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Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, MILF awaits Duterte's appointment of Bangsamoro interim body members, IT'S A MAD, MAD WORLD... 5 minute NATIONAL news round-up, Knit-pickers who don't tow the line will soon have the devil to pay, Albayalde in Baguio to warn cops to toe the line, col leads line with hat-trick; IRISH ROUND-UP Colin stars with superb treble. 1The coarse and broken part of flax or hemp prepared for spinning. *Originally posted by Speaker for the Dead * Old English togian ‘draw, drag’, of Germanic origin; related to tug. I expect you to toe the line at all times if you want to remain at this firm, Jonathan. Some references also seem to think that it comes from military inspections. At the time, it had a population of 600 people, two gas stations, three stores and

Others have answered your first question so I’ll stick to this second question. HBA : Health Benefit Advisors : Head

**Am I the only one who thought it meant “to get really close to crossing the line” (as in ‘go too far’)? 1(of a motor vehicle or boat) pull (another vehicle or boat) along with a rope, chain, or tow bar.

The word "Hawser" is derived from the old English "Halter," meaning a rope for the neck. At least somethingblue2u stands up for his beliefs. A bundle of untwisted natural or man-made fibers. When a ship’s company fell in for formation each watch would line up on their own side of the ship (starboard watch on the right hand side, larboard watch on the left hand side). Journalists who refuse to toe the line will have to be sacked. In the Royal Navy the official change-in-name took place in 1844. source: The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea, 1 To adhere to doctrines or rules conscientiously; conform.

Tow line is a rope from a vessel to another vessel or some other force like a mule that pulls the vessel along. Hawser : Any heavy wire or line for towing or mooring. These Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In English. A line or mark drawn as an indication of a boundary or starting-point; in Cricket, a ‘crease’ (obs. Thus tow path along a canal where the mule would walk, or tow boat is a boat that pulls barges up and down a canal or river. Pair that with the fact that anyone who recognises the original image will go to a special memory Hell... thank you for bringing this curse to our world. A rope or line used to tow a vehicle or boat. The, 'We are confident that Commander Bravo will, TOE SUCKER NAILED A court has ordered a man who robbed a woman and sucked her toes to, But it is not clear what actions he could take against powerful owners who failed to, With the ink still drying on the resignation of a front-bencher who would not, The housemates are going hungry after Jayne's latest refusal to, Ms Smith, who has the job of ensuring backbenchers, One film that perfectly illustrates both the "substance abuse" and the "coming together of local talent" angles mentioned above is Bruce Spangler's remarkable Protection, a gritty, classical humanist look at insoluble problems faced by social workers trying to deal with heroin-addicted clients and their client's efforts to, Rugby is now so technical and coaches have such influence that an instinctive player like Campese would have to, The sentence suggested that those who didn't, Police Director-General Oscar Albayalde on Friday (May 4) met police officials of the Cordillera, Ilocos and Cagayan Valley regions to discuss security measures for the May 14 elections and to warn them to ', COLIN KEANE proved the star in Naas yesterday, completing a superb treble which included victories on Intimation and, The theologian, Bernard Haring, argues that in almost all religions there is still a temptation to use the potent motive of fear, forcing people to. **Umm, perhaps my memory is wrong, or that different ships have different names, but isn’t the left side of a ship the “port” side? Origin probably military, or my high school gym teacher (almost the same thing). **, To fit your definition, I’ve heard “walking a fine line.”, *Originally posted by bibliophage * , towing, haul, pull, drawing, drag, trailing, trawl. This facial choreography figuratively describes a kind of ironic humor.

“Toe the line” as in “Get into formation and shape up, with your toes up to this line on the floor.”. I was born and raised in Lovettsville in the 1980s. Also see tows Words similar to towing ladydisco, you’re not the only one. Angry father: "You'd better toe the line this time, mister, or next time I catch you tattooing your sister's name on shaved dogs you'll be grounded for a month!"

I don’t want to argue with bibliophage and the OED combined, but I’ve heard the origin as coming from bare-knuckle boxing when fighters had to “come up to scratch” and “toe the line” to slug it out with each other, giving us both those phrases. to present oneself in readiness for a race …. ‘A thrown line and a tow got her back to the anchor-line, and down we went.’ ‘By 1974, the rope tow moved up to Silver Star Mountain.’ ‘If I had been a beginner skier with so little time on the mountain, I'd still be belly-flopping off the rope tow.’ ‘She couldn't get off the rope tow and ended up going to … Thus tow path along a canal where the mule would walk, or tow boat is a boat that pulls barges up and down a canal or river.

I thought that was the phrase’s meaning also [as in ‘to toe the line between high fashion and bad taste’ etc] - i have only ever heard the phrase used in this context in general conversation anyway. ‘to toe the line between [something] and [something else]’. The origin of the phrase “toe the line” is naval and ancient.

Umm, perhaps my memory is wrong, or that different ships have different names, but isn’t the left side of a ship the “port” side? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled,

2 Sports & Games To touch a mark or line with the toe or hands in readiness for the start of a race or competition. One early use is attributed to Rear Admiral Robert Fitzroy in HMS Beagle (sounds familiar) in 1828 (Darwin was aboard 1831/1836).

(of a motor vehicle or boat) pull (another vehicle or boat) along with a rope, chain, or tow bar. *Originally posted by ladydisco * Curious. **. The Prime Minister is angry because some members of the government are not toeing the line. There’s no “towing” or “hauling” involved. The actual phrase, tongue-in-cheek (if we’re following the literal meaning) also requires both facial features, but the tongue remains inside the mouth and is thrust into the cheek (left or right side, it doesn’t matter). Larboard is a nautical term meaning “port” or “on the port side”; the dictionary doesn’t label it so, but I think it’s now somewhat archaic. Pauling was using the figurative rather than literal meaning of the phrase, that is, to 'toe the mark' was to conform to a set standard. I’m 45 years old. It began to be used figuratively in the early nineteenth century.

, draw, drag, haul, tug, trail, lug, heave, trawl, hoist, transport.

The noun dates from the early 17th century. First is the Merriam Webster dictionary at that often contains word etymologies with their definitions. **, way back, before hanging rudders were invented, ships steered by using a large oar slung at the rear of the ship on the right-hand side, hence “starboard” from the same roots as “steer board”, if the ship was tied up to a wharf for unloading the left-hand side would be against the quay to prevent damage to the steering mechanism, and many of the old merchant ships had a loading (lading) port on the left, hence “larboard” from the same roots as “ladeboard”.


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