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Not even a miserable swansong, where injury blighted his days at Manchester City, could taint the memory of the magic he conjured on the pitch. James Costos, Barack Obama’s man in Spain, has spent summer on Mallorca for more than 15 years. When you have a chance to join clubs who are involved in the Champions' League every season, you have to consider it...I'm sure everyone must see the logic in that. [258] In February 2004, McManaman was criticised by Sir Alex Ferguson after an FA Cup Manchester derby at Old Trafford for "intimidating Gary Neville" to get him sent off in a headbutt incident, adding a derogatory comment that he had no idea what other role McManaman had in the game [and possibly for Manchester City]. [354], Also in 2019, McManaman commenced his role as a FIFA ambassador, and began with a visit to Cambodia.

[275] against the Swiss, McManaman and Sheringam (and later Gascoigne) were then substituted[276] by Venables while England were leading 1-0 with 15 minutes remaining (to save them for the next game) to a chorus of jeers from the Wembley crowd (at the decision), and England then switched to a defensive 4-5-1 formation[277] which saw them concede a late penalty and end up drawing the game 1-1.[278]. His performance on this greatest of club football stages saw him hailed the man of the match by the English press,[167][168] a view endorsed by his Madrid teammate Iván Helguera,[169] and Sir Alex Ferguson, who added: "I thought McManaman was excellent...there is no question he was man of the match...He was a threat all night and gave Real great penetration from midfield. McManaman was used as a late substitute for games at the start of the campaign and after scoring a goal and assisting in a couple of new signing Ronaldo's goals[223] he was given surprise starts. Financially he took a big risk, putting his career before money. Modelling contracts and deals with fashion labels like Top Man, Hugo Boss and Armani culminated in their collective nickname, the "Spice Boys". [79], In early 1998, Barcelona returned with another bid for McManaman,[80] and former Deportivo La Coruna president Augusto César Lendoiro later added that Barcelona did not want to sign his former player Rivaldo and that they wanted McManaman, and put it down to a "coincidence" that they pulled out and opted for Rivaldo instead,[81] with it being notable that the fact Barcelona came back again in 1998 (after having already signed Rivaldo five months earlier) had stood as evidence of that point. He related to everyone very well; he united people. I would have tried hard to sign him before he was able to leave, that's why I was fair to him. [77] A subsequent bid of £11 million from Juventus[78] in November of the same year was rejected by both club and player. Famously quoted as saying, “Don’t get mad. Real Madrid and Liverpool legend, Steve McManaman has put his house on the market, for the second time in two years. Their attendant hack pack smashed the unwritten rules of engagement. But, as an insight into their high-minded principles, both pointedly refused lucrative offers to flog exclusive rights to photo coverage of the big day to any of the glossy, gossip magazines. Victoria continued her studies, determined to "get my own qualifications, career and independence". Now that’s what I call love. It wasn’t long before the restless Victoria combined her lecturing duties with setting up a corporate entertainment company with a friend – and using her formidable intelligence to enhance and develop Real Madrid’s surprisingly basic corporate hospitality function. [184] McManaman meanwhile was adamant that even if the situation to get him to leave was created around him, no one from the club's hierarchy ever told him to leave to his face,[185] with the Spanish press even expressing the strange paradox of the whole situation by revealing that Del Bosque had actually rated McManaman highly and was quoted as saying: "Steve es el que entiende mejor cómo quiero que juguemos" ("Steve is the player in the team who best understands how I want us to play"). The last of McManaman's caps came in 2001 when new coach Sven-Göran Eriksson utilised him for England's first few games in the 2002 World Cup qualifiers– including a game back at Anfield against Finland (where McManaman admitted before the game that he had yet to achieve significant success with England and was hungry to prove himself[311]) and where McManaman would go on to set up David Beckham's winner.[312]. We are just here to play football. He has himself been married to wife Elizabeth for 43 years, and the couple have two sons and two daughters. It was not my fault Macca left. He was often criticised, however, for his inability to score many goals, although he would later improve upon this element of his game during the peak of his career. Suggestions that McManaman had "sold out" for money and had grown indifferent and lackadaisical to his football were rampant in the British Press, though the media were also described[by whom?] Other outstanding goals during his Liverpool career included goals against Aston Villa, Newcastle United and scoring the winner in a match against Arsenal with a stunning volley, after which he won a PFA Player of the Month award in December 1997. Everyone was down-to-earth. He would probably be my number two. He and his wife Victoria (nee Edwards) never displayed the least desire for stellar celebrity, Beckham-style, and their reward is the contentment of Mallorca, where they live with their 11-month old daughter, Ella, in a secluded villa in Son Vida.

[186][187], Real Madrid's hierarchy's change toward McManaman began when Del Bosque gave him his first appearance of the 2000–01 season as a substitute in a 3–3 draw against Málaga in mid-September. [366], By 2007, McManaman became a full-time media pundit, having joined Setanta Sports as a football analyst and, for the 2007–08 season, he was given his own television show -Macca's Monday Night- reflecting on life in the Barclays Premier League. To forge a social life of one's own, languages were necessary, and ideally not just Spanish. As you would expect, she put together a balanced piece that matched the travel, clothes and glamorous lifestyle with some of the more prosaic realities of life for a WAG: being expected to move from country to country at sometimes very short notice; the real problems of language and loneliness, of children’s schooling, and coping with a camera in your face 24/7. [7] In February 1993, McManaman captained the under-21 team for the first time against San Marino and scored the last goal in a convincing 6–0 win.


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