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Soldier Guide by u/HeyCortanaItIsMe. Also, if …

As her class mastery progresses, she can unlock several varieties of troops which adds further to her being a versatile member of any team. Given that our focus in this Langrisser Mobile guide will be on selecting the best heroes for each tier, you may want to read our other guides for more general tips, cheats and strategies. Additionally, on the preparation screen, you can get the details of the enemy by tapping a specific enemy unit. On top of the damage she can inflict on enemy units, her Sniper skill has a 50% chance to lock out an enemy’s ability in combat. With early class skill Sleep, he can easily debilitate the enemy force’s strongest unit for 1 turn with no hopes of recovery from. You can get it over woods, cargo, mountain, ramparts, and tomb terrain. Langrisser has just been released on mobile and we’re planning to share a bunch of guides with you to help you get the most out of the game. It will also increase the stats/talent. Blast is a passive skill which gives Matthew a 20% chance to take an extra turn.

Her starting class skills Assault and Move Again are actually pretty decent with the former increasing her attack value by up to 60% and the latter allowing her to move again after an action in combat. This includes not being a killjoy and being like "Hah, your favorite unit sucks and is useless". If there is a chest, move your character there and stand on that tile to grab that chest. This is something that you should constantly do in order to improve your heroes’ power and know that leveling up your heroes and choosing a class will influence the type of heroes they will have in battle.

While it’s easily understandable to underestimate your first hero in Langrisser Mobile, Matthew has proven to be quite a formidable character in the PvP Arena. In Langrisser Mobile, all the heroes belong to one of the following class types: –, Similarly, all the enemies belong to one of these class types.

He has pretty decent HP and defense stats for his class and once you unlock Royal Gryphon units and the Blast skill, his usefulness in battle grows several folds. Most likely new and better features will be added to the guild system in Langrisser, so definitely join one when you have a chance, but make sure its members are from your timezone and pretty active.

We would not recommend you to spend trinity vouchers in equipment summon as you can easily obtain high-quality gears for free from chapter & time rift, achievement, gifts, and chests.

He has some enemy debuffing skills too which makes him a good team member to have on the earlier stages of your game. Have You Any Suggestions? 20% doesn’t look much, but it gives a lot of advantage most especially with the high mobility and terrain-ignoring flyer units at your command. Let’s have a look at the Langrisser tier list and figure out the best characters in the game, their stats, skills. Participate in the Aniki’s GYM daily challenge, send the heroes on the expedition to get training material items. Part 1 by u/HeyCortanaItIsMe. We will update this Langrisser Mobile tier list with more details soon. At the top-right corner of the screen, you can check the number of heroes you can deploy on the battlefield.

Each class offers unique class skills and key stats. Her unique skill, Magic Master, makes her tougher against magic-based attacks provided that her troop HP is at 100%.

In order to turn off the animations, simply tap your character’s portrait in the top left corner, hit “Settings” and then scroll down to the battle setup. Fantasia Rebuild Crossover RPG - Pre-Registration for Japanese Server, GoetiaX - Japanese Chibi RPG coming to the West. Similarly, you can check the enemy’s movable and attack range; tap the enemy to discover. When it comes to tuning up your heroes, you have the basic option to level them up (simply stock up on XP potions and then unload them into your newly unlocked rare heroes to make them better), class them up and choose soldiers that fit their role (so archers for ranged heroes!). Liana’s class growth practically gives you an easy choice to pick as her only final class is Prophet, which can mass heal her entire party for up to an area of 6 squares wide. Go to the hero overview menu -> tap a hero -> details -> class -> advance.

There are only 2% chances of getting an SSR unit. The guide really needs to tell people about the questions early on. As every great team requires a great healer, Liana is no doubt at the top of her class as the best healer in Langrisser Mobile. Such combos will greatly influence the damage done by your heroes, so make sure you are aware of them depending on your team’s setup and try to activate them as often as possible.

As somewhat unique with mermaids as starting troops, Lester’s usefulness seems to be limited to battles that involve bodies of water, much like Aquaman in Justice League comic books and shows, and his unique skill, Naval Expert, increases his troops’ attack by 10% to 30% depending on his star level. Langrisser is an amazing RPG game for mobile, one that we’ve been playing like crazy since its launch. You might end up with a few R heroes in your team if you manage to star them up and you’re extremely unlucky with your hero summons, but apart from that it’s safe to say that you will only work with a team of SRs and SSRs. To unlock new soldiers, upgrade to a specific class.

⇒Each hero carries a group of soldiers in the battle. This is something that everybody wants, mainly how to get more rare heroes in the game. Here’s the priority system chart/tree –. Save your tickets for 10 Summoms


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