why does charlie regard his father as his doom and future
His main focus in the story is getting alcohol rather than hearing about how Charlie is. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. And since his father made so many mistakes, Charlie does not want to become that. Cheever also appears to be exploring the theme of identity. It allows Charlie to go. 3.Why does Charlie he regard his father as his doomsday and future? What is significant about Charlie leaving is that even though he has to catch his train there is also the possibility that he has witnessed more than he wants to when it comes to his father’s actions. Despite Charlie telling the reader that his father was ‘a stranger to me’ and that when he sees his father ‘he felt that he was my father, my flesh and blood, my future and my doom.’ There is a sense that Charlie never really gets to know his father or to understand him. Cheever also appears to be exploring the theme of identity. Why does Charlie regard his father as his doom and future? At no stage do either Charlie or his father make a connection. There is also some symbolism in the story which may be important.

The reader also senses that there is an element of excitement for Charlie when it comes to meeting his father.

5. The secretary acts as a middleman that brings Charlie and his father together.

It is also possible that Cheever is suggesting that a dependency on alcohol (which Charlie’s father appears to have) can result in an individual becoming selfish. I wished that we could be photographed.”, of his parents to get back together and start over.

Rather all he is doing is relaying each occurrence or event as it happens to the reader. It … Charlie felt doom and future from his father because as soon as Charlie met him, he knew that this was his father. Charlie wanted both of his parents to get back together and start over. Why does Charlie regard his father as his doom and future? Charlie at the beginning of the story tells the reader ‘the last time I saw my father was in Grand Central Station.’ Prior to this meeting we are also aware that Charlie hadn’t seen his father in three years, since his parents divorced. "Reunion by John Cheever.".

If anything Charlie is no more than a spectator when it comes to his encounter and meeting with his father. he knows he could have a really bright future in whatever his father does, and his father is just trying to impress him and Charlie is afraid that he is going to turn. because he knows he won’t have a lot of time with him anymore. 3.Why does Charlie he regard his father as his doomsday and future? It is because of this and Charlie’s father’s continuous urge to drink throughout the story that the reader suspects that Charlie’s father may be drunk.

An example of the father's being the leader is when he says, "Come on, Charlie, let's get the hell out of here." 3 At this point Charlie wanted to remember all the time he spent with his dad, At this point, Charlie wanted to remember all the time he spent with his dad. into that person that is trying to impress everyone. Which may explain why he is rude to each waiter he encounters. Throughout the story Charlie at no stage gets the opportunity to talk to his father. Introducing Textbook Solutions.


McManus, Dermot. That he does not need to be respectful to others. Very formal meeting and the secretary highlighted the divide between the father and, The station represents the allowance to go from one place to another.


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