minecraft earth adventure puzzles
: Just dig through the floor, past the cluckshroom, to find the chest deep below. Above ground: An open pit with stone and cobblestone scattered about. Above ground: A pig in an oak fence pen with an oak tree in the corner. Dig through the floor to see a big room, lots of lava at the sides, a corner with plenty of bookshelves. There are also three skeletons and three zombies to kill, and the zombies are guarding a room with two diamond ore in the floor. : An arena with two cows and walls with ores and gravel. There are also three skeletons and three zombies to kill, and the zombies are guarding a room with two diamond ore in the floor.

Wow never knew that server thing existed, i'll definitely try it out with my friends now. : Just dig straight down and the chest is directly in front of you. : Kill all five skeletons to reveal the chest. : Wood shack with a cow, two chickens and a box with flint and steel.

After that, break the doorway right underneath where you start to reveal the chest, two diamond and three gold. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Opening all five spruce doors (show with red arrows in the screenshot) will spawn four waves of mobs. (The beginning of this adventure looks similar to the rare adventure Staircase), Above ground: Three oak trees with with two chickens and a single blue cornflower, Below ground: A cave with two spiders guarding the chest, and a large cave below them. Solution: Kill all five skeletons to reveal the chest. : Find and mine away the three chiseled stone bricks (left, middle, and right) at the bottom of the pond to drain the water and reveal the chest. Minecraft maps are custom created worlds that are saved within Minecraft games. There are also five lapis, and three coal. : Two sheep, a birch and an oak tree with a chest in the leaves. : If you place the adventure upstairs, and then you walk downstairs to get down inside of the adventure, you can look up and collect the 21  lava source blocks in the ceiling. : Desert with two cactus, a bush and lots of sand, : Three redstone lamps next to chiseled stone bricks & unbreakable glass walls. Solution: Dig down to see the ravine below. There are also two iron and four coals, so it’s probably not worth mining that much. The corners contain lava that pours, it is recommended to collect it or block it.

No mobs.

There are also some iron and diamond ore (didn’t get an exact count). All of these maps have some rules that need to be followed, so be sure to read the description on their download page.

Below ground: Underground ice cave with some waterfalls.

There is also four gold, three iron, and five coal. Loot: Two diamonds (one under each house in the ravine), six redstone, eight lapis, and two iron. Be careful, a skeleton wolf will spawn on the surface in the middle of the adventure when you disturb the two skeleton wolves below. Kill the final wave of skeletons and the chest will appear along with two diamonds, some gold, and some iron. Above ground: Wood house with four traps doors in the floor, Below ground: A ladder down to a bed with a lever and a skeleton hiding under it.

: The chest is buried under where you first start, you just have to kill the zombies, skeletons, and spiders along the way.


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