asking hecate for help
Dark Moon Hour, Kibele because is the bountiful earth mother, the first and the last. Draw aside the Veils and help this new life cross And ask You to help her/him easily across Please, dear Hecate, shine Your lantern bright So that we may still see each other through the Veil And bless us who remain, as much as possible, With memories filled with more love and laughter than tears Blessed Hecate, … After performing an exorcism or energy clearing, hang mandrake root above the entry ways and ask Hecate to guard them to prevent the return of negative entities. Hecate is invoked in magical operations involving divination, or trans-personal objectives, i.e. The chant below brings swift justice to those who treat you unfairly.

Take the time you need because you will need total clarity of mind. So that we may still see each other through the Veil I suppose when I was invoking to deal with the pain of losing my friend, I left myself open and it attacked. Forget it. Mental health is a funny thing. Excerpt from It was feminine in form, and it had long, tattered grey hair. The intention of this site is not to indoctrinate anyone. Bring justice now, I ask of Thee! When I was asking for guidance to help me deal with the fact that my best friend is leaving for a long time, I definitely felt a presence. I guess I should start by saying this happened just a few minutes ago. At the end of this ritual, thank her again. To the brilliant Sacred Dark of Your essence, Hecate, Great One, bless me, Your Priest/ess, If you celebrate rites of passage in your traditional … Cleanse afterwards with a bath and remember - don't look back.

(And be sure to warn the living occupants that it’s toxic!). it freaked him out for sure but hes fine now. This entry was posted in Evocation, Hekate and tagged Evocation, Greek Magical Papyri, Hecate, Hekate on December 2, 2009 by Tara. I also created Trismegistia to offer pagan music with New Age style. Summon the Goddess by her name, thanking her for the help you have received. Attraction Chant (Be careful—it’s also highly toxic!). Do what it is I ask of Thee." Grandmother of the Moon! Guard me with your magic power. If you are being threatened, I would ask a god first for guidance and courage to do what needs to be done to make my situation safe. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Frightened, I put a circle around myself and tried to invoke Hecate again. & Dusk Destroyer of illusion and Guardian of the Gates Right the wrongs that have been done, The house still looks like a meth user lives there and they never bothered to clean up. lives. As You bless all who honour You, And guide this mother, (this father,) all this child's family Leading me onward, and I follow with Your name writ on my soul, As Your hound, I search and sort truth from illusion Hecate appeared just afterwards and told me to be wary of the hags. May the rattle ever be shaken, It's been a difficult time, but today I mourned after saying my final goodbyes.

She specializes in the use of herbs in magic, witchcraft and the metaphysical arts. When I send an email asking for help, I will write a subject in a concise manner. So if I don’t write a subject, they waste time to understand what I want to ask.

A Celebration of the Seasons & the Spirit. How to Ask the Angels For Help. Learn how to summon Goddess Hecate (or Hekate) with this ritual to bring changes in your life.

She sees to it that all involved get precisely what they deserve. Turn misfortune back to those Leto because she is the mother of twins Artemis and Apollo, Energy-Protection for Highly Sensitive People, Wicca Spirituality Library: Your Access to Tons of Free Info. Post navigation ← Greek Temple Architecture Accessing A Current Pt I – Thoughts on initiation → Blessed Be! Cryptic reply aside, thanks for the names, OP. Warm yourself with love and cherish the memories that you and your friend shared. By clicking the image below you support Santuário Lunar and you subscribe to the best host: DreamHost! Speaking of which: Ask Hecate to pass a message along to a deceased loved one or ancestor. When all you want to do is sleep, or at least hide in bed, reaching out for help seems like an impossible challenge. Think about what you want to ask for Hecate. Let all happiness and love, The ritual below can be done when you are “lost” in your life. This visually stunning addition to a group ritual is a great way to welcome her energy. The Greek Goddess Hecate is still very much worshipped in different aspects of Witchcraft, including Wicca, for example.


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