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Of all the inventions that have helped to unify China perhaps the airplane is the most outstanding. Legacies Review: Did Kai Parker Just Save This Series? These are their funniest quotes in the show. Josie: Dad, this is all my fault. Although both characters were antagonists in the show, their humor made them notable and pretty well liked in the series.

In season 5 episode 2, Silas speaks to Damon, stating “Look, I get why you like her. RELATED: The Vampire Diaries: The 5 Best Villains of the Series (& The 5 Worst). The Vampire Diaries was a TV series that explored the themes of love and family triangles in a supernatural setting. Alaric: We all make mistakes. As a result, when he is finally released from his hell, Kai takes the liberty of catching up on all the pop culture available to him.

Kai: Oh, I am, and you are one of the Saltzman twins.

In meditation the source of strength is one's self. Kai: Oh, I am, and you are one of the Saltzman twins. This showed Silas’s true nature as a manipulator and selfish individual too.

Although Kai Parker prefers to insult others, in the season 6 episode “I Alone”, he proved he is willing to make himself the center of the joke. Who is out there tonight? It's no Zima, but then again, nothing is. I'm all heart. 948 matching entries found. This would often anger Damon, and in the season 6 episode “Black Hole Sun”, Damon’s patience reached its limit as he begins to threaten Kai. Sincerely, Robert B. Parker. I would never kill somebody, unless they pissed me off. Katherine: fuck shit up out there and don’t die or die I could care less. Upon first meeting Kai in season 6, both Bonnie and Damon knew he was quite a witty character. Can you really forgive if you can't forget? Unfollow. He is portrayed by Chris Wood. Are You A True Shipper Of The Vampire Diaries? In season 6 episode 9 of The Vampire Diaries, Kai can be seen speaking to his sister about a serious matter. You're a monster. Kai Parker Quotes & Sayings . Who Said It: A Supernatural Character Or A TVD Character? 948 matching entries found. 10 Funniest Moments Of Kai Parker That We All Loved, 5 TVD Characters Who Got Worse As The Show Went On.

This similarity leads Sheriff Forbes to call Silas a vampire in season 5 episode 1.

I was home along with Kai and we watched it all happen. I can never tell you two apart. I was holding him in my arms and we were looking out the window when the second plane hit. Related Topics. When Kai returned to the real world, he ranted about skinny jeans to his cab driver all the way and gave him an earful of it. See more ideas about Chris wood, Kai, Vampire diaries the originals. Klaus: who’s turn is it to give the pep talk. What I don't get is why she likes you”. Kai Parker in The Vampire Diaries. Malachai Parker was evidently not fond of the name his parents gave him, hence why he goes by the name of “Kai”. That vampire who tried to turn you into a Capri Sun, she's the real monster. Similar to vampires, Silas required human blood to function and maintain his immortality. This particular conversation gave the audience a further look into Kai’s psychopathic tendencies and how much he enjoys humoring his dark side.

Kai Parker posters have a bright white base for sharp images and vibrant color reproduction. It's a bit moldy, but also rent-controlled, so I don't want to complain. Her and her cronies run this world. It's a bit moldy, but also rent-controlled, so I don't want to complain. I still think of myself really as a New Yorker. Then, I need you to come back here -- and hide. Although Damon was ready with a witty comeback, this moment showed that Silas also had a humorous side. Technically, I was trying to kill you and your sister, but that's all over now, so I say we move on. Kai: A monster would have let you die. Silas and Kai Parker were two of the funniest villains on The Vampire Diaries, but what are their most memorable and hilarious quotes from the series? I call it Fort Parker. After being cast out of his coven and spending years in a prison that was created for him, Kai Parker missed out on a lot of societal and technological advancements. No, no, it can't be. Prayer is more than meditation. Flavored vodka? We live in downtown Manhattan and we have pretty big windows that looked right at the World Trade Center.

Reflecting upon his parent’s decision to give him such a name, Kai voiced his opinion to Bonnie and Damon in season 6 episode 4 stating, “who names a kid Malachai? Well, whoever you are, that one... What can I say? I’m unkillable, I’m immortal… I need human blood. However, changing the subject, he asks her if she is on twitter, stating “I just signed up, you should follow me…@CobraKai1972”. incorrect bonkai quotes incorrect tvd quotes incorrect kai parker quotes bonkai bonnie and kai bonnie bennett kai parker. And stay hidden. Kai: Welcome. I also wanted Parker to operate in the Internet age without losing being Parker. This moment was hilarious as it showed how contradictory Silas was, destroying the young lovers’ relationship, despite saying he loved the idea of love. His comic timing was on point and fans loved it. It can be easily guessed that most characters from The Vampire Diaries would agree with Silas in this case, making this quote one of his funniest.

Sorry”. It is simply wonderful as a tonic. Read 25. Is it Damon, Bon-Bon, Katherine? © 2020 TV Fanatic It's a bit moldy, but also rent-controlled, so I don't want to complain. 10 Best Animated Spin-Off Shows With Fan-Favorite Characters (& Their IMDb Score), The Vampire Diaries: 5 Funniest Silas Quotes (& 5 Funniest Kai Quotes), The Vampire Diaries: The 5 Best Villains of the Series (& The 5 Worst), The Vampire Diaries: 5 Things That Changed Since The Pilot (& 5 That Stayed The Same), 10 Movies To Watch If You Liked The Vampire Diaries.

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