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*The clicks are responsive/crisp/clicky(on par with Logitech G403s/G502s and even my Glorious Model O) Oh and with pre travel, absolutely nothing. *The mouse build quality on the version I received is great there is NO SIDE WALL FLEX on my version(My Glorious Model O has terrible side wall flex with side clicks when you press the walls) Here are some useful facts about this product that can help you make a decision: – very good cord. When you squeeze the Air58 you can hear it. No side flex, no double clicks. i work in a kitchen every day and sometimes when i get home my hands are too worn out to try and fumble a mouse around. Maybe the clicks.

speed: 250 IPS, Optical Lens: 1:1.

My only wish is for them to sell me more spare cables, maybe larger and smaller shapes too because I want to use this mouse forever. Optivex -The extras that come with the mouse is top notch haven’t ever had a mouse with so many spares and extras. -The glides are great. However what really amazed me is the amount of extras that the mouse comes with. Sensor: PMW3360, resolution up to 12000cpi, Max. Мышь отличная, в руке лежит, пользоваться одно удовольствие! *The stock mouse feet were surprising just how well they glide although I also ordered the stunning aftermarket feet which offer superior glide over the stock feet for sure(Just to add the stock feet are on par with the Glorious feet however the aftermarket feet that they sold me are well above the offerings of Glorious just wow) – plastic quality is awesome. When running the driver, please turn off the anti-virus software first. I would really like to buy a few sets!

The side buttons are awesome there is 0 pre travel and are a great size and in a perfect location. They are crisp, but not as tactile as I would like them to be, but I am heavy handed.

Separate buttons for LED mode and for DPI mode at the bottom – which I like a lot. This 2nd extra pair of mouse feet seem to be a hyperglide like pair with advertised rounded edges. The cheapest shipping is $12 I don’t think that’s too bad, Have you checked the amazon link? Also my hand sweats less because it has airflow through the holes. – easy to use plug-and-play possibility. I mean not a huge problem but it's annoying :D. Overall great upgrade from my Razer DeathAdder Chroma. My model O suits my needs for now so I don't see a reason to upgrade. Review. Very strict and clean scroll-steps.

The side buttons are so much better than the EC2-A in shape and click.


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