electric car conversion cost

Doing those miles in a classic car (like the Lancia Fulvia that ECC converted recently) would have set you back around £970 (based on 29MPG and petrol at £1.24 per litre = £5.64 per gallon). As a cheaper solution, a popular source is insurance write-offs – currently mostly Tesla.

it’s probably fair if we just consider the cost of the conversion itself.

In summation and in a weak attempt at answering the question put forth in the title of this article, an ev conversion cost will more than likely cost you $10,000 minimum if you already have the car and are willing to do the work yourself. Three Types of Global Warming Solutions and Their Economic Benefits, Drop-In Electric Bike Conversion Kit Employs a Friction Drive & Has a 30-Mile Range, How Millennials Feel About Cars, Public Transit and Electric Vehicles, Rivian Introduces 3 Ton "Electric Adventure Vehicles", Jaguar Unveils the C-X75 PHEV Supercar (With 4 Electric Motors and 2 Gas Micro-Turbines), Open Source DIY Electric Car Can Be Built in Less Than an Hour, Volkswagen Starts Taking Orders for Its ID.3 Electric Car. curb weight) with a manual transmission.

All of these factors will vary, based on the weight of the car you convert, and the type of engine and batteries you install. However, expect to pay anywhere between £10,000 to £50,000+.

As the world moves towards electric cars, there are many companies and enthusiasts carrying out an electric car conversion on classic cars.

What Is a Natural Gas Vehicle and What Does CNG Mean? The only real expense is the batteries, which will need to be replaced about every 3 to 4 years. With electric and hybrid vehicles now accounting for 10% of the UK automotive market, 2020 and beyond could mark a major change in the car world. MOTs are generally unaffected, most of the classics ECC do are MOT exempt, and obviously it won’t need an emissions test, as there are no exhausts. Brands such as Everything EV offer complete DIY kits that begin from as little as £5,000, which seems reasonable.

It may also be given a new tax bracket based upon the weight, seat configuration and other difference when compared to the standard vehicle. Don’t forget there are savings to be made, though. Companies like Phoenix Motorcars, Tesla Motors, Commuter Cars and Miles Automotive Group and ZAP are coming close, but you still can't plunk down some cash and buy an electric car from them today. Michael Brown, author of Convert It, recommends a car that is light and roomy like a Rabbit, Civic, Sentra, Escort or light pickup truck. Performing an electric car conversion on your classic car is a brave move. The engine of an electric car has a virtually infinite lifespan — the components will probably outlast the chassis. Should I Buy an Electric Bicycle? It’s not an easy thing to do, but Jon Peck from Electric Classic Cars (ECC), the creator of two of the aforementioned cars, gave us a great insight about the process and what’s possible – and plausible – as well as some idea about the costs involved. If you live in a city with restrictions based on emissions, too, you could save even more. As you would expect, this involves removing a large majority of the car’s original components. We really should all be driving electric vehicles (or none at all). Maybe a combination of the two – giving economical motoring in a retro package. This is one of the first things you will notice whilst driving an electric car for the first time.

However, this doesn’t include any of the tools required and the many hundreds of hours spent installing the kit. Could electric cars be the death of modifying? The ideal donor car has a good body and interior, sound transmission, but a dead engine. How Can We Detox Our Cars From Their Oil Addiction?

Finally, after converting the car to electric you’ll end up with a pile of parts you no longer need – engine, exhaust etc. For example, a company called Canadian Electric Vehicles provides kits to convert Chevy S10 trucks, Geo Metros and Dodge Neons. Remember that gas-powered cars cost the owner about $1800 per year on average for fuel costs alone, and there is the addition expense of engine maintenance and oil changes.


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