how to connect kramer guitar to pc

While the quality of the effects and tones is fantastic, the interface is a bit odd and isn’t as easy to use as BIAS FX or Guitar Rig 6. The most popular range of audio interfaces for guitarists is the Focusrite Scarlett range (link to Amazon to see the different models, features, and prices). Some audio interfaces come with a DAW, but you’re not limited to just using the one that ships with the interface. The interface then processes the guitar signal and sends it via USB to your computer. An audio interface is a simple box that allows you to plug your guitar or other inputs into it, and it converts the signal into a digital signal to send via USB to your computer. The big advantage of connecting your guitar amp to your computer is that you can jam along and record your guitar using any tones produced by your amp. There are many different foot controllers available, so check out this Guide to the Best MIDI Foot Controllers for Guitar. A MIDI foot controller simply plugs into your PC. If you’re wanting to learn about guitar effects and how to dial in different tones, check the course out. In today’s modern tech world, this is really simple to do and can be accomplished with just a couple of tools…an audio interface and a DAW. I don’t recommend plugging a microphone into your computer’s mic input as the preamp on a typical computer soundcard sucks. With an audio interface always connected to your computer, you can use your computer as a guitar amp and run any plugins or programs you want. Something like the iRig Mic Studio may suit you: The iRig Mic Studio is a microphone with a USB output that can connect to a PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device. If you know popular guitar pedals, there’s no doubt what the green ‘screamer’ pedal is based on or the round red fuzz pedal. It explains everything from gear and software in great detail. After following steps in the Turning On the Kramer … CH works just fine (except for the whammy but I haven't tried too hard), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, This is a subreddit for all of your Guitar Hero needs! If you want to capture the raw sound of your own guitar amplifier and effects loop, you can use a microphone to mic the amp and plug the microphone cable directly into the interface. Then simply connect your guitar direct to the instrument input on the interface. Receive The Book of Scales when you sign-up for lesson updates! So if you want to use your computer as a guitar amp, you would need to also have a DAW to run Helix Native. When connected to a computer, it acts as a typical audio interface. When you select the track, you want to check to make sure your audio interface is selected as the input device.

Some of the more common DAWs are listed in the table below. If the back of your guitar amp has a USB port like this one, you can probably use it to connect to a computer. If your acoustic guitar has an inbuilt pickup and you can plug a cable into it, you can use any of the options covered above for electric guitars. To connect your electric guitar to a computer, you need to use an audio interface that will safely process your guitar’s signal into something your computer can use. It includes everything you would expect from a Helix plugin such as amp models, effects models, IRs (find out about Impulse Responses here) and more. Connecting an electric guitar to a computer is easy, but it does require a special piece of hardware called an audio interface. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here.

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This is great if you want to record those tones or you just want to jam along with some backing tracks.

If you don’t have a guitar amp or don’t want to buy a multi-effects pedal, an audio interface is a cheap and effective way to connect your guitar to your computer. Many modern amps include a USB port which allows you to connect your amp to your computer and use it as an audio interface.

The BIAS AMP software allowed you to dig deep into an amp model’s components and tweak it to a level no other software came close to.

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The below screenshot shows AmpliTube 4 running as a plugin inside a DAW for recording purposes: You can see that this screen looks like a typical guitar amp. Connecting your guitar to a PC or laptop gives you a way to start recording your playing, experiment with different amp simulators, effects, plugins, and more.

DAWs are typically equipped with multi-track recording capabilities, many guitar amp simulators and tons of effects. As an Amazon Associate and Guitar Tricks affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.This helps cover costs of maintaining this website. a multi-effects pedal (if it has USB out), an acoustic guitar amp (if it has USB out), Use an expression pedal for wah, volume, or whammy effects, Use an expression pedal to dynamically change any effect preset (eg: change the delay length, gain level, chorus depth, etc. The basic idea is that these programs or plugins do everything a guitar does in a digital manner.

Once you’ve created your project, you can select whichever track you want to work on to record for that track. To connect your guitar to a computer, the first thing you’ll need is an audio interface. Connecting an electric guitar to a computer is easy, but it does require a special piece of hardware called an audio interface. There’s a bit of cost involved with the audio interface, but there are some quality products like the PreSonus AudioBox 96 that offers great value for a fair price. Check out my full review of the iRig Mic Studio here to learn more about it. Here’s a great video from Reverb that goes through the process of mic’ing an amp to get the sounds you want: 10 Ways to Mic A Guitar Amp with Brian Deck. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. An interface acts as a hub/buffer between your guitar and your computer, allowing you to connect your ¼” instrument cable to your laptop or desktop. This means you can use the iRig to play the guitar while traveling or even if you don’t have a computer with you. Do you want the interface to connect to your smartphone as well or just a computer? Apple’s professional grade recording studio. This can take some time to get used to as you need to get used to moving sliders instead of tweaking knobs, but it is easy to use. GarageBand is Apple’s free DAW. If you’re interested in recording guitar videos for YouTube, check out this guide. While the course isn’t a tutorial for AmpliTube 4, you may find the course helpful by seeing how you can create different tones and presets. If you plan to play around with different amps, the Amp Collection template is a good place to start as it create multiple tracks with different amps by default. If you’re interested in experimenting with a wide range of effects and tones, Guitar Rig 6 is one of the best choices. Note: it’s worth mentioning that if you buy the iRig HD 2 (the audio interface mentioned earlier), it comes with the full version of AmpliTube 4.


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