how many pounds of food does a golden retriever eat
She's my baby and I definitely spoil her. If you have, then, you must be know that it's not counting the calories that matter---it is the source that does. As golden retrievers mature and become adults, they should be fed once in the morning (at the time stated earlier) and then in the evening by 5 to 6 pm. You have two options for how to feed golden retriever puppy food: free-feeding or timed meals.

If you have, then, you must be know that it's not counting the calories that matter---it is the source that does. Golden Retrievers are extremely active and playful large dogs. In this way, it is hard to monitor the regular intake of food by your pet.

We’ve reviewed our favorite dry and wet foods for Golden Retriever puppies here. Otherwise, try adding enrichment to mealtimes instead. The exact portion size per meal can vary depending on what type of diet (kibble, wet/dry, raw, homemade) you choose, so take your veterinarian’s advice here. According to the 80-20 rule, 80% of your dog’s daily calories should come from the kibble or dog food. The high-spirited sidekicks can range from 65-80 pounds (for males) and 55-70 pounds (for females) and stand between 21.5-24.5 inches tall. And, I’m also certain that each and every one of them recommended different diets and dog foods that worked for their fluffy ball of fur. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Don’t go for nutritional supplements if you are providing wholesome and balanced commercial food to your pet. The amount of food and frequency of feedings depends on the age of the dog. Golden Retriever litters can be anywhere from four to twelve pups, with eight being the average. Our primary recommendation is to feed raw, but for those wanting to feed dry food, this one best meets our criteria in choosing a food. We have all seen dogs with dark, gross, smelly lines on their faces. Your breeder may provide you with a reference chart, or you can ask your veterinarian for guidance here. Same is the case for your Golden Retriever. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, and macadamia nuts. This page has a chart with amounts of food for every month from 8 weeks to adulthood. Our female Lab was overweight at one point by about 7 lbs. Here, it is important to be meticulous about sanitation, both for you and your family’s safety and for your puppy’s health. While feeding your pet nutritious food every day sounds easy, it is only when you indulge in this activity that you begin to have questions regarding their feeding needs. So, in this case, you have to put your foot down. In most cases, puppies younger than six months will be fed three times per day. Block Head Golden Retrievers: What Makes Them a Block Head? We’ve also had smaller girls who were relatively sedate to eat only about 1 1/2 cups per day. corn, wheat, soy) as the first few ingredients. Then you better start by feeding your fluffy friend only the best dog food for Golden Retrievers! Mixing your dog’s canned foods with their dry foods can be a great way to help them to eat if you are having eating difficulties. Some people suggest you to buy dog foods meant for other large breeds. If you have a puppy that doesn’t have especially large parents and he/she is growing into what you think is going to be a large dog, consider that you may be feeding your puppy too much (even if your puppy is not fat). Golden retrievers are really smart dogs. How long should diarrhea last after the change of food. When you do begin a desired food transition, whether to a new puppy food or to your dog’s adult food. If your puppy doesn’t eat it, refrigerate it until the next meal. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, July 16, 2018 By Shannon Cutts Leave a Comment. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. You should be able to feel its ribs without putting pressure on its back. The number of carbs should be between 30 to 35%. One of the basic issues that new pet owners face is deciding on the best dog food.

quality dog food. I love animals and have a beautiful Golden Retriever of my own. How can you tell one from the other? So, what may be suitable for one Golden Retriever may be inadequate for the other. Bag. Chow kibble will list grains or cereals (ex. It is strictly advised not to feed golden retrievers after dinnertime. This page has guidelines and a chart with information on how much to feed a Golden Retriever. Each and every dog has unique nutritional needs---even if they belong to the same breed. Even if you can feel his/her ribs, he/she is growing too fast if over these ranges. See our page on How Much to Feed Your Golden Retriever Puppy for more information on how to tell if your puppy is growing as he should. Usually, a dog’s diet doesn’t cause obesity on its own; it’s the treats, the extra food you give to him under the table, etc. Golden Retrievers are intelligent, energetic, playful and have a long and beautiful coat, they need special nutrition for their needs. They work for their food. Therefore, before you choose a diet plan for your golden retriever, consult a vet. It is crucial to note that golden retrievers need a different amount of food, depending on their build, size, and the stage of life they are in. our favorite dry and wet foods for Golden Retriever puppies here, The 10 Most Important Things to Know About Canine Hip Dysplasia, Information on Your New Golden Retriever Puppy, Female Dog Names: Awesome Ideas For Gorgeous Girls, The Best Food For Golden Retriever Puppies – Our Top Choices, Black Dog Names – Fabulous Names For Gorgeous Pups, What Is The Best Harness For A Small Dog? Keep in mind that every dog is an individual and that it can take more or less time for your Golden puppy to reach his adult size. Advertisement .

Give him three meals a day for the first three months and then feed him twice a day for the rest of his life. If your puppy snarfs down every morsel in 30 seconds and acts like he’s still starved, don’t rush to serve up another portion. Feed in the same enclosed area (such as in the kennel or crate) every time so you can keep kids and other pets away from the raw meal.

Bear in mind that obesity doesn’t occur on its own; it usually happens when you feed your dear pet extra treats. Starting around six months, many owners transition their pups to twice per day feedings. It’s based upon a study published by the respected Waltham Centre for Pet Nutriton in Leicestershire, England. Golden retrievers are large and active dogs.

chicken meal, meat, bone meal). The problem is that each and every breed is different in many ways so, obviously, each breed has different nutritional requirements. Thanks for subscribing! Your email address will not be published. If this is your first time feeding your golden retriever a raw diet, here are some helpful raw food safety tips from breeders: While they might sound very similar, the BARF (raw) diet is not the same as the homemade diet, which is typically a cooked human food diet. Most American dogs are overweight and many American large breed puppies are growing too fast, subjecting them to skeletal and joint problems, some of which may not actually show up until later in life. The rest 20% can be allotted to treats. Keep in mind that how much a golden retriever eats depends on your dog’s particular nutritional needs and preferences. Decrease the food if you cannot feel them. Many golden retriever breeders also advise seeking out a meat/protein meal kibble versus a chow kibble. There are three important things that you should consider when you’re buying dog food. Golden Retrievers generally range in weight between 55 and 75 pounds. It’s worth mentioning that there are some people foods that dogs should never eat. The best dog food for Golden Retrievers needs to have at least 30% amount of protein. If your dog is still a puppy and she is over these weight ranges, you are feeding her too much. On average, our adult Golden Retriever females eat about 2 cups per day of the TLC dog food linked below. If your Golden's skin clears up, ingredients can be reintroduced one by one until symptoms recur.

You job is to make sure your dog sticks to it.

Choose a diet that comprises of a good amount of dietary protein, at least 30% of it. Reviewing The Options, A biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) diet, It offers “complete and balanced nutrition.”. What you do is feed your Golden Retriever the amount that he needs to maintain his “ideal” weight.

The macronutrients that I have recommended above are just estimates based on generalized data. Something went wrong.

You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. We’re sure you do. At what time should you feed golden retrievers? On average, our adult Golden Retriever females eat about 2 cups per day of the TLC dog food linked below. The growth of your puppy needs to be controlled. Use supplements only if there is a medical condition or if you are advised to do so by a vet. Keeping your dog’s weight in check is supremely important as you don’t want your pet to be underweight or overweight. Life is especially hard if the runt is from a large litter. Labradors 6 months and older should eat two cups of food twice a day, according to Labrador Net. For boys, you will probably need to increase to about 3 1/2 cups (or possibly 4 cups) at 6 or 7 months. This is where your vet comes in. If you are looking for information on what to feed, go to How to Choose a Dog Food. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Unlike with human children, a puppy that is overfed will grow too fast before they grow too fat. Here, we strongly recommend involving your veterinarian in the selection process. Protein or meal kibble will have protein as the first few ingredients (ex. You may want to invest in a slow-feeder bowl, puzzle or a treat ball that will extend the mealtime fun. If you are unable to feel the ribs, it is a surefire sign that your golden retriever is overeating and getting fat. You want to choose a puppy food that will keep your puppy’s growth and weight gain healthy and stable—neither too slow nor too fast. Below are some general guidelines on how much to feed puppies. Every pet owner wants to ensure the overall health and well-being of their loyal companion. Your Golden Retriever needs just the right combination of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to thrive and live a healthy and happy life. So, they need more protein to maintain their muscular bodies as compared to other dog breeds. Plan it over a week’s time, gradually feeding more of the new food and less of the old so your pup’s digestive system has time to adjust. If need be, you can give them an ice cube to chew on and then later at night (around 9 to 10 pm), you can take them for a walk. BLUE contains NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Based on the average weight of this breed, the National Research Council of the National Academies recommends between 989 and 1,272 calories daily for sedentary golden retrievers and between 1,353 and 1,740 calories per day for active dogs. How can you tell one from the other? Note: Some of the links on our website are affiliate links which meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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