motorcycle ignition coil resistance chart

The coil was a standard 12V replacement and there is a ballast resistor in the primary circuit. Replace the stator as necessary. In order to graph the data, the Qbasic program must be located in the same folder as the data files. ArduinoCoilDataTextOutput.pde.

The voltage selected is 13v, even though a typical electrical system will have closer to 14v on it.

The moment any significant current flows in the coil, it starts to heat up. Lou D. 9/21/11 updated 10/16/16 . They did not get appreciably warm, so hot readings may not be accurate for those coils. Set your multimeter to check amps on the lowest scale. Open loop magnetic core. (Fluke measures V on R, Amprobe measures V on coil). It is in the first line after "NAME". Fluke: 0.770v = 0.770a -------------------------- Fluke: 2.468v = 2.468a Dwell was only 4.5ms.) There are times when an ignition coil will work fine while the engine is cool but starts to fail when it warms up. Copyright©

Data Capture Device DY22CU01.TXT The circuit has adjustable dwell, and adjustable voltage, but 13v was always used for testing. Sampler Measurements Procedure SAE J973a (50pF load). (AC=Accel DG=Dodge DY=Dyna KZ=Kawasaki) KZ23CU01.TXT Check your battery posts and cable terminals for corrosion, and clean them as necessary, using a terminal tool or wire brush. Model DC11-1 (2 coils per kit) or DC11-2 (1 coil per kit) Closed loop magnetic core. Because the coil is using an iron core, there is a limit to the amount of magnetic flux the core can support. The coil was tested go... Champion 2000w inverter generator won't start. If it doesn't fall within the acceptable range stated in the manual, replace the coil. ---------------------------- Fluke: 2.396v = 2.396a This will ensure the accuracy of your ignition coil testing because if you battery is not fully charged, it will be hard to determine if the coil is the problem and not just a dead or weak battery. Wells model C940 ($75) is another aftermarket version of this coil. Looking for an electrical engineer that could help me rebuild an old school... Hi Guys, Earlier this spring I had to replace the coil in my 6.5hp Tecumseh... Hi, So a few days ago my furnace hard locked out. As soon as current is removed from the coil, the temperature drops rapidly then tapers off. Using current through 1ohm, 25w, 1% resistor Using current through 1ohm, 25w, 1% resistor A resistance outside of this range indicates a broken coil. Each coil has 2 posts. Each coil has 2 posts. $160/pair Generally, you can check motorcycle alternator stators while they're installed on the bike, using a quality multimeter. Using current through 1ohm, 25w, 1% resistor (Thanks to Dave Gersic for the following info), Coil D.xx S.yyyy Tenma Cold Unmounted: 13.13mH Pick one of these up and start testing.

Using current through 1ohm, 25w, 1% resistor Open loop magnetic core.

----Accel Super Coil #2---- Use caution when working around electricity. Inspect the outboard ends of the coils for evidence of contact with the rotor. Inductance: 3.7mH Set the multimeter to “Resistance” or “Ohms” on the lowest scale, and insert one probe into one of the stator pin sockets. When a charge cycle would begin on the coil, TP1 would pull low. ------------------------- ----Kaw KZ 650 points coil #1---- The engine ran great until recently; it became hard to start and finally wouldn't start at all. Bally 25-500/34-5050. The following graph illustrates how the same coil has a much lower saturation current when hot compared to when cold. Increasing the current or voltage beyond that point will show the coil to behave more like a resistor.

Tenma Cold Unmounted: 3.34mH This is an aftermarket one is made by Wells Manufacturing Corp., There is also a terminal in order to synchronize the data-capture device. DY05CU02.TXT 2Char for sequence number for when there is more than one type of the same coil. First perform the static stator tests. Most dual-output coils do not use the frame to complete a circuit so don't have to be mounted for that reason, but should be mounted in order to ensure proper energy storage.

The resistance should be 0.5 to 3 ohms. We ran out of oil, no big... Is there a way to determine if a coil pack is bad on my 2001 Trooper and wh... not sure if this was the right place to post but I just want other opinions... Will High Performance Motorcycle Spark Plugs Decrease Gas Mileage? Amprobe Cold: 4.3 ohm (Fluke measures V on R, Amprobe measures V on coil). replaced by FC-30-1300 Zipper Flipper Release Coil, Flipper Coil (50V) (Blue - strongest - 5/5), Flipper Coil (50V) (Red - medium strength - 3/5) - Wico sub 04-0718, Flipper Coil (50V) (Yellow - weakest - 1/5) - Wico sub 04-0720, Flipper Coil (50V) (Green - weaker - 2/5), Flipper Coil (50V) (Orange - stronger - 4/5). ... Ignition Coil Kit, Motorcycle, Yellow, 3.0 Ohms Resistance, Inductive Ignition, 4-Cylinder, Coils, Wires, Kit. ----Kaw KZ 650 points coil #2---- Input A5 was connected to TP1 of the test circuit to sychronize the data sampling of the Arduino to the test circuit. Inductance: 3.7mH View our Privacy Policy here. Fluke: 0.763v = 0.763a Metric Gauge (D.)Turns(S.), (jrr-at-flippers-dot-com for those who do not have their browser set to open their email client) Calc ohms: 0.60ohm ----Herko/Herlux B116 coil #1---- Calc ohms: 3.97 ohm Amprobe: 3.06v Fluke Cold: 2.4ohm

Pay particular attention to the stator for bits of magnet, and inspect the rotor carefully for broken magnets. IdealizedCoilCalc.doc. $160/pair It stands to reason that more current in the primary is a good thing, however the current flow is limited by the ability of the points, or the electronics in place, to handle it.


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