mountains in cuba

If culture’s not quite your thing though, don’t worry; the isolated nature of the reserve means it’s very easy to escape any signs of humanity.

Mount Gran Piedra is a major tourist attraction in Cuba because it provides a panoramic view of the surrounding. You can opt for guided hiking tours which include visits to mountain villages where you can get in touch with local traditions. El Yunque just has that ‘something something’ that makes you practically beg to climb it.

This isn’t a massive issue unless you’re really averse to rain, but it does mean that the paths can be quite slippery, even if you’re properly equipped. Just cover your back and learn a few key phrases in Spanish before you head out. Found in Viñales, this is where the Sierra de Los Órganos mountain range begins, which combines the Sierra del Rosario mountains before becoming the Cordillera de Guaniguanico mountain range. There's some kind of rough hut about halfway. Plus, there’s a daily limit to the number of people allowed in a park at any one time. Espiritu Travel’s wilderness guides offer a number of options for you to get into the more wild areas of this island nation if you travel to Cuba with us. Located in the Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra, the trek to the peak is a challenging two to three day endeavor. Within the sierra lies the 200 square kilometer Topes de Collantes.

As in, it rains most of the time, and it’s pretty hot and humid. They don’t typically carry many diseases here in Cuba, but they are a pain, and the wet season is the mosquito breeding season – so they’re everywhere.

This article comprises three sortable tables of major mountain peaks of the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Also in the Sierra Escambray is the 12 kilometer Reto a Loma Atahalya Trail. Be flexible, and you’ll find your trip will be better for it. The mountain is surrounded by Turquino National Park which is a protected area in Cuba. The history of Cuba’s guerrilla war revolves around Pico Turquino and the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range. In the Sierra de los Organos of the far-northwest the landscape is hilly with a few lower mountains.

If you’re going on a multi-day trip, you’re going to stay in a mountain refuge for at least one night. Cuba Mountain Hotels from CA $34. From here make your way to Cascada Bella for a swim in the pool below the waterfall. more.

This is another route for the birders out there.

The vegetation around Gran Piedra is dominated by evergreen mountain rainforest. This is where Pan de Guajaibon comes in: the highest point of the Cordillera de Guaniguanico and one of the major mountains in Cuba.

There is abundant fauna on the mountain with several endemic and threatened species. If you’ve got the time, a 3 to 4-day hike is what you need to try and conquer this mountain, staying in mountain refuges along your journey, and accompanied by a specialist guide the whole time. There are fantastic highlights in the mountain range, such as the Topes de Collantes which is a nature reserve park. If you get stuck or lost, or you need any help in any way, the last thing you want to get in your way is a language barrier, and you can’t rely on people knowing enough – if any – English when you’re in the remote areas of Cuba.

Typically, the hike starts from Las Cuevas on the coastal road west of Santiago de Cuba.

They provide the panoramic view of the country and the neighboring islands. Cuba's coastal areas are the most mountainous. May to October is the wet season, which means it’s typically a lot warmer and more humid as well.

The mountain range is Cuba’s second largest and looks somewhat like the battlements along a castle wall.

The trail runs north-south, up to Pico Turquino (Cuba's highest mountain) and down the other side. Find information on mountain ranges in Cuba as well as 25 mountain ranges in Caribbean, 5700 mountain ranges in North America, 9908 mountain rang The route can be challenging. Whichever side you start at, you'll have to pay a CUC$10 fee to enter the park, and also pay a guide--not sure of what he costs, but it won't be all that expensive, maybe anouther $10/day. Easily manageable, just remember to bring a bunch of plasters in case this causes blisters, and bear it in mind when buying hiking boots.


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