blue river shorty bulls

Nurse no more than 3 times a day/night. KD Shorty Bulls have done countless hours of research and had lengthy conversations with our vets. Constant observation of progeny and breeding stock is needed and knowledge of bulldog development and husbandry is paramount. As such, Shorties are great as companions and as trial participants. Eyes should be set far apart and not protrude. Powered by Wordpress. The food should be slightly wetted now with the milk still mixed in. We must be provided written documentation forms by a licensed veterinarian containing diagnosis and prognosis for pup. By 2015 we have expanded our lines to include, Blue River's Che, Diego, Moby, Zoey, Petra, Cykus, Situation Goldberg & Bounce, to name a few. Connie Thompson  Splayed feet and weak pasterns area fault. All rights reserved. Just click on the link below. Shorty Bulls Più unici che rari Blue Rock’s Venere x Thompson’s Garibaldi Femmina: sold Maschio: disponibile Balesbullies Isabella Morra x Thompson’s Garibaldi Breeding Settembre 2012 Blue River’s Anita x Blue Blood’s Tabacco Breeding 2013 She is the creator of the breed.

Huge gratitude goes to Jamie Sweet of Blue River Bullies for granting this opportunity to breed to her amazing stud, Blue River Sitty! Shorty Bull Oklahoma Breeder registered BBC, BBCR and ABKC ribbon winners based on Blue River Bloodlines. Shorty Bull breeder information, pictures, pedigrees, along with puppy and show details. The blue coat coloring in most breeds is associated with skin problems. Geronimo & Annie Oakley are a dream fit....This breeding is designed to lock-in the showring-winning conformation we pursue in our Shorty progeny. Blue River Geronimo  x  GrCh Thompson Annie Oakley    Any coat color is possible in all litters produced. Most of these coat problems are common for dogs with the blue coloring.

By 2015 we have expanded our lines to include, Blue River's Che, Diego, Moby, Zoey, Petra, Cykus, Situation Goldberg & Bounce, to name a few. Geronimo is sired by the incomparable Blue River Rampage Jackson and out of the astounding female, CH Blue River's Faded and Jaded (Aka "Jade"). Pedigree position 15. NW GRCH Blue River’s The Greatest of All Time. At least 15 minutes of outdoor play time daily from this point on. Another Prevent-vac 7 is given. * If your pup is found in

Continue the Brewers Yeast and now up the Nuvet vitamin to a whole one a day. Our Shorty Bull adventure started in 2011, with our first 3 Shorty's, they did well in the showring, we championed BlackHawk and he placed in the dog trials. Alabama: AL Birmingham AL, Alaska: AK ,Arizona: AZ Phoenix AZ ,Arkansas: AR Little Rock AR ,California: CA ,Colorado: CO DENVER Colorado ,Connecticut: CT Bridgeport CT Delaware: DE Wilmington DE, Florida: FL Jacksonville FL Orlando FL Miami FL Tampa FL Georgia: GA Atlanta Georgia, savannah, Macon,Lyons Geogia, Reidsville Ga, Hawaii: HI Honolulu HI ,Idaho: ID Boise ID ,Illinois: IL Chicago Illinois ,Indiana: IN Indianapolis IN ,Iowa: IA Des Moines IA Kansas: KS Wichita KS, Kentucky: KY Lexington KY ,Louisiana: LA ,Maine: ME Portland ME Maryland: MD Baltimore MD, Massachusetts: MA Boston MA, Michigan: MI Detroit Michigan Flint Lansing Saginaw, Minnesota: MN Minneapolis MN, Mississippi: MS Jackson MS, Missouri: MO Kansas City MO, Montana: MT Billings MT, Nebraska: NE Omaha NE Nevada: NV LAS VEGAS Nevada, New Hampshire: NH Manchester NH, New Jersey: NJ Livingston New Jersey Mt. You can use mills as well, but I recommend outdoor exercise.

Thompson Marshall Dillon x Thompson Tanya Tucker  There is no test available for these problems prior to signs of infection. You may never need this, but it could be a lifesaver in a situation when a puppy is dehydrated. Hiking, Biking, Running, swimming, etc… Just keep an eye on your dog and watch for over exertions, over heating, limping, etc… Keep them on the same feeding and water plan. Shoulders and Rump: Well rounded and well muscled. Training is usually best to do free roam working. Expect hard-muscled, thick-boned, correct Shorties that will draw the judge’s attention in the show ring. Just click on the link below. Our deposits are taken based on first deposit received. * In no cases will pups be replaced with one of greater value without difference being paid by purchaser. With its Bull Breed ingredient list, this breed is a blend of the best qualities of each while striving to overcome some of the congenital and structural set-backs afflicting it's bully cousins.                     I give them a shot of Prevent-Vac7 now. Try Ch NSB Maverick, Blue River X-Man, GrCh BrassBullies Elvis, plus the top producing female ever...Blue River Voodoo! up at 8 weeks. At this point start to give them a half of the Nuvet vitamin daily! A Rabies shots as needed. This infrastructure ensures the Shorty is not bred and sold merely for profit while degenerating like so many other bull breeds have. * We will replace a dog purchased from us that becomes affected by Demodectic Preferably refresh twice a day. Having both Gus & I loving Bulldogs for a long time, the Shorty's came along and facinated us.

* If pups available are of greater value, KD Shorty Bulls will offer to deduct original purchase price from the purchase of another pup. It is what I have built and what I believe this breed should be. Laurel NJ BEDMINSTER NJ ENGLEWOOD NJ, New Mexico: NM Albuquerque NM,New York: NY NYC New york City New York, North Carolina: NC CHARLOTTE North Carolina CHARLOTTE NC RALEIGH NC, North Dakota: ND Fargo ND Ohio: OH Columbus OH,Oklahoma: OK Oklahoma City OK,Oregon: OR Portland OR Pennsylvania: PA THORNTON Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA,Rhode Island: RI Providence RI,South Carolina: SC COLUMBIA South Carolina Barnwell S.C, Akin S.C, South Dakota: SD Sioux Falls SD, Tennessee: TN KNOXVILLE Tennessee NASHVILLE TN Memphis TN Texas: TX TYLER Texas Houston Tx Dallas Tx Plano TX,Utah: UT Salt Lake City UT Vermont: VT Burlington VT,Virginia: VA Reston Virginia Herndon Virginia Virginia Beach VA, Washington: WA ISSAQUAH Washington Seattle WA, West Virginia: WV Charleston WV, Wisconsin: WI MILWAUKEE Wisconsin,Wyoming: WY Cheyenn Laurel NJ BEDMINSTER NJ ENGLEWOOD NJ. Also start to add a teaspoon of the Brewers Yeast to the food. Our mission for this breed is to only produce Bull dog puppies with ability, good health, and great temperaments, to adhere to the classic Shorty Bull that Jamie Sweet had intended. Feet: Tight feet and straight pasterns are desired. 13 weeks give them the 3-day Safe Guard worming.

Apache came to us from Jamie Sweet @ Blue River Shorty Bulls. It is always good to feed dogs on a hard surface and keep their bowls elevated so they stand straight while eating and drinking. Some bull breeds have been described as "dogs of velvet & steel". Estate Dogs 4825 Columbus Lancaster Rd. The drama that comes with any bull breed's development is unlike any other group of dogs it seems, and lines are drawn on all sides...although one camp has solidified itself through hard work and a strong ideal of what the Shorty should be. We accept the following methods of payment: We ship out of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.     

By our first generation we had another champion in Rocky Mountain Blanca. Over 40 pounds is allowed but should be proportionate to height. Cow hocks and pigeon toes are a fault. Blue River's Big Country (Sire to puppies) For more information and availability of the puppies below, please call 740-277-3086 : For detailed information on this breed please watch the video at the following link Shorty Bulls. Deposits are not transferred because of color. The Shorty combines some of the older bull breeds while focusing on unique characteristics and type to distinguish itself from the group.                         ...Breeding planned for early fall 2014! ****************************************. Pedigree position 9. The development will continue as long as dedicated bulldoggers like BLUE RIVER keep their eye on the prize. I usually mix it with some canned dog food. Small dogs, in general, don’t enjoy the rough play of children sometimes... the possibility of injury is unfortunately a problem for many small breeds, but not the Shorty. Our foundation dogs are out of mainly Blue River Shorty Bulls and Evoline Shorty Bulls KD Shorty Bulls is dedicated to having a quality breeding program that promotes the positive traits of the Shorty Bull & producing The Total Package = Block Head, Big Bone, Quality Structure, Athletic Ability, Willingness to Please, Intelligence, all with a Sound Temperament. We could have the whole package in one dog, athletic, energetic, healthy, happy & loves kids, at 40lbs or less. I have read, understand and agree to the KD Shorty Bulls Health Guarantee and Purchase Information. Pedigree position 8. A bowl of water should be available at all times. Pups are shipped or picked Feeding should be free feeding or 3 times a day.

Do not accept a puppy or dog that papers are in the mail & will be sent. 4-5 weeks I do the same thing, except I mix in . Obesity is a fault. KD Shorty Bulls is dedicated to having a quality "Spell-bound" is how we feel at Thompson's Shorty Bulls kennels as we wait for this Shortybull litter to be born... Thompson's Marshall Dillon    x   LNL X-Selena, Thompson's Shortybulls had high expectations when we brought in Locked N Loaded X-Selena in out of California, but just look what a beast of a female she became! Thompson's Shorty Bull and Bella Shorty Bull kennels tirelessly strive to build their Shortybull genetic pool....With this in mind, the breeding of Blue River's Situation has been bred to Thompson’s Belle Star (aka “Bella”). * DEPOSITS ARE NOT

This is done by coupling a devoted registry set up to track & archive Shorty pedigrees called the BULL BREED COALITION (BBC) with testing and evaluation for Shortys under the BREED CAPABILITY TEST (BCAP- I, II and III). You should also give another Prevent-vac 7 and Safe Guard treatment. This is the key time to really interact with your dogs. While other clubs & organizations have sprung up, the BBC maintains the highest qualifications for Shorty development. If Dennis the Menace lives at your house, he may have met his match in the Shorty Bull!

Always fresh water available at all times. The chest spread, girth, and hindquarters on her is amazing! illness related to lack of shots or de worming WILL NOT be replaced. Pedigree position 11. Urban apartment and condo dwellers will not be disappointed in their choice of this breed as a competent companion and guardian as the Shorty will possess a protective nature. Lending to the appearance of strength.


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