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Introduction. Companies build strategies around the charts, number, and tables they’re presented with, and often use them to choose whether to pursue business opportunities. If you’re not a large enterprise, open-source libraries offer more-than-enough options to choose from. Snap can be used for creating SVG and animating SVG created using graphic design tools like Sketch, Illustrator or Inkscape.

React Native   Therefore, choosing the right tools can in some cases be the difference between making it and breaking it. SVG.JS is the one for you, the size of this library is around 11k only gzipped and that is all. There are ways to work around that, though. Icon: Easing: Duration: Rotation: Plus, its learning curve is quite steep. For a JS developer, the ability to visualize data is just as valuable as making interactive Web pages. A set of modular charting components designed specifically for React and React Native.

Because all of them are truly comprehensive, customizable, and offer a great customer support. Learn more at

Under the hood, however, it feels like it was written in 2009. Oh, and they come with animations built in, too. What’s a bit troubling is the high number of unsolved issues on GitHub.

This is what it does and for sure does with style. Sometimes it’s a better idea to write one from scratch using vanilla JavaScript. Work with us and make sure that the vision you carry in your head will become reality. Do check out this course Learn SVG Animation – With HTML, CSS & JavaScript. SVG use is on the rise and it goes really well with the needs of modern web design, where we need small sized files for performance and scalable graphics that fit devices of all sizes without losing on the quality. Snap is open source, free to use and available under Apache2 license, you can clone it from GitHub. Another commercial JS data viz tool, calling itself the “world’s most interactive JavaScript charts library.” Besides reactivity, it’s focused primarily on multi-touch gestures and a native feel across all kinds of devices. If you’re looking for a minimal and lightweight package, this is the one! To see a real-life example of a Data Visualization app we built, check out Packet Analyzer. For more information check out the examples. A rather neat library for SVG charts, comes with a Vue.js and React wrapper. Velocity is one of my personal favourites when it comes to bringing life to graphics. Jscad CAG object, 3D Export formats: Victory does a good job providing fundamentals to create a chart. It can be laggy when dealing with multiple animated charts on the same page and large datasets, but it will work for most use cases. And there are a number of factors to consider here: Note that in some cases, you may not need a JavaScript data visualization library at all. So if you get stuck, be prepared to dig deep into the library. A very popular open-source library with more than 40k stars on GitHub. it’s not a data visualization library at all. Either when you have an odd chart in the project, one that needs to be basic but good-looking, with all the bells and whistles (tooltips, legend, X/Y axis etc.) One involves so-called declarative data-driven documents (d4 in short), which suggests letting the framework manipulate the DOM and using D3 strictly for the data API. Visit the Maker.js Playground a sample app to edit and run JavaScript from your browser. JavaScript   Business   To depend on Maker.js, run this from the command line: There are many ways to contribute to Maker.js: Some of these may require a contributor agreement. Slider 55. It is based on Vue2.x and echarts.

Its learning curve is rather smooth and it’s been used by a number of major players, like Facebook or Microsoft—there’ve even been claims that 72 out of the 100 of the world’s largest companies have used it at some point. Although it may sound scary at first, with an SVG-oriented mindset and few hours to experiment—who knows, it might actually be fun!

Snap.svg is a brand new JavaScript library for working with SVG.Snap provides web developers with a clean, streamlined, intuitive, and powerful API for animating and manipulating both existing SVG content, and SVG content generated with Snap.. The library promises beautiful visualizations that need little code and can be easily deployed in your product. It offers a whole ecosystem of different project templates. Create a new Maker.js app, and we will link to it here. One can create graphical progress bars with illustrator or other vector graphic editors and create animated SVG progress bars using this library. ! This small JavaScript library is aimed at creating animated SVG progress bars. You get all the powers to play around with scalable vector graphics a.k.a.

All of the libraries listed below are commonly used by big corporations. It’s pretty light and renders SVG elements to create beautiful, interactive charts. Nivo offers a lot of customization options and three rendering options: Canvas, SVG, and even API-based HTML. It runs in both Node.js and web browsers. "", "", "", "", intersection points or intersection angles, SVG.JS. Vis.js is a dynamic, browser-based visualization library. The growing number of data viz libraries out there proves how important visualizations are for the whole Web—and that’s pretty exciting! Vue.js, Product Design  

A JavaScript pivot table component well compatible with React and other frameworks. Good luck! A very simple library for charts with zero dependencies. Traverse a model tree to reason over its children.

It is a real fun and power working with this library. You can know more about Snap.svg at – Zoomchatrts are Canvas-based, and with default settings the library works up to twenty times faster than its SVG-based competitors using the same data and settings. can be applied easily on the drawn objects.

It’s easy to use and the documentation is a blast. An extremely popular Web service for charts that I simply couldn’t leave off the list. Bonsai is a complete toolset for graphics manipulation and animations. Google Charts websiteGoogle Charts gallery. You can know more about Walkway.js at – It offers a whole ecosystem of different project templates. It does just the minimum, what does it well. The library itself is new and there’s still a lot of room to grow, but if responsiveness and interactivity is especially important for you, it’s a nice-looking library worth giving a shot to! It is a very small library created by Connor Atherton inspired by polygon ps4 review line animation. 21.8K Svg.Contrib.Render Expand paths to simulate a stroke thickness, with the option to bevel joints. It also allows you to write custom charts based on existing elements. In your JavaScript, use the require function to get a reference: To work with Bezier Curves, you will also need a copy of Bezier.js by Pomax, To work with fonts, you will need both Bezier.js(above) and a copy of Opentype.js by Frederik De Bleser. Development, This website uses cookies for analytics and to improve provided services. Color animation is also supported for fill, stroke and stopColor properties of SVG. On the other hand, it’s very fast, working smoothly even with as many as 100k+ data points, and provides four default themes that should be a good fit for most scenarios. Contrary to Recharts and D3, it’s a paid solution and carries a $1500 price tag for an unlimited commercial use license. So, what are the top JavaScript libraries for creating SVG animation? It’s light and the animations are simple but fluid. Works with: Vue.js, Python, JavaScript, React, Elixir, Ruby. Models can be scaled, distorted, measured, and converted to different unit systems. It's a good all-round tool for creating common charts with simple data configuration.


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