knock aergrind vs aerspeed
They look like family. Ich habe... Suche eine Aergrind o.ä. Fast, simple grind adjustment with actual reference for burr distance (0.01 mm per click). Like Knock’s other models, stepless adjustments to grind size are made at the top of the grinder. I don't know how fast it is possible to grind same amount with the Aergrind. Lucky for us, Option-O has resurrected the Helor 101 in a new package called the REMI. Most of Timemore's manual grinders have an aluminum unibody frame, which includes the supports inside. The Comandante Mk.III hails from Germany, where some of the best equipment used in specialty coffee shops is made. A few years ago a manual grinder called the Helor 101 made quite an impression. : Für mein Bialettikännchen unterwegs suche ich eine passende Handmühle wie Aergrind, Aerspeed o.ä. The Aergrind also features dual bearing mounts and an anodized unibody milled from aluminum. Because the Aergrind requires no disassembly when adjusting grind size, changes can be made faster than you can say, “Made By Knock”. Looking for your advices.

The Apex is hailed by Orphan as the world’s first and only flat burr manual grinder, which is only half of the story. Aergrind und Aerspeed. That was my impression when reading product description. Is it really an Aergrind? Fits inside the chamber of the AeroPress plunger. The NANO comes with a choice but the Slim comes standard with the 38mm titanium-coated stainless steel burrs, which work best grinding for espresso, moka pot, and other methods that necessitate a relatively fine grind. The NANO and its bigger brother, the Slim, have a unique diamond pattern cut into its aluminum facade, a design choice that is not just for looks; it’s also for grip. Much is the same, though, including the thumb stopper and all the important internals: 47mm “Black Fusion” coated conical steel burrs (best suited for espresso), stainless steel axle, roller bearings, and thick steel supports. You won't be disappointed with either. Over time, Orphan Espresso developed a few iterations, evolving the Lido 1 from a very basic looking tool into the highly refined Lido 3. The general characteristics remain the same. I own an Aerspeed and a Lido 3. Its hopper and grounds container can hold about 40-45 g of coffee. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Diskutiere Aergrind und Aerspeed im Mühlen Forum im Bereich Maschinen und Technik; Freunde. Bi-directional (clockwise or counterclockwise cranking). Cannot grind efficiently for espresso (with the standard burrs). The Apex is made for all coffee brewing methods coarser than espresso and Turkish. Offered in a limited run, this is the ideal grinder for those looking to bridge the gap to speciality coffee grinding, with the gains of a faster throughput rate, a wider adjustment range at coarser grinds, and a more approachable price point. The C2 is Timemore's entry level grinder, but it deserves that label only because of its materials, some of which are plastic, not because of its grind quality, which is well above average. The titanium-coated stainless steel burrs work best at finer settings. Relatively new on the scene, Timemore has already made quite an impression with an assortment of stylish manual grinders, a scale, and even a suitcase for taking all the necessary coffee tools on the go. Although each of these grinders produces largely similar uniformity of grind (so similar we didn’t feel it was worth comparing), there are plenty of distinguishing features. I purchased new device by Made by Knock - Aerspeed grinder (ordered straight from MbK website). The G1, on the other hand, is a delightful stew of competing identities: natural and manmade, cylinder and box, grinder and art object. Depending on grip preference, the ABS thumb stopper may be uncomfortable.

I'm looking into Knock now and at least on mobile everything is out of stock and England is crazy due to the coronavirus, so it might be a while, but I am trying to figure out which would be better. Like Knock’s other grinders, the diameter of the Aergrind feels perfect for the hand and grinding is smooth. We would encourage you to refer to the ... it. Stepped adjustment makes dialing in for espresso difficult. The M47 is primarily made of stainless steel—only the handle pommel and some other trim parts are made of black ABS plastic. This minor change in profile narrows the adjustment range for espresso which made it unsuitable for use in the Aergrind but opens up a wider range of adjustment from Aeropress through to French press. The Lido 3 is the biggest of the hand grinders, at 13.5" in height, about 3" in diameter at the base, and 2" in diameter at the hopper.

Timemore uses the same stepped grind adjustment system—similar to the Comandante’s—for all of its grinders. The NANO and the Slim have a similar slate gray unibody frame, diamond pattern for grip and looks, compact diameter, and 38mm burrs.

But if I had to do it again I'd get a 1Zpresso because I feel it's a better value and their customer service is a lot better. A small notch near the base of the handle serves as an indicator for the current setting. The Slim, however, stands about 2 inches taller and has a different crank arm, one that cannot be folded down to decrease the overall diameter. Backpackers rejoice! A Turkish grind can be made with the Aerspeed, as can a very competent espresso grind, but dialing in for a specific flavour profile or flow rate will be comparatively restricted. I have an Aergrind and the quality is really solid but not untouchable. Hello redditors. My grinder arrived well aligned and because here on YouTube you can only find videos of misaligned grinders, I decided to upload this video to show that not all grinders made by Knock … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Part of the benefit of stepped grinding is that it allows the user to replicate the exact same setting over and over. The Slim is the choice, though, if saving an extra 50mm of space in a suitcase is not a priority but hopper capacity is. At first glance, the G1 does not fit into the Timemore manual grinder lineup. The result is a significantly lighter grinder (1.6 lb.)

Although it can work, we highly recommend not to use the silicone rubber to bundle the Aergrind … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I'll appreciate your advices. © Prima Coffee Equipment. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Premium materials such as the wood veneer and glass grinds-catch. Delivery was pretty fast, only 2 days. Press J to jump to the feed. The Aerspeed is the stripped back racing twin to our most popular grinder, the all round pocket wonder that is the Aergrind. The hopper portion can hold 30-40 grams of whole beans on average, though we have been able to squeeze in 50 with certain denser coffees. The Slim, like the NANO, has a unibody aluminum alloy construction, diamond pattern, dual bearings, black walnut pommel, and compact diameter. Since your grinder has the stainless steel burrs, you might actually have an Aerspeed but with "Aergrind" other parts(rubber grip and box). Similar grind quality to the Feld2 at a lower price. Though why anyone would actually want to use a manual grinder for espresso is beyond me. A lateral inch of movement of the Lido 3’s adjustment ring will produce a more substantial change in grind size than the same movement of the E-T’s adjustment ring. All grinders are built here in Portobello, Edinburgh with untreated 38mm tool steel burrs and the same knurled metal dial lid, full metal anodized uni-body, stainless steel shaft and adjustment mechanism straight from the Aergrind, all machined in the UK. The adjustment wheel is identical to the other M47s, too, with numerals (0-9) and dashes (4 between each number) for reference, and the grind is likewise changed by unscrewing the top nut before turning the wheel to a desired grind size.

bearings, and an overall build quality that promises durability and a long lifetime. Designed to fit inside an AeroPress plunger, the Aergrind is the smallest grinder in our lineup and makes for the perfect addition to your hiking or camping gear, or even a home brewing setup. My understanding so far is that the Aergrind is smaller but uses the same burr set as the Feldgrind. Plastic grinds-catch is harder to maneuver than the original M47's magnetic catch.

At 2.3 lbs., it is a heavy grinder compared to others. The manual includes fairly accurate recommendations for grind settings: 6-12 clicks from zero for fine, 15-24 for pour over, and 24 and up for coarse methods. A few stubborn beans may get caught in the impeller and fail to feed into the burrs. But then it disappeared. Aluminum frame will scratch if mishandled. However, the adjustment wheel is stepped, so it is difficult to dial in for espresso without up- or down-dosing to compensate for the lack of micro-adjustments. Aerspeed - the pocket rocket for brew fans.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I bought four, and all the shipping tubes have that Aergrind stamp, but are marked “AS” (AerSpeed) in black marker on the lid.

In fact, the Simplicity uses the same premium stainless steel body and internals as the original M47 Classic, replacing some of the less important parts with plastic to cut costs and weight, so operation is practically identical. This minor change in profile narrows the adjustment range for espresso which made it unsuitable for use in the Aergrind but opens up a wider range of adjustment from Aeropress through to French press. According to the information on their website - yes it is only difference in burrs: On the inside, the REMI strays a bit from its predecessor. Aerspeed - the pocket rocket for brew fans.


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