king philip's war timeline
During the summer of 1675 the Native Americans attacked at Middleborough... Read more, On July 14, 1675, early violence in King Philip's War took place in Mendon, with the deaths of multiple residents and the destruction of Albee's... Read more, In 1676, at the height of King Philip's War, the war leader of the Wampanoag used a ruse to lure away the bulk of the colonial troops to the north.... Read more, At the time of the Europeans' arrival, Deerfield was inhabited by the Pocumtuck nation, with a village by the same name. . July 9, 1675 – Middleboro and Dartmouth are destroyed, July 1675 – Narragansetts “harass” Providence settlers, July 14, 1675 – Nipmuc Indians attack Mendon, July 19, 1675 – Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Colony forces storm Pocasset Swamp. February 1676 – Hunger March – English army of 1,400 chased Narragansett resulting in many skirmishes but no major battle, wasting English energy and provisions. May 18-19, 1676 – Battle of Great Falls / Wissantinnewag-Peskeompskut – Captain Turner and 150 English attack the Indian camp “Tuner’s Falls’” resulting in approximately 200 Natives and 38 English killed. . More than half of New England's towns were attacked by Native American warriors. June 12th Hadley is defended by Connecticut Colony troops. . The town is not evacuated until September 6th when Major Treat and Connecticut forces arrive. . . While Metacom did spare the families of English that had treated his father and the tribes well, his guerrilla tactics were as brutal as they were effective. . . On May 18, 1676, Captain William Turner of the Massachusetts... Read more, With the help of their long-time allies the Mohegans, the colonists won at Hadley, Massachusetts, on June 12, 1676, and scattered most of the... Read more, Philip's allies began to desert him. . In the fall on 1675, the English sent men to gather their crops and grains left over in deserted villages and bring to the fort.

June 23, 1675 – Boy shoots Pokanoket man, and the war begins, June 24, 1675 – Pokanokets attack and kill nine Swansea settlers. . The first Wampanoag attack on the town of Swansea. On June 24, 1675, the Wampanoag and their allies burned several English villages. Colonists destroy a fortified Wampanoag village after a three-hour battle near Providence. The spark that ignited King Phillip's War was a report from a Native American Christian convert ("Praying Indian")—an early Harvard graduate,... Read more, At sunrise, on February 10, 1675, during King Philip's War, Lancaster came under attack by Narragansett, Wampanoag, and Nashaway/Nipmuc Indians.... Read more, On the testimony of a Native American witness, Plymouth Colony arrested three Wampanoags, including one of Metacom's councilors. . . . . In the space of little more than a year, twelve of the region's towns were destroyed and many more damaged, the colony's economy was all but ruined, and much of its population was killed, including one-tenth of all men available for military service. . The Wampanoag warriors cut down many trees to block the trail and while some Engli… June 20, 1675 – Swansea looted by Pokanoket men and several homes are looted and destroyed, displacing some of the English settlers. July 15, 1676 – Attack on Taunton is repulsed, July 15, 1676 – Ninigrit and Niantics formally sign peace treaty with Massachusetts Bay. . September 26, 1675 – Mill and buildings aredestroyed south of Springfield, September 1675 – Attacks continue throughout Maine, and by the end of September over 12 English are killed around Sasco, October 1675 – Attacks continue throughout Maine, approximately another dozen English are killed, October 4, 1675 – 300 English forces march north to Hadley for expedition, leaving Springfield defenseless, October 5, 1675 – Nipmuc and Agawam forces attack Springfield and 300 homes are destroyed, October 19, 1675 – English defense of Hatfield – first English semblance of victory, November 1676 – English demobilize; Native forces go to Menameset for winter quarters, December 1675 – King Philip at Schagticoke attacked by Mohawk, January 27, 1676 – Pawtuxet, Rhode Island is destroyed, February 1, 1676 – Framingham garrison is assaulted by the Nipmuc. . Create your own unique website with customizable templates. . . June 21 -22, 1675 – Plymouth Governor Josiah Winslow ordered 200 men to be raised, and Boston prepares for diplomatic negotiations with Nipmuc, Narraganset, Niantic and King Philip. 17th Century Warfare, Diplomacy & Society in the American Northeast conference papers soon to be released! The leader of the Wampanoag Indian... Read more, Hatfield was founded in 1660 on land granted to General Daniel Dennison and Governor William Bradford. . . They furnished their full measure of men and supplies, and their soldiers bore a conspicuous part in that contest between the races for supremacy. . . . . In January, he and his band traveled further west to Mohawk territory, seeking, but failing to... Read more, In April 1676 the Narragansett were defeated and their chief, Canonchet, was killed.

. . Photo’s From the MPMRC’s 3rd Annual 17th Century Encampment! During this time King Philip’s forces escape across Mount Hope Bay into Pocasset territory and are joined with Weetamoe’s Pocasset forces. . . . Major Benjamin Church emerged as the Puritan hero of the war; it was his company of Puritan rangers and Native American allies that finally hunted down and killed King Philip on August 12, 1676. . 1675-King Philip’s War During King Philip’s war, the colonists of Connecticut did not suffer much from hostile Indians, excepting some remote settlers high up the Connecticut River. King Philip is killed by an Indian who's brother Philip had killed for his suggestion of surrender. .

. . June 30 – July 1, 1675 – English soldiers under Major Thomas Savage move into Pokanoket peninsula. By early July, over 400 had surrendered to the colonists, and Philip himself had taken refuge in the... Read more, With Metacomet's death, the war in the south was largely ended. August 2, 1675 – “Wheeler’s Surprise” – Captain Hutchinson’s diplomatic party is ambushed by Muttawmp’s forces on way to meet Nipmuc sachems. . . Three Wampanoag Indians are hanged, sparking the need for war in Metacomet. . . . . September 18, 1675 – Battle of Bloody Brook – Captain Lathrop and his men are ambushed by Muttawmp on their way to evacuate Deerfield and nearly all are killed. September 5, 1675 – Androscoggin Indians raid trading post at Pejebscot Falls, Maine, September 9, 1675 – Penobscot Indians shot at Casco Bay, Maine, September 12, 1675 – Home in Falmouth, Maine is attacked and six English are killed in action. . July 25, 1676 – Shoshonin and 180 Nipmuc surrender in Boston, August 12, 1676 – King Philip is intercepted at Mount Hope and killed by Alderman, August 15, 1676 – Major Talcott’s Connecticut forces kill 35, and capture 20 near Great Barrington, August 28, 1676 – Anawan and followers are captured near Squannakonk Swamp, Rehoboth, © 2018 . They gathered all that was left in wagons and began their return to the fort. . Desperate for food and shelter, the Rebel Indians raided the town of Medfield. . . February 10, 1676 – Lancaster is attacked and much of the town is destroyed, February 10, 1676 – Weymouth is attacked, February 21, 1676 – Medfield attacked – 300 Nipmuc and Narragansett warriors engage 100 English resulting in 18 English killed and others captured, March 2, 9, 13, 1676 – Groton is attacked and abandoned, March 12, 1676 – Clark’s Garrison south of Plymouth is attacked and 11 settlers are killed in action, March 14, 1676 – Northampton is attacked and Natives are driven back by Major Treat’s Connecticut forces. . July 3, 1676 – Warwick Massacre – 80 Narragansett surrender at Warwick and are attacked and massacred by Major Talcott’s Connecticut Colony troops. . 1675-King Philip’s War During King Philip’s war, the colonists of Connecticut did not suffer much from hostile Indians, excepting some remote settlers high up the Connecticut River. . October is Rhode Island Archaeology Month, Welcome to Battlefields of King Philip’s War, Join us for the reopening of the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center. At sunrise, on February 10, 1675,... Mary Rowlandson is Freed from Wampanoag Indians. . . June 27, 1676 – Connecticut Colony send Major Tallcott to range with 300 English soldiers and an unknown number of Native allies. . An army of around 1,000 colonists is formed to face a group of Wampanoag. The war is named after the main leader of the Native American side, Metacomet, known to the English as "King Philip". Map of New England 1609-1672 (Click to enlarge). .

July 29, 1675 – King Philip’s force cross the Taunton River, and he abandons civilians who were later surrendered to Plymouth Colony and were largely sold into slavery. Metacomet becomes chief. . Over 600 colonists and 3,000 Indians had been killed. . . . . Thanks to the combined efforts of the Wampanoag, Nipmucks, and Narragansetts the entire upper Connecticut Valley was once again Indian territory. June 26, 1675 – Captain Savage heads to Boston to inform Governor Leverett of the war. It was formally incorporated as a town in... Read more, On November 2, Plymouth Colony governor Josiah Winslow led a combined force of colonial militia against the Narragansett tribe.


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