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He stated it was a gloomy journey amongst uninhabited islands, but he had visited one which was the retreat of holy men. Hebrides, group of more than 40 islands extending in an arc off the Atlantic (west) coast of Scotland. Map showing the Location of The Outer Hebrides, Map showing the Uists, Benbecula, Eriskay and Barra.

[141], There were, however, continuing gradual economic improvements, among the most visible of which was the replacement of the traditional thatched blackhouse with accommodation of a more modern design[142] and with the assistance of Highlands and Islands Enterprise many of the islands' populations have begun to increase after decades of decline. [149] The best known Gaelic poet of her era, Màiri Mhòr nan Òran (Mary MacPherson, 1821–98), embodied the spirit of the land agitation of the 1870s and 1880s. Adomnán, the 7th century abbot of Iona, records Colonsay as Colosus and Tiree as Ethica, both of which may be pre-Celtic names. Today the economy of the islands is dependent on crofting, fishing, tourism, the oil industry, and renewable energy. 3 Answers. The main islands include Barra, Benbecula, Berneray, Harris, Lewis, North Uist, South Uist, and St Kilda. [182][183], Coordinates: 57°50′N 7°00′W / 57.833°N 7.000°W / 57.833; -7.000, Rollinson (1997) states that the oldest rocks in Europe have been found "near Gruinard Bay" on the Scottish mainland. [94] This encompassed roughly what is now Argyll and Bute and Lochaber in Scotland and County Antrim in Ireland. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. [90][91], In 55 BC, the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus wrote that there was an island called Hyperborea (which means "beyond the North Wind"), where a round temple stood from which the moon appeared only a little distance above the earth every 19 years. [15] Woolf (2012) has suggested that Ebudes may be "an Irish attempt to reproduce the word Epidii phonetically rather than by translating it" and that the tribe's name may come from the root epos meaning "horse". in Ballin Smith, Megaw, J.V. [139][140] Lengthy periods of continuous occupation notwithstanding, many of the smaller islands were abandoned. [17] The etymology of Skye is complex and may also include a pre-Celtic root. [1][2][Note 1] Raised shore platforms in the Hebrides are identified as strandflats formed possibly in Pliocene times and later modified by the Quaternary glaciations.

The grassy plains (machair) on the western coasts of some of the islands are the most fertile agricultural areas in the Hebrides, especially when fertilized with seaweed, the common local practice. They are subdivided into two groups—the Inner Hebrides to the east and the Outer Hebrides to the west—which are separated from each other by channels called the Minch and the Little Minch. Weaving and fishing are concentrated on the rocky infertile eastern coasts of the islands. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... South Uist island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Perhaps the best known of the outlying islands of the Outer Hebrides is Taransay, two miles to the west of Harris. [169] There is a small population of red-billed chough concentrated on the islands of Islay and Colonsay. The Hebrides have a diverse geology ranging in age from Precambrian strata that are amongst the oldest rocks in Europe to Paleogene igneous intrusions. [144][145], Many contemporary Gaelic musicians have roots in the Hebrides, including Julie Fowlis (North Uist),[146] Catherine-Ann MacPhee (Barra), Kathleen MacInnes (South Uist), and Ishbel MacAskill (Lewis). Barvas records have now gone online. [106][107][Note 6] This transition did little to relieve the islands of internecine strife although by the early 14th century the MacDonald Lords of the Isles, based on Islay, were in theory these chiefs' feudal superiors and managed to exert some control. [95] The figure of Columba looms large in any history of Dál Riata, and his founding of a monastery on Iona ensured that the kingdom would be of great importance in the spread of Christianity in northern Britain. 8 years ago. Relevance. [87][88] There are many examples of structures from the Neolithic period, the finest example being the standing stones at Callanish, dating to the 3rd millennium BC. The Naughty Little Book of Gaelic: All the Scottish Gaelic You Need to Curse, Swear, Drink, Smoke and Fool around. [Note 2], The Hebrides have a cool temperate climate that is remarkably mild and steady for such a northerly latitude, due to the influence of the Gulf Stream. Several of Runrig's songs are inspired by the archipelago; Calum and Ruaraidh Dòmhnallach were raised on North Uist[147] and Donnie Munro on Skye. [113] Initially successful, the colonists were driven out by local forces commanded by Murdoch and Neil MacLeod, who based their forces on Bearasaigh in Loch Ròg. Writing about 80 years later, in 140-150 AD, Ptolemy, drawing on the earlier naval expeditions of Agricola, writes that there are five Ebudes (possibly meaning the Inner Hebrides) and Dumna. In the 20th century, Murdo Macfarlane of Lewis wrote Cànan nan Gàidheal, a well-known poem about the Gaelic revival in the Outer Hebrides. Map showing the Location of The Outer Hebrides. The Outer Hebrides. [20] The derivation of Lewis may be pre-Celtic (see above) and the origin of Harris is no less problematic. [92], A traveller called Demetrius of Tarsus related to Plutarch the tale of an expedition to the west coast of Scotland in or shortly before AD 83. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. St. Kilda lies some 40 miles (65 km) northwest of the main chain. However the name of the island is made-up to conceal the identity of the place that she worked.

I this book Mary J. MacLeod claims to have worked on the island of Papavray,I can find no such island on my charts.

In the Ravenna Cosmography, Erimon may refer to Harris[21] (or possibly the Outer Hebrides as a whole). [133][134] The Scottish Gaelic college, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, is based on Skye and Islay. The Seaforths' royalist inclinations led to Lewis becoming garrisoned during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms by Cromwell's troops, who destroyed the old castle in Stornoway. There are two main groups: the Inner and Outer Hebrides. The derivations of all of the inhabited islands of the Hebrides and some of the larger uninhabited ones are listed below. The colonists tried again in 1605 with the same result, but a third attempt in 1607 was more successful and in due course Stornoway became a Burgh of Barony.

[11], The names of other individual islands reflect their complex linguistic history. Site and Hebrides People Genealogical Application by. All of these singers have repertoire based on the Hebridean tradition, such as puirt à beul and òrain luaidh (waulking songs).


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