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Maybe your council is simply trying to encourage people to get off their fat arses and not rely on the car as much. There is little margin for error, and, as I’m sure you know, other motorists aren’t as well behaved as you or me. It’s easier to decide what to avoid when it comes to buying a used car from Japan, or buying a used car from the dealer down on Main Street USA, for that matter. Please contact us for more info. Over 40 fresh Japanese Imports in stock at our York Showroom. The EK Custom is here because it’s a Mitsubishi we actually want. Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart R. STOCK.

... Japan Imports UK. That being the case, I have to warn you off going for the car that I loved so much, the Mitsubishi Dangan. So glad this was the first group I tried as I have heard horror stories about the import process. Aiming a car so flagrantly at women would have the political correctness police knocking at your door over here. This page is updated regularly so please check back often for new stock. And all from a smidge over £5,000. Daihatsu Mira L200 TR-XX There is the Suzuki Wagon R / Vauxhall Agila, both sold here so no need for import. At the same time, urban roads in major cities such as London have not got any wider to compensate. As a Jap imports specialist, we have new stock arriving each and every month but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our inventory it’s always worth calling us as we may well be able to source and import a vehicle closely tailored to your specifications.

THIS VAN HAS TO BE SEEN TO BE APPRECIATED. What do you plan to gain from driving a kei car in the UK? Though, given its size, it might do it in many, many small stages. the uses for it are endless, from a camper. BBC is a trademark of the British Broadcasting Corporation. thanks for the suggestions guys, the beat is real nice but only 2 seater, any more suggestions for a more 'wagon' style of car? Brilliantly bonkers. tax & mot . Land Rover Defender 90 review: the Defender to have? In my experience of driving large and small cars in England, larger ones have always been easier, people let you out more often and dont cut you up. five star service all the way. Are you as passionate about cars as we are?

Kei cars, fresh in concept and innovative in design, make the Smart irrelevant and superfluous. BMW M340d Touring xDrive review: secretly the best car BMW makes? O.K……Subjective, or what? HOME. Truly, it isn’t easy. Looking at these models of Japanese Kei sports cars that we’ve got listed on this page (and there are more than these models to be found here in Japan), the question now is: “What is the best Kei sports car to import from Japan if you are going to do a direct self import?”, Direct import from Japan is the best way to go with these vehicles because that way you have access to the good selection available at both the Japanese used car auctions and at the Japanese used car dealers.

Yet who are we to judge the tastes of the Japanese market, a market which also accommodates a Hello Kitty edition of the Mitsubishi Mirage, complete with cat-shaped cushions? We refer you to the Pixis Mega, Toyota’s version of the even more obscurely titled Daihatsu Wake. The exact and official engine capacity of most K-cars is 658cc. And while 63bhp isn’t even half the output of Suzuki’s still-tame Swift Sport, the little Alto Turbo is also roughly half the price, starting at the yen equivalent of just £6800. He even helped me arrange a mechanic in Japan to do some work on the Hiace I purchased so that it would arrive in the US in tip top shape and be ready to hit the road. uk kei cars. Furthermore, in narrow London streets, a Kei would be able to squeeze past parked Prius (badly parked cars seem always to be Prius & Merc E class) waiting to pick up passengers. I just like the face. Its replacement comes in three flavours, the Cero aping the cute looks of old, the XPlay pretending it’s some sort of SUV-roadster crossover, and the amusingly named Robe, pictured, which sits somewhere between the two. full electric pack. The engine revs high like a motorcycle’s with an exciting 3-cylinder rumble that combines with the low riding height and wind flowing through your hair to make driving feel fast and exciting at 84mph. Import Kei cars direct from Tokyo. Thanks again Mathew and I'm looking forward to the next Cruiser!

(Here at Japan Car Direct, we source good units at good prices from both the auctions and the dealers.). Check out the full on face shot of the black Alto Works we’ve got in this post here. It’s kind of a subjective issue because some guys want the low end grunt of the super charger, even if it comes at the expense of a bit of top end power (I’m in this group); other sports car drivers want that high ultimate boost that the turbo is best at. Supplying some of the best MPV cars on the market, we have 8 seater cars and 7 seater cars for sale, mini mpv’s and camper vans, as well as specialist disabled access vehicles. KS4 Subaru Sambar: How to replace the Distributor Rotor/Cap/O Rings, KS4 Subaru Sambar: Timing belt water pump replacement, KS4 Subaru Sambar: Cold Start Post Repair, The 2018 Toyota Century — Japan’s answer to Rolls-Royce, Honda Won Four 2018 ‘Best Cars for the Money’ Awards, Toyota Rotary Engine Vehicle Displayed at CES 2018, Self-healing electric Lamborghini supercar. We used to have a Cappuccino and it was a barrel of laughs. And most parking is in marked bays so having a smaller than average car is no advantage. uk kei cars. In fact, with many Kei models already in production, who needs Up? The Slash takes the regular, more prosaic N-Box and funks it up considerably. I worked with Mat and i believe i couldn't have done any better. Seven electric motors and a taste for drifting - the Mach-E 1400 likes to smoke. The Leeza was a largely unremarkable hatchback built from 1986 to 1993, but it had a convertible version called the Spider, and that injected it with a dash of careless cool. So, for the folks in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia that can’t get the new kei trucks anyway, I’d say you’re not missing anything much. Based in York, England, Our goal is to provide the finest example of pre-owned JDM Cars. When I changed my direction, Mathew helped me wrap things up and wished me well. Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ-4 Logos © 1996. Your information will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Gullwing goodness and mid-ship excitement!

Based in worcestershire with over 10 years experience in importing vehicles from Japan, UK Kei Cars has the ability to find the perfect car for you. Disabled Access vehicles in stock. My kids, and my wife, love to drive it:). Fun, cheap, simple, reliable cars are not being built much these days, but there are some wickedly good exceptions to this, like the new Suzuki Alto Works. The engine is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission. The Cappuccino, especially, benefits from the fact that the engines used in it, the F6A and the K6A, were also used in the Alto Works, the Jimny, and other Suzuki vehicles and were made in very large numbers. There is a class of vehicles called "K-Class" in Japan. 1989 volvo 240 gl – rust free japanese import – make a good historic rally car – here now and fully uk registered £ 5,995.00; nissan vanette pick up truck – 1988 – only 25000 kms ( 15625 miles ) here now and uk registered £ 5,995.00; honda spike jdm – mini mpv 1500cc vtec with paddleshift – here now uk registered and ready for sale

The ideal for a European Kei Car would increase the engine size of the existing Japanese Kei Cars and power limit to 750-800cc and 75-80 hp maximum respectively, whilst ditching the post-1998 Tall Wagon bodied variants. Opinion - Why can't we drive kei cars in the UK? We are passionate about our work and happy you found us!We're here to get you the best JDM vehicle to meet your requirements!

Hi there im spent a lot of time in Japan and want to buy a kei car over here in the uk, i cannot seem to find anywhere selling them though, surely with everyone favoring the small car … Yoshi and team were patient in helping me find the right car (green 2016 Prius 4WD) and get me through the process. Just look in the classifieds, they're out there. Boxy can be boring, but boxy can also be utterly glorious. That’s what’s best for me, but what about what’s best for you in buying your own Kei sports machine? Discovered KEI vehicles about a year ago and spent many hours searching the internet in hopes of finding an affordable van state side, to no avail. It also features an intercooled turbocharger, double overhead camshafts, full engine management, 9000 rpm redline and 5-speed manual transmission for truly fun performance. Micro sports cars, quirky camper vans, teeny tipper trucks: we want these midgets over here. You can bet your last dollar, that were these narrow cars become the norm, the stupid legislators would try to squeeze another lane in and you'd be back to square one !1. Here is an insight into what sort of vehicles we have to offer at the present time. i want one of the SR models, i just think think look cool and also fit into the lower tax/insurance bracket. Go old kei truck. Each to their own, and all that. Mathew and the gang were great with helping me with the acquisition of my 1994 Subaru Sambar dump kei truck. Last week a car in front of me was turning off to the right, waiting over on the right side of the lane to turn in, I squeezed through and looked behind in the mirror, the Astra behind me followed but went up the kerb to do it.

The Honda N Box is Japan's best-selling kei car, and is underpinning the firm's current upturn in financial fortunes. The adrenaline rush is real! With literally thousands of vehicles ready for import in Japan we are able to source any vehicle you require. Speed Week 2020: nine things to know about the Morgan Plus Four, The new VW Golf R has a different ‘R’ on its a*se, Speed Week 2020: nine reasons you need a baby Porsche 917, Ford Transit Custom PHEV review: a plug-in hybrid van, Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Hybrid review: the best small car money can buy. Now, for something to help you decide what may be the best kei truck for you to import from Japan, we have some articles over on … Suzuki Cappuccino You can also buy the Kei version of the Caterham 7 here. The First FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup! You can even turn it into a mini camper van, a gazebo unfurling from the rear hatchback and the interior folding into a double bed for especially small people. This updated BMW R nineT is the retro Beemer you need, Big news in America: it's the Jeep Gladiator Top Dog. this van has to be seen to be appreciated. Supplying some of the best MPV cars on the market, we have 8 seater cars and 7 seater cars for sale, mini mpv’s and camper vans, as well as specialist disabled access vehicles. Of course once we started bidding the truck was recovered, but Matt was upfront and very helpful both getting into and out of our auction based relationship. Now if only everyone was driving around in such wonders as the Daihatsu D-Base concept, the Nissan Teatro for Dayz, the Suzuki Mighty Deck or Air Triser, then Londoners could waft around in their narrow lanes as much as they liked without impeding motorists in others. Forum. I was daunted by the prospect of purchasing a vehicle overseas.

I understand there are safety regulations to consider, but what's good for Tokyo should be good for us. You only need a daydreaming National Express driver on his way to Exeter or an errant Land Rover Freelander to go walkabout to be on your brakes, thereby causing all those behind you to do the same. Suzuki Alto Turbo RS. When driving into central London, I do so via the M4 and A4. He is thorough, clear, and timely. No Honda Beat for her….But that’s not why we broke up, by the way.).


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