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Upon placing a boulder atop the pile, Lloyd lost control and the rock tower collapsed. The Preeminent | Morro | Soul Archer | Bansha, Sky Pirates

The events of season seven didn't directly correlate to the previous seasons' events - rather, they were in response to events from long before the pilot episodes.

Unfortunately, the Overlord soon regained control, completely subduing Lord Garmadon's mind and taking full control of his body.

When Nya reported that they were captured by the Serpentine and being held hostage, Lord Garmadon attempted to help, but Lloyd refused to allow him, demanding for his father to leave instead. Garmadon rode on Lloyd's Dragon and told the Masters a battle from the past had returned but stated they will rise to face off against it.

The battle quickly turned against Garmadon's favor and he was forced to retreat to the very edge of the cell tower. Destruction Lloyd agree and they descended into the forest to get lost.

Garmadon makes note of a few of the masters but there were some he did not Kai eventually starting and nearly losing a fight with Karlof. Although the Ninja were skeptical of his cause, they agreed, and promptly discovered that their old foe had picked up several odd habits, such as brushing his teeth with a dagger, "sunbathing" in the middle of a raging storm, and eating nothing but Condensed Evil.

Their battle resumed on the ground, with Clouse opening a portal to the Cursed Realm in an effort to rid himself of Garmadon and claim his old title of Lord.

1. When Kai noted the same went for him and his sister, Garmadon tells a confused Kai that Nya might have power as well since it just needed to be unlocked. During this, the trio learned that Chen had lied to both sides during the Serpentine War. Though deceased in the present, a young Garmadon appears during the conflict with the Time Twins. When Lloyd suggested that they instead focus on retrieving the other three, Lord Garmadon pointed out that they had no idea where the Serpentine were hiding.

While leaving Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys, Lloyd stole a black hood and cape to make his outfit look more menacing.

At that moment, a serpentine entered the bridge and reported that they had sighted the Ultra Dragon. The other four Just as the dragon was about to capture them however, the Ninja succeed in shutting down the power to all of Ninjago, and the Dragon collapsed in front of them.

Once back in New Ninjago City, Garmadon arrives at Borg Tower where P.I.X.A.L.

Upon reaching Borg Tower, where the Golden Master has created a massive "spider-web" using his golden powers, Garmadon and Wu work together to propel the pill towards their ancient adversary, but Pythor intervenes and devours it. The masters tried to defeat the massive beast, with young Garmadon and Wu trying to preform Spinjitzu on it, but is knocked aside.

The Overlord commented that his resolve seemed to be wavering, despite Garmadon's denials. The Ninja interfered with the process, forcing the villains to retreat, but the Grundle was still revived—unbeknownst to Garmadon, the Ninja themselves had also been reduced to children as a side effect.


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