quantum break act 5 part 2 collectibles

Once Jack steps out to the loading area, following the fight with Monarch troops in the storage room, walk toward the forklift and activate Time Vision to see a Chronon Source at the very top of it. Chronon Source 1/2 …

You'll still be able to get 100 percent by unlocking the collectibles that are available to you. Head into the large open room just beyond where you grabbed the previous two collectibles.

[1:49] – Chronon Source #5.

Turn on Time Vision to find this Chronon Source below one of the shower heads. Warning: this ripple won't appear if you took the “Hardline” option instead of the “PR” option in the first Junction segment. Explore the counter to the left and you'll find this on a computer. In the time machine room with the glowing red lights, head up the ramp to find this Chronon floating by the blue door. Run down to the end to grab this second Chronon. The next collectible is nearby and found by interacting with the triple monitor setup on the desk.

[0:24] – Chronon Source #2

These next three are all in a row and clearly visible from one another further down the counter. For example, a radio broadcast will have a different voices on it, or an email found in the same location will refer to a different scenario. To access the library, you'll have to climb up a yellow crane. Once the fight in the underground parking garage is over and Jack has unlocked the shutters in the back of the area with the code, step through either of the doorways in the back and this will be above the second sofa to the right before walking up the stairs. VGFaq – Video Games Frequently Asked Questions – was born out of passion for video games. Quantum Break has a wealth of collectibles in the game, separated between quantum ripples, documents, intel, computers, media, and chronon sources. By Kelly Hudson Sundberg Nov 8, 2016, 1:05pm EST Share this story. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. After the cutscene where Jack uses Paul's laptop to open a door in his living area, step into Paul's living area and move down the stairs. When you first start out, activate Time Vision near the taxi then turn around and this Chronon Source will be hovering in the air across from a dumpster - this is the same dumpster near the area where you could find the rewind area where Jack could rewind time to get onto the rooftop of the building much earlier. Look at the laptop sitting next to all the timeline panels for this email. The Chronon is near some red tool chests and equipment. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. 1 – Narrative – Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show (PR) 00:03 2 – Narrative – Monarch HQ Map 00:18 3 – Chronon Source 1 00:40 4 – Intel – Monarch Radio Note 00:54 5 – Narrative – LETS BAIL WHILE WE CAN!!! Is it safe to shop in person for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X? After the battle in the Special Projects Lab (with Monarch troops or Liam) you'll find this on the laptop on the back right table.

The hallway leads to a room with tables and monitors inside. The Third Chronon is right outside the Parking garage where you head through the gate and this is between the two LED’s above the sofa.

Explore the Medical Lab to find the eighteenth collectible.

Look at the laptop to get this collectible and initiate the ripple. To find the missing collectibles use the following timeline: [0:05] – Chronon Source #1 Most collectibles are narrative objects — documents and artifacts that offer insight into the story. [0:43] – Chronon Source #3

Head back downstairs, but instead of following Beth, take a left into a large open room to find this Chronon near the lockers. [PR] or LETS BAIL WHILE WE CAN!!! Look for the brown table with the large painting and the bottles of paint. Final Moments which is the Ending of Quantum Break …

Quantum Break Collectibles Act 2, Part 1. When Jack enters the room with terminals behind a glass window to his right, examine the computer on the desk along the other side of the room to get this. Certain choices you make in the game result in minor differences in the type and location of collectibles you find. ACT 5, PART 1. After killing off the two Monarch troops in the Project Promenade Lab with the time machine inside, walk to the other side of the room and move up the ramp toward the entrance door.

When Jack makes it to the second floor of the lobby he will fight two Monarch troops with chronon harnesses near the elevator. After taking the elevator to the floor above, this will be on a sofa to the left once Jack steps out into the Marketing Research lobby. [Hatch], FIND MARTIN AND KILL HIM [Amaral] or Final Instructions [Hatch+Control] or Fix This Mess [Hatch+Surrender], Quantum Break Steam release delayed slightly, will now release on September 29, Quantum Break invites you to come as you are in a new time bending trailer, Quantum Break confirmed for Windows 10, pre-order bonuses detailed, Quantum Break rated for PC in Brazil before quietly being removed, Quantum Break appears to be on schedule, game is 'so close to being done', Quantum Break will bend its way to your Xbox One library April 5, 2016. Meijimasha13 4 years ago #1. Climb up the trash can and stack of wood palettes behind the previous Chronon source to access the roof area. The Chronon is on the landing in between the two floors. Walk up the ramp, turn right, and run along a short corridor to a blue vault door where your upgrade is waiting. In the room with the bench and the sinks where you grabbed some collectibles in Act 4 - 2, check the counter next to the bench to grab a journal (this is directly next to where you found Beth's notebook in Act 4 – 2).

All Collectible Locations in Quantum Break (Act 5) CHECK OUT Quantum Break YOUTUBE PLAYLIST. After Jack exits from the corridor where he sees a figure walking toward him during a cutscene, interact with the panel to the right to get your partner to open the sliding doors. Quantum Break Collectible is scattered across the game and the player has to locate them all to know more about the Act 5. Head towards the Reception desk and grab all three collectibles along with an Intel.


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