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It's not bad to mate a tom. Lionpaw let out a dissatisfied sigh. She hoped that that was the end of it, but he kept up his thrusting, not stopping for a moment. You obviously want to.". "Oh I've learned Crowfeather, you just don't understand anything." Warriors: Long.Foot ( a cream Tom with dark green eyes, has a really long.. "Foot". ) "Okay, I won't tell anyone.

She immediately ran around looking for any exits, finding none. Why?

Cherrypaw was frozen in fear, not wanting to move and startle this potentially aggressive beast.

"What's up Heatherpaw? You wanted it deep? If I ever catch you try to mate with her again after this, I'll make sure to shred you!" It looked dark and welcoming, and his member twitched at the sight of it.

Before Lionpaw could respond, she started lightly stepping around the mouse in a half-circle. Crowfeather chuckled darkly. Crowfeather retorted, but headed the other way. Heatherpaw tensed and gasped. Crowfeather pushed his muzzle in deeper, and started to lick around her walls in a circular motion. I cannot believe my eyesssss! I'll explain why as we're doing this." Crowfeather pushed his muzzle into her core and licked her deeply and quick. "You will and I'll make sure you do." ", "Yes." She asked innocently. The first one will be without any requests and the other ones will. Stay out!

He started licking her again, and her mind clouded over. "Bet it felt really good though, right?" I'm sorry you had to find out this way..." Crowfeather scuffed his paw on the ground, feeling guilty.

Guest: I update whenever I'm done with a story. Cherrypaw was taken out of the cage she was in and placed in one of the cages on the wall.

He sat down, and pulled her head right into his sheath. Or even the loyal Lionblaze? exhausted.".

There are like two smaller parts I put in this with an influence on the story, but it doesn't drag off of it. Oh StarClan!" Heatherpaw moaned louder, showing her appreciation for him. Just be patient." "I've only seen her at gatherings anyway." AHHHH!" And there's this, weird feeling coming out of my rear. Untitled Studio Clan Roleplay Warrior Cats NOT USED Warrior cat games and more! "Whatever. I hope you like it, and I will start writing the next one!

It's encouraged from a feeling known as pleasure, and it feels... Amazing.

"Were you hurting mommy?". calling all warrior cat fans that want to show work Create a Clan Warrior games goal 10000000 Warrior cats!!!!! Cinderpaw shot her eyes open, pelt heating up with embarrassment again. So I guess enjoy! Lionpaw admitted. Harder Brambleclaw! Lionkit mewed innocently as Brambleclaw picked him up by the scruff. Added to his member being constricted by Heatherpaw's core, and he was in pure bliss.

She started yowling out, hoping someone was close enough to hear her, but no one came. (Except blood) I know, hard to believe, right? "Great catch! Squirrelflight cursed. I never imagined mating was like this!

The closest thing she could detect was a bird up in one of the trees. (The only character that will not be in here is Cinderpelt, because you will be filling her place.

That felt wonderful!" We'll only be gone until Sunset." Lionpaw's member was wider and longer than Crowfeather's. Squirrelflight argued. (Having sex) How everyone always says a couple things they wont write and leave out the heavier kinks making you wonder if those are requestable but being to scared to ask? Okay.

I need your damn member deeper inside my fucking core. She agreed as they stopped in the clearing near the Sky Oak. She had only been at it for a coupe minutes before she felt hot breath on the back of her neck. He pulled all the out of her core, both letting off a soft moan.

Thank you for the favorite and follow 'ZhiZhu'! "Get the fuck out and off my apprentice.". Heatherpaw came as well, coating Crowfeather's member and backsplashing out onto the forest floor.

I do like having more details though. Heatherpaw begged. OCs and canon characters will be here! Here, your ideas that you cannot put into stories yourself, will be hosted by none other then ⭐️ Me ⭐️.

WARRIOR CAT SMUT/LEMONS (MAYBE SOME FLUFF) 58.5K 222 409 Warrior smut! Cherrypaw yowled out, feeling her aching pussy get filled with something that was much too large.

I'm not writing anymore of these, but you can still enjoy what is already written.

"I couldn't help myself... You two, put on quite a show." My hero academia and wings of fire suggestions only! Crowfeather moaned to her, then rasped a comforting lick over Heatherpaw's ear. Axel kept thrusting for hours, occasionally stopping when he came inside her. Cherrypaw, still tied up, and with the feeling of her heat slowly returning, hoped that the smell of the dog's marks would keep other animals away, at least for a while. Heatherpaw's eyes went huge at the sight of it. Heatherpaw tensed and gasped as Crowfeather grabbed her scruff in his jaws and pulled back on it and her shoulders, pushing inside of Heatherpaw's inner depths. There was a sort of schedule that she learned. It is the most common position a tom and she-cat mate in.

Fox Dung, Brambleclaw! Ohhhhhhhh!" Your review has been posted. He added a small lie so Crowfeather would seem less suspicious.

The monster headed away from the lake, away from ThunderClan, continuing to go until sunhigh. I'll be back later, don't come looking for me." "Again?

Lionpaw hissed. She thought she was proven right when she smelled something edible, and rushed in the direction of the smell.

"Squirrel." Will she meet her destiny? Send to Friend. I've wanted to this this with you for a while! The dog was very large, with a black and white fluffy coat of fur and peircing blue eyes. Squirrelflight coughed awkwardly, trying to warn him to finish up and send him back. "Ohhhhh Heatherpaw! "And it will stay that way!

They then exited the room, leaving Cherrypaw alone. Both of them enjoyed the pleasure deeply, so deeply they never realized one of their kits followed them. Ohhhhh, Heatherpaw! For a brief moment Cherrypaw's mind wasn't addled by lust, and she felt disgusted about what had just happened.

I will take request. Lionpaw mewed. Crowfeather chuckled. Crowfeather started to feel his climax was close, and it was gonna be a big one. Crowfeather growled, then mounted Lionpaw and penetrated his tailhole. . Brambleclaw was mating with her and thrusting in and out of her core quickly. He felt his member coming out of his sheathe, longer than when he usually made dirt, and starting to harden from her moans. By: LostLitwick.

Do you know who's who in Warrior Cats? Share via Email Report Story You woke up in a large Cave there was stems around your paws,legs and muzzle … Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage. As her pleasure increased, her wail became soft whines of pain, then a quiet whimper.

If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. I'm not writing anymore of these, but you can still enjoy what is already written. It can be painful without this, and because it's your first time, we'll make it pleasurable for you.".

"How about we hunt in a pair? "I'll try, but I'm exhausted." "GREAT STARCLAN, THAT'S TIGHT! She exclaimed, and started to drool. I'm not writing anymore of these, but you can still enjoy what is already written. "Ohhhh fuck! Crowfeather was getting so turned on by her Heat scent wrapping around his nose and his explanation, his member was fully out, and starting to get harder every second he was around her. When she awoke she was greeted by the sight of some twolegs walking around, making noise. Chapter Text So hi there! That feeling coming from your rear is coming from an organ called your core, which only a she-cat has. Curse for me. You're such a pretty she-cat." Whether or not it's their first time, the tom needs to thrust his member in and out of the she-cat's core. She soon realized what was happening, an often gossiped about topic in the apprentice den. We'll impress everyone for sure!"

Also, Bloodbourne music works just as well as Dark Souls music for writing this shit. Axel! The twoleg entered the room, pulling a large dog with one of those ropes.

Lionpaw was about to start going back to the Hallow with her, when he heard the strange sound that made him scare off the squirrel again. Work Search:

You're not supposed to do this in front of other cats.

Don't be alarmed if I dig my claws in, as it is necessary so I can keep a grip on you." She heard the twoleg coming back, and another set of foot steps that sounded like... a dog. "More Lionpaw!" A fox-length in front of him, the two cats were doing something. Summary: A cat is abducted by twolegs, goes into heat, and gets fucked by a dog. If you want to request a one shot, please check the footer to see if requests are open.

Sorry dudes. And what a mouse! "Faster! "Arousing?"

"Cinderpaw? Also I haven't read the books in couple years, so don't be surprised if I mess up some terminology or something. Ohhhhhh!" Just then, she heard a click, and metal bars folded up from beneath the leaves and snapped into place, trapping her in the cage. That's what happens when the pleasure has built up to it's max. She bucked back hard against his thrusts, grinding against Crowfeather's balls. Ohhhhhhhhhh Yeah!" Deeper inside your core is where your womb is at, and if a tom releases his cum inside of their while you're in Heat, you'll probably end up pregnant with his kits." "He's right, Lionkit. She begged him, speaking so fast Crowfeather just barely caught it all. Crowfeather stopped pushing in as he tapped her hymen. For the weak and faint-hearted, don't come in! Cherrypaw felt that that was a much better reaction than she expected to get. "I smell mouse over near that bramble. Crowfeather breathed. You tired of all those vanilla Fanfics about cats doing the proverbial do? Why are you so far away from the nursery?" Follow/Fav Warriors Lemons. "Want to do this again in the tunnels?" You will understand when you read it. When will he realize just how much I like him, no, love him? WARRIOR CAT SMUT/LEMONS (MAYBE SOME FLUFF) 57.7K 221 409. As he pulled out, their fluids mixed with Heatherpw's blood flooded out onto the forest floor in a transparent, white and tinted pink mix. He teasd her, licking up her right hind leg to the outside of her core. When Cinderpaw got all the way behind the mouse, she gave a nod to Lionpaw.

Crowfeather dug his claws in harder to her shoulders, and didn't hold back.

"You go around it. "Fine. "So they're mating... Did he catch her at the right time?"

"That spiky thing is supposed to go inside me?" "I would've much rather gone with her... And I can tell she feels the same. Lionkit followed us!" How did she turn me on this much?

He warned her. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. What in StarClan, Crowfeather?" "Did you like it?". Keep your jaws open and let me know what you find."

I'll see you at the next gathering, Heatherpaw." It means you're in Heat.

"Of course. What is he doing to her to make that sound? They handed the box and Cherrypaw to the other twoleg. Heatherpaw mewed in response.

Follow/Fav Warriors Lemons. Hello there, and welcome to my story. He said suductively. All of them want to be warriors, why should you delay his?"


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