walkout comprehension quiz
5. a) Florida These young people have shown up (11) ___________________. You think intolerance is the most dangerous problem in society. Senator Elizabeth Warren joined the crowds and spoke at (10) ___________________ the Capitol building.      d.  listen to them, Students in the USA took part (1) ___________________ on Wednesday. 3. 2. Match the following synonyms from the article. They then took part in chants against the powerful gun group the National Rifle Association (NRA). Tell the others three reasons why. Lincoln H.S. Write down their answers. One student said: "The walkout was for those who will never be here again, but we're fighting for those who (5) ___________________." Were they new, interesting, worth learning…? a) the ARN (  1  ) Students in the USA took part in a protest on Wednesday.

(...)  their schools to protest against gun violence. d) Texas Chicano Movement Film, The Hate You Give Supplemental Lesson: Student-Led Protests and Walkouts, Walkout Movie (Discussion Questions Powerpoint), Walkout (2006 HBO Film) - Spanish Materials, Walkout Movie (Preguntas / Student Questions) Handout, Film Notes/ Viewing Guide- "Walkout" (English), Film Notes-Viewing Guide-Walkout (Spanish). Students learn historical information about Sal Castro, student leaders and the 1960's and compare to present day events. b) Trump Tower Together, put the words into different categories. Pioneers. Nonfiction Article of the Week 8-1: Walkout! 1) On what day of the week did the protests take place? In this worksheet, your student will summarize part of President Theodore Roosevelt’s message to Congress about conservation. Do this in pairs. Tell them how their things can be controlled.

Walkout. a) a month

Tens of thousands of high-schoolers walked out of their schools to / for protest against gun violence. I believe the young people will lead / led us." ptofreeus.Ibelievetheyoungpeoplewillleadus. (...)  rally outside the Capitol building. We additionally provide variant types and then type of the books to browse.

Verbal Questions. In the U.S. capitals / capital, Washington DC, hundreds of students gathered outside the White House to protest. b) Wednesday GUN: Spend one minute writing down all of the different words you associate with the word "gun".Share your words with your partner(s) and talk about them. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Another student said: "I came out because of what happened in Florida, but also because of what happens (6) ____ my neighborhood every day.".

5) What did a student say she was fighting for? I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! 9)  These young people have shown up to free us. StudentsintheUSAtookpartinaprotestonWednesday.Tensofthousan      a.  happening in The activity comes with a student handout! What do you know about the USA's National Rifle Association? One student said: "The walkout was for those who will never be here again, but we're fighting for those who might be next." 4)  Another student said: "I came out because of what ______ Florida." PROTESTS: Would you protest about these things? (Please look at page 12 of the PDF to see a photocopiable example of this activity. Welcome to CCC Spanish Store! About This Quiz & Worksheet.

Change topics and partners frequently. heldCongresshostageforyearsnow.Theseyoungpeoplehaveshownu      b.  will lease us Senator Elizabeth Warren joined the crowds and spoke at a (9) ____ outside the Capitol building. a) at a rally      a.  will leave us

Student Protests Article #8-1, Article of the Week Club, 8th Grade | Nonfiction Reading Passages Middle School, The Walkout Post-movie Quiz: English Version & Spanish Version, Heritage Speakers Materials- Year One Bundle, Chicano Movement Stations: Chavez, Huerta, United Farm Workers, East LA Walkouts, Social Justice United States History Activities BUNDLE: Primary Sources,Stations, Walkout Movie Guide | Questions | Worksheet (TV14 - 2006), Walkout Movie Guide Questions in English & Spanish.

     c.  happened in Character Development in The Tell-Tale Heart, Finding Text Evidence: Frederick Douglass, Literature About Chicago: Prose vs. Poetry. XD. Based on a true story, about student activist and Mexican-American Paula Crisostomo, tired of being treated unequally, decides to take action and stage a walkout at five East Los Angeles high schools in 1968. VOCABULARY: Circle any words you do not understand. Free, Printable Reading Worksheets, Lessons and Activities for Classroom use and Home Schooling. Pioneers” is the focus of this worksheet on citing text examples.        capital / hundreds / building / chants / rally / hostage / crowd / vote / elections Share what you discover with your partner(s) in the next lesson.      d.  happens on Ask him/her three questions about them. Comment on your partner’s paper.

1. 25%. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In the U.S. capital, Washington DC, hundreds of students gathered outside the White House to protest. This product includes an English version and a Spanish version. PROTESTS: Make a poster about protests. They chose March 14 for their protest as that marks a month since the February 14 Florida shooting in which 17 students (3) ___________________. The most important city or town of a country or region (usually with its government buildings). Why? U.S. Free ESL Materials.com - 4,000+ lesson plans with printable worksheets, listening and online quizzes. Analyzing O!


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