single kitten syndrome reddit
Somehow he knew that they were fragile. Only cats, and cats that may as well be only cats, do fine.

Your time with your kitten is precious. Playing ©patanasak | Getty Images. They grow up so quickly. Contrary to behavior myths about being loners, most cats do well with other cats. A year after we moved I adopted two more cats who needed homes. This happens rarely but when it does it sounds awful. You could try emphasizing that these two kittens in particular are so bonded, that it would be cruel to separate them. Adopting two cats who are buddies or introducing a potential friend to a resident kitty saves lives. I want to adopt him.

With hindsight I think I shouldn’t have got a second cat but it is what it is now.


Hello – we adopted a 5 month old kitten back in September 2017. Responsible shelters will conduct a thorough investigation of any potential adopters to ensure that not only is their home and lifestyle conducive to cat ownership, but that they are also financially capable of providing everything that your new kitty will need to live a happy, healthy life, from necessities such as food to the financial ability to address health conditions that may arise as your pet ages. What to Know and What to Do About a Crying Cat, How to Introduce Your Cat to a New Cat | Catster -,,,,,,,,,,, Solid Advice That Will Help You To Remove All Of Your Cat Problems – Unity Pets, Why Two Cats Are Better Than One - Fussie Cat,,,,,,, Your kitten will learn that when she is too rough, play time ends.

Because they have known each other their whole lives they usually settle into their new home without squabbling.

Here at rescue, we want you and your furry family members to be happy. Cheech and Delilah, I was forced to move from where the cats were outdoor cats and had to become indoor cats.

This will teach her not to be so aggressive. Our Gracey was orphaned at only a few weeks old, so she did not have the opportunity to learn how to inhibit her biting and claws.

They adapted to their new indoor home beautifully with all of us supporting each other,and lots of treats and belly rubs. Bringing home a young kitten to keep an older adult cat company often leads to problems.

I just checked the shelter site, randomly thinking about his brothers, and one is left there.

A cat can offer years of love and companionship, but only if you’re willing to put in the time and effort into building a relationship with them on their terms and understand when your cat is just being a cat. To Mikayla Cats do not respond to physical punishment like a dog, they do not have the 'pack' mentality and only want to please.

This action can intensify her actions and possibly cause him to become aggressive.

vasiliki / Getty Images. However, you’ll want to be sure to feed your cat a food that meets their nutritional needs, such as foods that are a rich source of meat protein and without large amounts of grain fillers such as corn, which is often found in some lesser-quality (and cheaper) cat foods. As first-time cat owners, and especially considering the lifelong commitment, we really weren’t planning on getting two cats. Or thoughts in general on single kitten syndrome?

Feline body language is subtle and is made up of facial expressions, body postures and the position of cats’ ears, tails and even their whiskers. I have 8 cats in my house. Not all cats enjoy living with their own species.

He is fixed and up to date on everything. My first cat sort of live alone as a kitten.

Here are some articles with more information about introducing a kitten to a cat:, This is a kitty time-out. Foster a second cat for a little while, only to have to take him/her back? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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The back kitchen doors would be left open and the kittens would race up and down the stairs, exploring both units and the basement and attic. You can learn more on our, If you’re wondering whether the kitty you have at home would be a good companion for a single kitten, you can email.

Even though cats have earned a reputation for being more independent than their canine counterparts, they still require a great deal of time, effort, and money to care for. Maintenance will include scooping, scrubbing, and litter replacement. He was actually brought back to the shelter; he was adopted into a household where a cat was already living there, and it did not work out for that reason. Know your cats — an active cat may not be a good match for one who is laid back. Single Kitten Syndrome is the reason that, like many other organizations, we ask for kittens under 6 months to go home in pairs. Although cats hunt alone, that does not mean they want to live alone. Getting a second kitten is a personal decision though and if you think you might want two, have the space for 3 litter boxes, and enough money for food and vet care, you might want to get two siblings. My stepmom is very stubborn and thinks she knows everything, so I’m not really sure how to convince her to at least adopt the baby out to a good home with another young cat or kitten. Because of how they found their way to me, I consider them all blessings sent from above. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation discourages declawing as an elective procedure and supports non-surgical alternatives. As a cat owner, be sure to do your research to determine where you stand and make an informed decision, as cat declawing requires the surgical amputation of the end bones in your cat’s toes and not just a trim of its nails. Any thoughts on how to convince her?

I have a beautiful bonded brother/sister.

Single kittens are a lot of work for humans—and they can also be a lot of work for other cats!

Not happening!! This behavior might develop after a normal play session that escalates into biting and scratching. This piece was originally published in 2014.

Its something that just sort of naturally happens when you have two and one passes earlier than the other. Play aggression can be spotted in your kitten’s body posture. What’s Mew at Catster: November 2020 Cat Events, Meet 4 Cats That Have Called the White House Home. Do not try to pick up your kitten and put her in another room for her time-out as this might elicit more bites. I will be moving in two months and taking my current cat (1 year old this week) with me. I have a 6 year old female siamese plus 2 Savannah’s both femlaes & the 3 cats are “Fixed” Had the Siamese { her name is Savannah} first, than I got the one savannah {Montana} had both these girls for 2 years, a few months ago I lost my Tordie {Cali} They were ok, missed cali.

Getting pounced on or hearing a youngster cry “Will you play with me?” over and over isn’t usually a grown cat’s idea of fun.

Playing teaches social and hunting skills, and it helps the youngsters understand and define boundaries. Your kitten has had twelve weeks of learning to “cat” with her siblings which more than many kittens have.


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