twi language phrases
Courtesy is one of the most important aspects of traditional African setups. As a result, learning the basic phrases will come in handy in ensuring that there are no communication barriers, especially for those visiting the southern parts of Ghana. Akyire yi yɛbɛhyia - Means we shall meet later.

', Biribiara bɔkɔɔ deɛ? - I am fine how about you? Me ho yɛ, na wo nsoɛ? Wo ho te sεn? The site is ideal for Twi learners of all levels, linguists, and other professionals who use the Twi dialect in their line of work. These are some of the courtesy phrases that you should equip yourself with while conversing in Akuapem Twi: If you happen to be in a business set up, these are some of the phrases that you should familiarise yourself with as they are likely to come up during the conversation: Image:, @wekumeiSource: UGC.

They will also play a very important role in handling the issue of the communication barrier. - Have you finished what you were doing? Akupaem Twi as the first language that was used when translating the Bible to local dialect. - Please speak more slowly.

Ɛhe na agyananbea no wɔ? - When translated to English, this means, 'How are you?'.

- How do you say ... in Twi?

It, therefore, is vital to take heed of the tonal variation while conversing. Navigate through the complete list to find your term. Woawie? It is a local dialect that is spoken by the Asante who are natives of the Akan. Mepa wo kyɛw, wobɛtumi aka no brɛoo? These are the different phrases and their meaning: These are some of the phrases that could be used to exchange greetings. If you are new to the language and are wondering what countries speak Twi, it is important to note that Asante Twi is a language that people in the southern parts of Ghana speak.

Maadwo - It refers to greetings exchanged in the evening. The Asante Twi language is the most popular language that is spoken in the Southern region of Ghana. The Asante Twi use the days of the week to name children. These are different types of phrases and their translation to English. Most of the phrases of this language are shared between the Asante Twi and the Akuapem Twi. It is one of the local dialects in Akan, which is the most commonly spoken language in Ghana. That should not be a reason for you to panic because you can juggle the communication barrier by trying to familiarize yourself with some of these Asante Twi phrases. - To mean 'have a good journey'. MyTwiDictionary.Com is your ultimate online destination for English to Twi; Twi to English translations. Aberanteɛ yi bɛtua biribiara - It means 'This gentleman will pay for everything', Aberanteɛ yi bɛtua ne nyinaa - It means 'This lady will pay for everything'. At the end of the conversation, one can excuse themselves by using any of these parting phrases: In case you happen to be in a business setting and are not familiar with the phrases to say, these are some of the lines that you could try out: Image:, @afua_andohSource: UGC.

Ɛkwan so dwoodwoo!


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