remington versa max oversize bolt release

In addition to the standard model, it comes in four custom colors. It flat out runs. Heavy knurling reduces the chance of your fingers or hand slipping off the charging handle while charging the weapon during a stress fire situation or when wearing gloves. The Tactical Bolt Release Pad is coupled with a new slightly modified VERSA MAX bolt release … Best of all, it is as versatile as it claims. I noticed that the pattern with the turkey choke shifted the center point of impact high and left. I called harder and got the hens pretty pissed off.

That seems to me like seeing how long you can drive a vehicle without oil.

The load port will need to be opened up. The back side of the button is dimpled in the center and centers the drill bit perfectly.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks, I forgot about the rebate! However, that doesn’t have to limit its capabilities.

Once I saw the back bird fanning out a bit, I knew it was a good tom and took the 65-yard shot. Merchandise Return And Exchange Policy (Non-Warranty).

The load port will need to be opened up. Think about it like an adjustable gas block on an AR.

It does so clean or not, oiled or not, and has never given me a problem.

I had to chase him into the field to finish him off, and that’s when the excitement truly hit.

I also love guns and have a crusade to show that the look of the gun does not dictate the use. I tried to call one in for about an hour, to no avail. The weight is there for a reason. I slipped around to a spot, down the hill from my neighbor’s land, where the birds were hanging out. It does no good to run fast if you only hit the target once. The looks of the gun don’t determine the use. Just takes some pliers or a vice and a hacksaw to open the flex cuts to allow it to bend out of the way easier when loaded. Sometimes Bigger Is Better!!! After some luck and tough calling, a couple of birds finally showed up. It feeds them all without a problem.

The small factory charging handle that comes with the Remington VERSA MAX shotgun is difficult to grasp during the high anxiety associated with a gunfight. This is not a cheap shotgun by any means, but it is worth every penny.

After a few hundred rounds, you see a light dusting of carbon on the forearm where the gases are vented near the front of the receiver.

I could imagine them hollering at me, “That’s my man.”.

There are plenty of things in the woods that are black, so the color doesn’t stand out. It comes with a ton of extras and features you would have to add aftermarket to similar class shotguns, making it a great buy. Is there a separate part number for the Tactical shell catch/button? Want more posts like this one?

I got up to leave and decided to take the long way home. All edges are deburred for the shooters safety.

During the high stress encountered in most tactical environments, it's extremely difficult to locate by feel the small bolt release button found on the Remington VERSA MAX Shotgun.

It still needs cleaning and oil every once in a while.

By FastIndy, March 13, 2013 in ... My question concerns the stock Remington bolt/lifter/feed release. This evil black shotgun, which has been banned in some states, is a tool like any other and absolutely can be used to hunt with. I started in the morning with the birds talking at sunrise, which had me moving. × To my surprise, the quiet erupted with the thunder of a gobbling tom. There are more moving parts, so when it comes time to clean, it takes over my entire workbench. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Guns & Tactics, the administrative staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

No modification needed to the shotgun. I also needed a turkey gun to work with my latest hobby. I love to hunt. The ability to run reliably, quickly, and stay on target is a real plus for hunters.

Accuracy and staying on target are necessary too.

While I have 2, one meant more for hunting, and one meant for tactical application, the tactical is always the first to come out and be used. The heart of the gun is Remington’s Versa Port system. The weight isn’t high, but rather deceiving. I tested it out one day, loading eight rounds in to see how fast it would shoot. A 3½” shell covers all but three holes, allowing the gun to self-regulate the amount of gas pressure going into the piston chamber to keep the cyclic rate under control. The Versa Max is self-regulating, doing it all internally.

I needed a new tactical shotgun that was fast and reliable.

The gun weighs in at 7 ¾ pounds, which is slightly lighter than the Benelli M4 or the FN SLP.

  Pasted as rich text. Speed is only one part of the equation.   You cannot paste images directly. The gas system also mitigates the recoil to the point that Remington claims it compares to a 20 gauge.

My trophy weighed 22″ and had a 10″ plus an 8″ beard along with 1″ spurs. I can’t tell you when or even if it would fail, but I can tell you it is dirty after shooting.

  Your link has been automatically embedded. I did see some crows going nuts at the end of the field and decided to try calling one more time. The heart of the gun is Remington’s Versa Port system.

Provides light-weight, consistent reliable functioning.

Every shotgun is purpose built and undergoes multiple operations to improve all aspects of loading, feeding, and cycling. A 2¾” shell will have all eight holes uncovered, using the full amount of the gases to cycle the self-cleaning piston. I went up the hill to the field edge and looked at what I missed. By this time, I heard a group of hens join the toms, and the competition heated up. The choke screwed into the barrel when shipped is their Tactical Extended Choke, which is ported and serrated at the end.

= Train smart , Train hard. It’s not just for a citizen looking to protect his or her family or exercise their second amendment rights. Since I can’t hunt this field, I made my way down to the end, I heard the gobbles and moved back to my side of the property. Rotates freely 360 degrees for fast action cycling in any hand position. I started out with an M2 and the button, after several trashed stages that I could blame on the button I now run with out one on my guns. I have shot everything from light loaded 2¾” to 3½” magnum turkey loads. As a Side noethe reason I did not buy the sportsman is.the synthetic gives a nice grippy stock set that is fully adjustable and better sights. This is not an issue with the round nordic unit. If you have a drill press it is very easy to drill it. * The views and opinions expressed on this web site are solely those of the original authors and contributors.

Some other things you need to keep in mind, or so I've found out.

I paid less than 1100 including transfer and remington has a 100 dollar rebate right now. I would drill and tap it the send it off if you don't have a welder. No two shotguns are the same, which is why there are so many loads and choke tubes out there for the same purpose.

Easy installation.

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It is a one size fits all versatile tool that protects and feeds my family. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. I got the toms fired up and gobbling strong, but they just wouldn’t make their way past the thick row of trees surrounding the field. On the Sportsman model it looks like the release is not tapped for an oversized button. But my Versa Max came with one and I have not decided yet if i am going to remove it.

If you want to load fast there are a coupe things that I ave found are needed. Just to be clear it only applies to the synthetic not the sportsman or the tactical models. On the Sportsman model it looks like the release is not tapped for an oversized button. No matter the use, this gun does what I ask. Just takes a tac weld and some sanding and polishing and its good to go. Material: The Tac Pad is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. Over-sized serrated pad for ease of operation with wet or gloved hand in a stress fire situation. I just got done welding the bolt release button to the shell stop bar. Hard to miss a clay hand-thrown into the air with that spread. Available in the standard no-insert configuration, or select from five custom colors from Tactical Black To Ball Bustin Brass. Tucson Web Design - CS Design Studios Write CSS OR LESS and hit save.   Your previous content has been restored. Now you can also personalize your Remington Versa Max with GG&G Custom Colored Tactical Charging Handles. No modifications needed to the Remington shotgun.

I tried to stake it so it wouldn't spin but that didn't help for long.

Three weeks later, I finally had an opportunity to tag my first longbeard ever. Carrying a pack, pop up blind, chair, and shotgun, I climbed the granite boulders to a spot I could hopefully ambush the wary birds. I just bought an 26" field and the same exact parts from Nordic. The way I figure it, I can be out the door for around $1200 with the Carbon Arms mag tube, C-rums lifter, and some miscellaneous sight work. That puts the Synthetic in line with the Sportsman and will save me from messing with the front sight, plus I get the chokes and the adjustable comb.


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