do rabbits have seizures before they die
Check them over for injuries and plan your next step accordingly. Dealing with the loss of your pet rabbit is one of the hardest experiences. Her death has left us broken, and since I know there are so many bunny parents out there, I thought it would be important to show the truth about how to look after a dying bunny. I saw him collapse while he was running i rushed to him while he was layed on his side i sat down and held him in my arms until he took his final breath. Someone please help. But my mother let him out when I wasn't home and as soon as I came through the front door, my little guy was up on his hind legs. I still can't believe it. somewhere inaccessible to other pets, as the fear can be fatal for a rabbit. We got her out on the Thursday as we had to clean the hutch and she went to the back of the garden and just sat there. I rang the women who I got the rabbits off as she had the Mum, Dad and brothers and she couldn’t believe the sisters were still alive. Either keep your rabbit out of the garden, or only use pet-safe Best wishes for you and you new bunnies. Nothing has changed with her but she barely eats at all. “This site is owned and operated by GB Alliance LLC. belleart (author) from Ireland on December 11, 2015: Aziz, your bun needs to see a vet, I'm afraid its not a very good sign if they don't eat or drink and don't move a lot. I'm so sad! A seizure can vary in effects. physiological distress, fear, or pain. You know them quite well. I blame myself. The feeling was and is unbearable, he was like you say, part of the family.

The veterinarian will also run blood tests to help identify multi-system diseases or infections which can cause the seizures, as well as imaging, such as an MRI or CAT scan, to rule out any lesions, tumors or inflammation of the central nervous system. What happens if my bunny lays on the side and doesnt move does it mean its dead ?

If you don’t have a safe environment or young children then a hutch and preferably a safe run is a much better choice and can avoid terrible accidents! The mist difficult thing beside watching him dying in my arms (maybe I was wrong ti hold him) is to start thinking what I did wrong with his nutrition. The best thing to do until you can get to see somebody is keep offering treats, lots of cuddles and petting (if your bun allows it) and try not to stress it out. I thought he was getting better a couple days ago but today I found him all hutch up being really still:(( he wouldn't eat his favorite veggies and felt really cold and weighted light. scream from your rabbit, only to find your pet near, but no physical harm to We will take him to the vet and make him feel comfotable. Sometimes when she is out, she hops like her young self, and runs up to us, other times she can't. Rabbits should be treated by a vet just like dogs and cats. It has been going on for about 30 minutes and she still has not died. You should visit your Veterinarian for an examination to help try to determine an underlying cause. i love my bunnies so much. well as the loud noises and running around seen by children is not healthy for It would be a good idea to have him examined to make sure that he isn't having a problem with his ear or otherwise. Since then she always walked kind of to one side so we always wondered if she’d had a stroke. When a rabbit screams it is Poppy knew that something was wrong herself as she was constantly licking him. Some rabbits scream more than others. I’ve had him since I was seven and now I’m 12 I am breaking inside!!! Sorry - you are obviously passionate and mean well but also speaking with an air of authority which is mis-informed. They do not move. I have it framed and hung where we can see it and it makes me so happy to see that she was such a happy bunny. Children under the age of 12 should not be

Personally, I don't agree with hutches—rabbits are extremely sociable characters and can get lonely and depressed if they are confined.

(Seizures are abnormal electrical activity in the brain, not the nerves between the brain and muslces.) She is having difficulty grooming herself, so feces gets stuck on her tail and leg.

Things that are not OK are when your bun stops eating, doesn't move around for a long while, doesn't drink and generally doesn't seem themselves.

Took him home and was trying to syringe feed him like what the vet said and he started having spasms and started shivering uncontrollably. What To Avoid? My amazing sister made this beautiful picture of our pet Cocoa. If they have major injuries, they should be taken to the vet. Rabbits scream if they are Could this been a seizure. She had changed so much from being outside, she was running around the house, sitting on the couch beside us and looking for kisses, she loved her freedom, and we loved her being so happy. It really is so devastating to lose a bun so special to our hearts, but it sounds like he had a wonderful home and family, and that's really important. The doctors has been doing tests on him trying to figure out what's wrong with him but they still don't know.. that is my major concern? It just shows how vulnerable she was and I wish I could've done something. seizures. 1. The ones you saw may not have even been siezures. Id never had rabbits before so was pretty new on how to care for them etc. Seizures are considered an emergency and it is vital if your pet suffers from an episode that you contact your veterinarian immediately for assessment. Are Pet Rats Loud? Did the care much about anything. After a long six hours, she was still and we knew that she was gone. I thought she hurt her back cause of how limb she was. I think it is ok if they are in a cage if they have a run and heaps of space + a companion, My bunny Willow is super skinny and dosent look like he is eating but he is drinking and pooping, I lost my bunny 2 days ago. Great for noticing odd behaviour though, I Have a question is it possible my bunny is dying she wont eat only drinking water and peeing alot and is staying to herself nor being the social happy bunny she usual is. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM. Regardless of the type, some signs of epilepsy that are relatively common include: Certain breeds of rabbit may be more likely to experience seizures than others. The whole episode lasted for about 15 minutes. I have looked around from him at least a 100 times in the last 2 days. My other bunny, Bear, will be going to the vet ASAP to make sure he is all good and nothing was contagious. She was and always will be loved. i will never take her to the vet because they killed my baby cuddles. If your pet recovers from the seizure, they should be evaluated by a veterinarian. Very sad day today as our 13 year old rabbit died in my arms and there wasn't anything I could do.

Why Would a Rabbit Scream When it is Dying? As i went outside that one night at about 7 i comforted both willow and poppy.

She wouldn't move from the fireplace, so we decided to sleep down beside her, we couldn't bear to leave her on her own, and we didn't want to risk moving her. She wasn't eating or drinking and her head was tilted just like cocoas. belleart (author) from Ireland on April 21, 2016: Yana that's awful, I'm so sorry to hear that you've lost a bun and that she left behind a partner. Previous to this happening she was eating and drinking fine and running around the garden it was so sudden. These can be generalized with loss of consciousness and signs affecting the entire body or partial, which affect the motor activity while the pet is conscious. Every pet owner should be aware of the diseases and other factors that could prove life-threatening to bunnies. This happens twice already since we got her 2weeks ago.I can say she recovers really fast. He hasn't been eating or drinking and his friend died. What should I do? Seizures often resolve on their own, but may leave your bunny unresponsive or with resulting injuries. Health Care Basics. Rabbits have been known to let out a squeal if they are startled or scared, so you may be adding stress if you immediately run them to the veterinarian when they could have calmed down with time. What Sounds Do They Make? bring bun to the vet and im sure youl be able to figure bout whats wrong. your rabbit you should still be concerned. White, blue-eyed rabbits and lop-eared rabbits are also more likely to to develop forms of epilepsy or seizures. Gardening products, pesticides, washing powder, and other No more hutch only cause thr animals wise, I just had to put my rabbit down at 6 years old. sad i love you soooooo! Igot really worried about her and she was always still and only done slight movements. i was reading this today. This Scream, or Loud Squeal, Will Sound Similar to a Small Child. Today was supposed to be a good day for me because I got a new phone but I went to feed and play with my bunny today and realised he wasn’t as enthusiastic. We had Cocoa in a hutch in the garden for 2 years with a little enclosure for her to run around in outside and eat the grass. P.S. This dose will be revised and your pet will require follow up appointments with your veterinarian. much i love you and i will always love you!


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