benelli montefeltro problems

The gun’s narrow forend felt comfortable in the lead hand, and the gun felt speedy tracking clay targets and birds. To remove the recoil spring, the stock retaining nut SCREW will need to be removed from the recoil spring tube.   Your link has been automatically embedded. It had been close to 20 years since I last shot clay birds. The contrasting beautiful satin walnut stocks are a perfect contrast (the gun is also available with synthetic furniture). November 14, 2006 in Benelli. Montefeltro Sporting.   Pasted as rich text. × Great post, remarkable!!! The high(ish) price tag may have some potential buyers shying away.   You cannot paste images directly.

Doesn’t mean anything but it’s a great gun and

Shells swell if they sit in a wet shell belt for any amount of time.

We had over

Since I purchased ghe shotgun the only thing I have added is a Carlson’s extended skeet choke. I agree 100%!

Then turn the barrel upside down. Wolff 25% reduced power spring works well for light loads. I purchased one of the original Montefeltro’s imported by H&K and have worked on and performed year end maintenance on over 200 guns models listed above and the Nova. Will give them a try. The recoil spring ready to be removed and the recoil spring plunger. I bought the Monti because on reviews like this and what I read about with the Argentina bird hunting reliability , (shoot a 1/2 million + rounds without a problem…) .

That is not a huge amount but recoil springs are cheap the hardest part is getting the plug out of the spring tube but it will also give you a change to clean and lube the spring tube. I’ll avoid the system (pump vs. semi-auto) and manufacture (U.S.A./Italian/Turkish/…) discussions but when it comes to waterfowl hunting, go with synthetic furniture. I have long arms and that long length of pull feels very comfortable to me, shorter shooters don’t like it as much but can still manage. With the knowledge and understanding of this maintenance and process, the problems experienced in cycling issues could be completely eliminated.

The inertia system is said to run cleaner and it’s true. After pulling the charging handle out and sliding the bolt out of the gun…I instantly dropped the bolt. Remember this spring will not shoot 7/8 oz. Montefeltro Sporting.

Some shells are simply fatter than others. The next review planned is another 20 in synthetic.

September 1, 2009 in Benelli.

Value: * * * * 1/2 Chamber: 2¾ and 3 inch   You cannot paste images directly. Keep in mind these are hunting guns and do not shoot low base 7/8 0z shells. But I quickly became frustrated.

× Care must be taken when removing the screw the assembly is under pressure of the recoil spring.

The bolt assembly should be kept clean.

You will know when your spring needs to be replaced when the bolt assembly does not rotate to the closed position after shooting the first shell, when your gun is properly maintained.


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