjust fire levels.


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