did skerrett really die of cholera

So it was very much hitting the ground running, but we’ve been playing the characters for long enough that we can slip into them easily. But Daisy teased: “He will have to die at some point, he will have to leave us. “His films tend to be about the role of race within society, and our film is about the role of gender within society. Already have an account with us? It was such a privilege, going to set everyday and hanging out with a bunch of brilliant people, who were also so talented. I made such good friends on Victoria, and luckily I’ve forced them all to stay friends with me, and I make them all hang out with me a couple of times a month. Victoria season 3 spoilers: Jenna Coleman to be REPLACED in lead role? Victoria season 3: Did the Duchess of Monmouth really exist? And I was probably tired from a week of filming, but I just cried the whole way back to London. “She gave me a beautiful real antique Victorian hair pin, because of course when Skerrett was first employed by the Queen, she was there to do her hair.

Hudson is now putting Skerrett behind her and taking a very different direction: a horror movie called Petal. “I’m starring as the lead in it and I’m also producing it, and that’s really exciting for me to kind of get my hands stuck in to the project on both sides of the camera.”. beloved character Nancy Skerrett dies from cholera. Still, Coleman did find the perfect way to commemorate Queen Victoria and Skerrett’s on-screen relationship. Thanks! Skerrett buys a pregnancy tonic from an apothecary and drinks the contaminated water, contracting the cholera that will kill her. “It was exciting to me that Skerrett didn’t just end up in a sort of tied up in a bow happy ending marriage and in a very traditional way, that she got something a little bit more dramatic and interesting. “Before we even began filming series three, I went for a supper with [creator and screenwriter] Daisy Goodwin and she broke it to me very gently that, in fact, she had planned a tragic ending for Skerrett,” the actress reveals. But it was somehow wonderfully arranged that we could shoot all of Francatelli and Skerrett’s final scenes together. To have it be something so tragic and dramatic, as an actor that’s quite exciting. I really couldn’t have been around a better bunch of people. “Jenna was just heartbreaking in that scene with her kind of control, as she would have, as Queen Victoria,” she says. Victoria on ITV: Nell Hudson reveals Queen 'devastated' over Skerrett's 'tragic' death, Victoria on ITV: The Queen fled to see Skerrett. Find out whether equity release is for you with this guide written by Paul Lewis for our partner Age Partnership.

“I’m sure that I’ll cry all over again. Victoria on ITV: Nell who plays Skerrett spoke about her exit, Victoria on ITV: The Queen and Skerrett have been very close friends, Daisy Goodwin discussed the possibility of exploring Prince Albert’s (Tom Hughes) death, Victoria season 3 spoilers: Jenna Coleman’s shock outburst. Marianne Skerrett remained in contact with Queen Victoria, visiting her and writing to her, until her death in 1887 at the age of 94. But it’s a bit terrible when you’re crying at your own death, because you feel a bit sort of narcissistic! Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. So, Skerrett finding out that she’s pregnant; and then Skerrett getting ill; and all the scenes of Skerrett on her deathbed and her death were all shot in sequence, which was so helpful because we really got to live and breathe the journey that these characters are going through. It’s a very, very aggressive illness, and a lot of what I had to do in those final scenes involved me portraying how much pain she was in to the point that she was delirious. Because of having to do those big emotional scenes over and over again, it was very tiring – and we went and had a bottle of champagne after completing it!”. “I mean for me, it was - I knew series three could be Skerrett’s last series and I was, on an acting level, excited for the challenge. “I think it won’t really all feel real until the episode has aired in the UK, and then it will feel like it’s really over,” she says. I hope they'll be be sad, but I imagine there might be some anger along with the upset. This was not to be. In the episode, Skerrett’s decline is painful to watch, as she quickly deteriorates from a healthy young pregnant woman in the prime of her life into a pale cholera victim with sunken eyes and bloodless lips. Victoria season 3 spoilers: Jenna Coleman 'ANNOYS' writer.

Victoria season 3: What did Queen Victoria really think of Palmerston?

It’s quite conceptual. Who is the Queen’s sister Feodora in ITV’s Victoria. “But when I read the script and how it all played out I cried my eyes out.

It was such a generous performance.

He did see Queen Victoria as a patient. Skerrett buys a pregnancy tonic from an apothecary and drinks the contaminated water, contracting the cholera that will kill her. Tragically, as Skerrett says on her deathbed, "I should have married you sooner." It’s so beautiful and really really well done, and I hope the fans are as moved by it as I was.”. It was known that she was willing to lie to get ahead in the world, due to coming from a common background and likely needing money.

Normally, it's a low key set with people giggling, but that day it was more of a chaste atmosphere. Victoria ITV: Queen heartbroken as sudden DEATH shakes monarchy?

She had this brilliant kind of reserve that the Queen would have, of keeping those emotions held just under the surface, but almost bursting at the seams. Daisy Goodwin discussed the possibility of exploring Prince Albert’s (Tom Hughes) death in another series. The love story between Skerrett and Francatelli has been at the heart of Victoria since the very beginning. The character – played by Nell Hudson – had only just told … “Victoria – if it’s a girl,” Skerrett manages before crying out in pain. When I signed on, I knew I was going to do three series, so it’s a bit more exciting for her to die than it is for her to...I never felt like she was the kind of character who would just run off into the sunset and that would be the end. For three seasons, Nancy Skerrett has served as a through-line between the worlds of the upstairs and the downstairs on Victoria. For four days straight, Hudson lay in the sickroom filming her scenes with distraught husband Charles Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley). I think it’s going to be a deep shock for the audience seeing what happens this season because we’ve been so sparse dishing out Skerrett and Francatelli’s love story, and it’s really taken such a long time for them to finally get together. [laughs] I took one thing from upstairs and one thing from downstairs because Skerrett sort of floats between both worlds. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial!

But as sad as Hudson is to leave behind Victoria, she's glad her character didn't get an unimaginative fairytale ending. Nancy only told Mr. Francatelli her real name, everyone else called her Miss Skerrett or Eliza.

And then on my last day of filming, Jenna [Coleman] gave me an antique hairpin to commemorate Skerrett doing Victoria’s hair that was really, really lovely.

Obviously, I deeply love Skerrett as a character, so I felt very sad hearing what was going to happen to her, but on an acting level I was quite excited for the challenge of filming it. Nell began explaining: “That scene was so tragic to film, because obviously in the moment when Skerrett hands in her resignation, there’s a lot left unsaid between them both [her character and Victoria].

Looking back at her time on the show, Nell also revealed her favourite scenes from filming Victoria for the past few years. And it wasn’t until I read the episode that I then wept and really processed quite how sad it was.”. Definitely the people on the show. The beginnings of Nancy Skerrett were, for the most part, kept in the shadows.

In a odd, tragic way, it’s a more exciting ending than that. And it was so lovely to have Tommy Knight, who plays Brodie, with us there because he's always very funny on set.

Is Victoria Coming Back for Another Season? T&C spoke to Hudson about Skerrett's arc this season, from her wedding day to her dramatic exit from the series, below. “I can tell you we were having an absolute ball any time any scene like that was being filmed.

Having signed up for three series of Victoria from the start, the actress figured that the happy couple would get married and leave the palace and simply disappear from the story by the end of the third series. Their family agreed that Nancy would pose as Eliza at the Palace and support her cousin and her child.

Following her exit, actress Nell who plays her spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about her time on the show and how the Queen would have felt after losing a close aide.


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