crayon pronunciation map

I didn’t realize that Devil’s Night was specific only to us. And of course, the game the rest of the country calls Duck, Duck, Goose. Apparently, “roundabout,” which I had always thought a Britishism, is much more common than “traffic circle,” which I’ve always called them. America. 1. A: It’s funny, because Minnesota and Wisconsin get lumped together a lot, but they have some very different dialect features. Business Insider has assembled “22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other,” itself based on 120 maps produced by an NC State grad student. (via detsl on /r/Linguistics). I grew up in central MA and we called them bubblers as well. Wisconsin has their rummage sales and bubblers, and Minneapolis very much doesn’t. South Africans call traffic light “robots,” which is cute.


On its website, Merriam-Webster actually offers three phonetic pronunciations of the word: “krā-ˌän,” “krā-ən” and “ˈkran.” Its audio snippet favors “cray-on,” however. Having myself moved around a lot, first as an Army brat and later as an Army officer and academic gypsy, I use a lot of the pronunciations interchangeably or now pronounce words differently than I did as a kid in Texas. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had an extramarital affair with a woman whom he later recommended for a job with the wealthy donor now at the center of criminal allegations against him, according to two people who said Paxton told them about the relationship. According to Crayola, arguably the top crayon experts, the correct way to say it is "cray-awn," but even they admit that there are too many regional differences to try and implement a single pronunciation. If it helps your case to know the language of origin, the word crayon comes from the Latin word “creta” and French word “craie,” meaning chalk. Just take a look at some of the pronunciation maps out there showing how “crayon” is said across the country. And then I find out it’s not true at all. A garage sale here is a rummage sale in Milwaukee.

I pronounce the first word in “Bowie knife” as “Bo-wie,” like everyone outside of North Texas and Maryland; given that Jim Bowie pronounced his name “Boo-wie,” they’re right and the rest of us are wrong. I don’t know why but I was slightly surprised when I learned that air traffic control the world over is conducted in English. I say “loyer,” not “law-yer,” despite the latter pronunciation dominating the places I’ve mostly lived. 36 comments. But then they don’t have a Detroit to burn down, do they? “In fact, outside Michigan and New Jersey, it’s just “the night before Halloween.””. We tend to pronounce the word “crayon” with a single syllable, “kran,” while most of the country uses two-syllable pronunciations. I guess a map which just had a the Philly area different than the rest of the country would have been dull, though. All Original Content Copyright © 2003-2019 by OTB. A: There were a lot of things I said, or words I used, that I always assumed were national or universal terms spoken everywhere in the country. 2. the second person plural form of address was clearly lacking some choices, including the Pittsburgh “younse” and the NYC “yiz”. The Definitive Maps Of How People Pronounce Stuff In America. There’s a Minneapolis way of talking and then there’s a northern and western Minnesota way of talking that’s sort of closer to North Dakota. Growing up north it was unheard of but in Florida it’s de rigeur. Sign-up to get a daily batch of tips, tricks, and smiles to, 2020 Election Had The Highest Voter Turnout Rate Since 1900, A Simplified Explanation Of The Electoral College, This Species Of Beetle Can Survive Being Run Over By A Car, Whale Tail Sculpture Saved Train From Plummeting 30 Feet Off Railway Platform, Sonic Just Released Two New Shakes Made With Espresso, Bath & Body Works’ Holiday And Winter Collection Just Dropped. Or what I would call a tractor-trailer is, in most of the country, a semi or an eighteen-wheeler. More oddly still, I pronounce pecan as “pick-AHN,” when almost everyone else in the country says “pee-KAHN” or “PEE-can.”. People’s sense of themselves and where they’re from is really tied up with how they talk. Your pronunciation may vary depending on where you were raised. They walk on “pa’ments” and call homicide detectives “murder police.” Sadly, “hon” as a term of endearment (“Howyadoin’, hon”) seems to be going away. We always called it Mischief Night growing up. “Bicha” is a offensive slang for homosexuals in Brazil, and it´s “waiting line” in Portugal. Interesting how the map above tracks well, with bleed over and hotspots, this one on predominate state ancestry. We tend to pronounce the word “crayon” with a single syllable, “kran,” while most of the country uses two-syllable pronunciations. Most Americans are under the impression that regional dialects are declining.

The French, of course, pronounce the word quite differently.On, the company notes "Individual and regional dialects may have slightly different pronunciations." My husband is firmly in the two-syllable “cray-on” pronunciation camp, whereas I have always called the wax coloring implements “crans.” Other variations on saying the word include “crown” and “cray-awn.” Does this debate sound familiar to you? What I call scallions in most of the country are green onions. Come to think of it, the North Carolina coast was the area which had a different word for it. Ph. Q: Until everyone just stops speaking altogether and only communicates in emojis? Q: Why do you think how we speak gets such a strong reaction from people? Joshua Katz, a Ph. “I remember being really fascinated by the idea of where that line was, where hoagies became subs, and other words like that in the country,” said Katz, a graphics editor at the New York Times. Here’s a dialect survey map that shows the distribution of these pronunciations. After a number of my transcriptions were marked wrong, I appealed to the professor for a revision on the grounds that I spoke a distinct dialect of English in which the words were, indeed, pronounced the way I had transcribed them. Is it cray-on? People really find a lot of meaning in it. Hundreds of them. Or how your parents said the word. It’s definitely not a comprehensive guide. I think the quiz and the book spoke to that. In Minnesota, they play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.

When we grew up, we played Duck, Duck, Goose. I grew up calling sodas “Cokes” (What kind of Coke do you want? I also hadn’t heard of roly poly/potato bug ever referred to as a pill bug. I went through most of them, and the greatest regional variations I saw were for pop/soda/Coke/soft drink, and that little bug that rolls into a ball when you touch it, which is a pill bug/roly poly/potato bug/I have no idea what this is (the last being popular in Maine and the Dakotas, where it is apparently too cold for them to survive). It gets more fun as you go international. Purely domestic air traffic dialogue can be in the native language of wherever. which is stil commonplace in Texas and much of the Deep South but have long sense switched to calling them “sodas” or, more commonly, “soft drinks.”. City commissioners in Portland, Oregon on Thursday rejected a budget amendment that would have slashed another $18 million from the Portland Police Bureau amid months of racial justice protests and shifted the money to the city's pandemic response. (The French pronunciation of crayon is distinct in its own right, of course.). In one of the assignments in the very first linguistics class I ever took we were asked to produce phonetic transcriptions of a list of words. Also, I think there’s an element of surprise to it. Now I have to look those things up and learn about how they propagate. Pronouncing H20 as “wooder”, or the linguistic marvel that the first syllable of “hammer” is not pronounced the same as the deli meat “ham” (pronounced “hay-um”) never ceases to amaze me, even though I am a native.


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